Issayas Afeworki says he stands for a united Ethiopia

Issayas said this in a recent interview, according to ETN. To help promote Ethiopia’s unity, the Eritrean government said that it has launched a new magazine named “One Ethiopia.” This is further confirmation of what Professor Ephrem Isaac had told a group of journalists a few years ago. Prof. Ephrem — who spoke with the Eritrean leader several times before the fall of the Derg regime in 1991 — said that Issayas had never intended for Ethiopia to split apart. Watch the following report by Ethiopian Television Network:

49 comments on “Issayas Afeworki says he stands for a united Ethiopia

  1. Shola on

    I start believing the God of Ethiopia is listening to our prayers. We should all welcome this good news.

  2. ቃለ on

    እግዜር ቅጣቱ በቃችሁ ሊልን ነው መሰልኝ:: የኢትዮጵያ ትንሳኤ ተቃርቧል::

  3. ወልቃይቴው on

    አምላክ ሆይ!

    ይህችን አንዷን ኢትዮጵያችንን ጠብቅልን:: የህዝቧን ፀሎት ሰምታህም አንድነቷን አጠንክርልን:: በሰሜን: በደቡብ: በምስራቅና በምዕራብ ሊቀራመቷት የተዛግጅቱን የውስጥም የውጭም ጠላቶቻን አጥፍተህ ሉዓላዊነቷን አስከብርልን!

    ከዛሬዎቹ የእናት ጡት ነካሽ ከሆኑት ወያኔዎች አላቀን::


  4. kendie on

    16 or 17 years ago, Mr. Isayas Afewerki,… you and the butcher in Addis Ababa had too good to be true opportunity to unify and build this blessed and naturally gifted filled up with good peoples, so easy then to be govern called Ethiopia.
    After you slash the country by two you transformed the two nations from poor but peaceful to the most miserables country in the world.
    Know, you the same person who forced and brain washed the Erytrean brothers and sisters to vote against Ethiopian unity, you remember your favorite campaign logo “yes for Eritrea or slavery” instead “yes for Eritrea or Ethiopia” and give the people a chance to decide for their own destiny, you screwed up. Today you rise to help for United Ethiopian, oh my gracious God, is this your way to get even with your former allies and today’s enemy Mr. melesse or a genuine, well founded intention and or regret for past mistakes?? Any way it’s very hard for any one to believe and trust you. You’ve to start by a formal apology for the people of both country, for me you are by far better than the chameleons and traitors Melesse Zenawi and his cronies, at least you played for Eritrea and you win for Eritrea, even though in the aftermath of the win you acted unintelligently that destroyed mostly the Eritreans people well established advantage among all the people in the entire Ethiopia. Big, big mistakes a lifetime.

  5. Asamnew on

    We ethiopians should never depend on what others say. We must have our own plan towards the unity of the country. Our sake for freedon and unity shall not be based on what others (Essayas or Meles) say. These are individual falks who have thier own thinking.

    But if our thinking is different we shall stick to our ideas and fight for that. Listen the arguements of Ato Gizaw(VOA, the 15th and 16th of August). He stresses that we have to have plans towards freedom and pay sacrifice for that.

    It doesn’t matter what Essayas or Meles say anything. We shall take it as an idea that adds something to the fight for freedom but not as a starting point.

    Opposition figures should map out the strategy towards freedom. And this is what we expect from AFD!!!

  6. kidus on

    i believe this is a good news. leave alone eritrea which was and still part and parcel of ethiopia, we have to accept any neighboring country if they prefer to be part of our nation. yesterday we were fighting for unity. now we get it. what else do we need?p>

  7. 60 Year Old person on

    Synchronized talks this week, by two Eritreans. Meles with his interview to Woyane voice, he said it is the TPLF who liberated Eritrea, and still he will not allow any movement against Eritrea independence. Again Essayas said he want to see a united Ethiopia. This is to win the hearts and minds of Eritreans and Ethiopians respectively by both tyrants.

    Ethiopia lost 3 ports in three decades.
    Now it is too late to claim Eritrea as part of Ethiopia it is a Woyane mistake.

    Remember Djibouti was also part of Ethiopia that was also Mengistus mistake no body complains or complained about Djibouti independence despite it was leased to the French for 100 years. Should there have been a referendum in Djibouti according to the treaty?

    The main problem was these borders have been redrawn several times. I think Ethiopia should get access to sea either from Eritrea, Djibouti or from both countries. But this requires democratic governments in the three countries

    Democracy for the horn

  8. Bekalu on

    The idea is quite novel, but those people are not easily trusted.The are playing games upon human life.

  9. O and A on

    Let the TPLF thugs and their supporters know that president Isayas Afewerki is an Amhara in his back ground. President Isayas has an Amahara blood or he is an Amhara or let me put it this way…. he is my lost Amhara brother who is ruling Eritrea. If you do not believe me what Aim writing now, please read history or read books. it is fact! What a happy day/weekend! I am telling you the truth. He is my brother. Because I belong to the Amharas and the Oromos in my race. Mr Isayas ancestors or families left Gondar with a lot of solders around 15or 16 centuries to rule Eritrea. And they stayed there and they forget their native language which is Amharic and learnt tigrega instead he has got an imperial blood/connection. He loves Ethiopia like other our Eritrean brothers and sisters. Mr melees is an Ethiopian hating trigram thug. He hates Ethiopia. Not Mr/president Essays Afewerki.
    I do care about Mr Isayas cos he is my amhara brother, lost his motherland Ethiopia long time ago.
    Thank you Mr President for your wish and may god bless you!
    Sincerely yours
    The descendant of OROmo and Amhara MrO&A
    Long live mother Ethiopia/ethiopia Tikdem/Ethiopia First!
    PS. I have sth to say to all Ethiopian haters’, be MAD

  10. Ermias on

    ኤርትራውያን እንደዚህ ካለ ቀልድ እራሳቸውን ቢያግቱ ጥሩ ይመስለኛል: :ኢትዮዽያ የማንም ወንበዴ መጫወቻ አይደለችም:: ሲፈለግ የሚገባባት ሲፈለግ የሚወጣባት ጠጅ ቤት አይደለችም:: በኢትዮጵያ ጉዳይ ላይ ሊወስኑ የሚገባቸው ኢትዮጵያውያን እንጂ ኢትዮጵያን ለመበታተን ሲንቀሳቀሱ የነበሩ ሃይሎች ሊሆኑ አይገባም:: ስለሆነም የተከበሩ ፕሬዝዳንት ኢሳያስ ከዚህ የረከሰ የፐብሊክ ዲፕሎማሲ እንቅስቃሴያቸው ቢቆጠቡ ተገቢ ነው:: ማንም ይህንን የፉገራ ፖለቲካቸውን የሚገዛ የለም:: ምክንያቱም ከ 15 አመታት ላላነሰ ጊዜ በቀጥታም ሆነ በተዘዋዋሪ ከወያኔ ጋር በመተባበር የኢትዮጵያን ሰፊ ህዝብ በድለዋል:: “የራሷ እያረረባት የሰውን ታማስላለች” ይልሃል ይህ ነው!!!! እግዚሃብኤር ኢትዮጵያን ይባርክ!!!

    ኤርምያስ, አንትወርፕ(ቤልጂየም)

  11. Melkam on

    Asmamaw you nailed it. Ethiopians will not and should not receive any directives from Meles let alone Isayas. It is high time for the opposition parties to sit down and come up with a national comprehensive plan for a united Ethiopia.

    60 year old man, what Issayas and Meles uttered pinpoint at two different strategies. Meles said he would fight those who stand against Eritrean independence. This message was for the Eritrean people and was an appeasement of the Eritrean leadership. Meles firmly voted for the secession of Eritrea to keep Issayas at bay. Issayas said we were pushed and shoved against our wishes by TPLF to secede, we always wanted a united Ethiopia. He was addressing opposition parties and the Ethiopian people. He is hell bent to remove the TPLF government.

    Meles thinks he can get away with his current predicament and his bad foreign policy by putting all the blame on Isayas. This is no surprise to us. He has been showing the war with Eritrea card since the May 2005 election. Now, Meles with the help of the US is gearing up for war with Eritrea. Isayas is left with no choice but join the beating of the war drum.

  12. Tadesse on

    If my ears serve me right, I have not heard Issayas say Eritrea and Ethiopia should be re-united. Or has he? If he has, then we should embrace and promote the notion. The way I see it, though, the idea can be realized only after Meles and Afewerqi leave the political scene, along with their respective regimes. Ethiopians and Eritreans should realize that the geopolitics of the region, in particular, dictates that we (Ethiopians and Eritreans) stick together for better or worse, ie, at least for the sake of mutual survival in contradistinction to plotting for our mutual assured destruction. Otherwise, the hostile forces that surround us or hate our guts are liable to hang or chew us alive one by one sooner or later.


    Issayas Afwarki is Ehiopian and all other provices and nationaliies HERO.
    He has been standing for the truth and the princiaple of his own. I used to have a question since 1991. The question was “whay Issayas and Melese did not both rule Ethiopia (one Ethiopia)? ” since then. Issayas trained Melese, for smaller area, which is for Tigray provice not to rule Ethiopia. As his personality shows, with he avoided Issayas to grabe the the bigger land (Ethiopia) and became Issaya’s enemy.

    All Eritreas and Ethiopians are one, and can be one, I think all of us should support President Issayas Afaworki and the Eritrean People.

    We hope to see all children dance if Asmera and Addis Ababa soon.
    Maybe the New Leader of Ethiopia will be Issayas Afaworki, elected by most Ethopians (one Ethiopia).

    God bless President Issayas Afwarki, the Eritrean and Ethiopian heroes,
    let us not recall the bad deeds and hope for the best which we can control and progress.


  14. AFDist on

    About which Ethiopia are you people talking?? to me Ethiopia is equivalent to Cush-land which includes Beja land in the norht east of Sudan with Port Sudan as a capital, Agew-land which is now unfortunately semiticized (includes parto present Eritrea, all Tigrai and Amhara), Afar-Saho land including part of Eriterea and part of djibouti, Sidama land (the present SNNP of Ethiopia), Somali land which includes all areas where Somalis live and Oromo land extend ing to the south till the ports of Lamu/Mombaasa. We need to liberate and unite these all parts of Cush land!!!!!!

  15. Anonymous on

    Your entire comment makes a lot of sense except AFD is linked with Shabeya, and two of its members, OLF and ONEG are under a big controversy based on their activity. The recent position OLF took, seems encouraging for a dialogue to trust it with in AFD. ONEG and its association with Somalia and recent aggressive actions, a choice for secession and its eye on resources of “their soil and oil” is putting it on the world stage to be played with such cards.

    Article 39 was made to benefit EPLF, and TPLF uses it for its own gain. When it comes to apply it to other LFs, it has come to haunt the originators. The curse of Article 39 is one of the worst in the constitution passed by this regime against the Ethiopian interest.
    60 years old person,
    It is thoughtful of you to recall Dijibuti/Mengistu and of course there is the mind boggling issue of Eritrea’s case topped with the recent remarks of Sebhat Nega and this past week, Melese’s interview on Demitse Woyane, “Ethiopia is better off land locked”, source: (traslated fromTigregna to English. Why didn’t he give the interview in the official language of Amharic?. This is a very national issue and concern ). The entire interview is not posted yet and God knows in what context he made that remark, or there is some thing outrageous in that quote.

    USA is considering Eritrea as “State sponsored terrorist state” this week. and I.Afeworkei expressing Ethiopian unity in the same week. Its current association and support to secessionists/LFs/separatists and Moslem extremists, all potential threats and with in the same time period, to express an interest in Ethiopian unity after all these years and hell is contradictory.

    If Eritrea and Ethiopia reunite and became as one country, both will gain, but Eritrea has a long way to go before it can be trusted and may not happen in its best during these two regimes personalities, Melese and Issayas.

  16. ነግሬሽ ነበረ ባጥር ተንጠልጥየ
    እንትን ውሽማ እንጅ ባል አይሁንም ብየ

  17. Shumet Menywab on

    Experience teaches more than any thing else. The system of Hailesselassie was fought against by all part and parcel members of Ethiopian new generations during that time. But too many mistakes and wrong doings followed by the popular revolution of 1974. The revolution hosted mainly by pity intellectual individuals went to a converging direction of Marxism theory to lead us to today’s problem even to the extent of Ethiopia continuing to maintain its unity.

    Every one, including me, felt happy as if there was some thing good was happening for Ethiopia.

    But soon after, we all became a victim of followers for different factions. The horrible time of killing each other in the name of ‘revolutionary’ had began. The means brought the end as Mengistu had a chance to kill his ‘enemies’ one by one by making a tactical alliance with some oppositions in order to eliminate others first.

    As Mengistu was becoming a winner on most dangerous opponent of his time, EPRP, he established a ‘Pardon’ giving and foster stations in key places of Ethiopia. Many EPRP followers then took that chance to save their lives.

    As one horrible experience passes by, another one is approaching us now. Today’s Meles ‘Pardon’ style is in no way of any different than yesterday’s Mengistu. For example, the Kaliti prisoners were declared by Meles guilty of genocide and treason that are punishable by death penalty. But to save his face, he used technical changes to his end. The ‘Pardon’ takers have their own concern on how to continue the struggle against the tyrannical regime of Meles.

    Now, after creating of all these mess with the help of Issayias Afeworki of Eritrea, Meles is trying to play politics as if he is a true liberator of even to the Eritreans. To say even to fight on the side of Eritreans if needed is to win Eritrean support. For his, the political work for Eritrea is not a troubling politics for Ethiopians against him because of the military muscles like Mengistu felt to assume all Ethiopians are under his shoes. On the same talking, by another tyrant of his own people and Ethiopians, Isayias’s claim of standing for Ethiopian unity is no different than Meles’s gamble.

    Ethiopians shall take their own matter and ask the two tyrants to work for democracy first or else shut up and wait for their fall as past experiences teach us more. No more childish political talk. As politicians are like “Diapers”, the Ethiopian people should not be a use and through diaper. Any word and work of Ethiopian unity shall be welcomed but that shall come within democratically words with work of changes. We shall overcome all kinds of odds on Ethiopia and Ethiopians!! Shumet Menywab

  18. Firew on

    Why would you believe him? Guys do not trust this guy. He never wants to see a united Ethiopia. He, for sure, knows that a united Ethiopia will have so many claims over Eritrea: like Assab Port.

    This speech may be a thank you response to what our prime minister said recently. Prime Minister Melse Zenawi said “Our responsibility includes to make sure that no seeds grow on an Ethiopian soil that would threaten Eritrean freedom and sovereignty. Once again, Ethiopia is better off as a landlocked nation.”

    Both Meles and Isayas are Eritreans and they are working for the good of Eritrea.

  19. Getachew on

    getachew | IP:

    Dear Elias,

    i am always respectful of the good work you are doing. When today i read on your website about the statment by president essays afworki, i jumped out of my chair with joy and said yes. You know what, i was looking for this kind of information for so long and i got it now.

    with regard to some people who want to intimidate you for what you believe, forget them. They are political idiots and arrogants who needs to learn the ABC of political science. they are disillusioned and as such do not know what they are talking about.

    i suffered in the hands of ethnists of all sorts, tigrian, oromo, etc. i know what it means to suffer in ethiopia.

    The people who oppose you are those who position themselves to be ruled indefinitely by the tigrians and who want to see ethiopia destryoed before their eyes, rather than save ethiopia from destruction.

    They are more like laboratory technicans who enjoy experiments under controlled conditions. They do not realise that politics is fluid or dynamics that changes frequently.

    These people are the ones who want to delay the libration of ethiopia from tyranny and the freedom of the ethiopian people. These are the people who want to get freedom by the sacrifices of the poor ethiopian sons and daughters while they enjoy their lives in the west, shame on them!!!

    these are the ones who needs to learn about the dynamics of east african politics. They are arrogant and think that what they say could change things on the ground, rather than what they do.

    We better forget this and other agents of the tigrian regime. If president esayas wants to unify us, why not?
    it is time for all ethiopians to position themselves for what comes from the north to get free. other wise forget about peaceful struggle, forget about negotiation, forget about western support. It is high him for that. the woyannes has already beaten us on that front. let us count on the people of ethiopia, change out strategy and start now the journey for our freedom.

    I do hope what the resurrection of ethiopia is near.


  20. Getachew,

    At a time like this, the people who know the ABC of political science have an opportunity to analyze, reason and convince the rest of the “people” why it is the right step to take and one hopes that you focus more on that.

  21. Tsehai on

    Mr.Getachew,you are out of your mind.How dare you want the number one enemy of Ethiopia to unify us.Ask Eritreans to know about Isayas.Both Melese and Isayas are responsible for the downfall of those countries.I can’t believe what you people are thinking.One of the HaileSelassie’s cabinet minister who was impressoned for 8 years.Ato Habteyohaness,I heard that every morning he used to say”aye etiopia”he just couldn’t say anything else.I just have to say the same thing after I read what you wrote AYE ETIOPIA! AYE ETIOPIA!

  22. Facts on

    People, please do not let your emotions carry you. President Issays said he wants to see a united Ethiopia not a unity between Ethiopia and Eritrea. Get the record straight.

  23. Mr O & A( mr Oromo and Amhara on

    Mr G I do appreciate yor thought. May God bless you and and may God bless ETHIOPIA.

    Dear Elias( my brave Ethiopian brother),…..please allow me to sing this historical song……….
    I will have to say to all Woyanes and your idiot supporters….? How are you? I hope you are doing fine I am doing fine too . please do not worry about me because I am doing fine. Please do not think I am a Dergi in your your boring language.I am just an Ethiopian loving soldier battling the TPLF thugs/ you on line. And I will always say “LONG LIVE MOTHER ETHIOPIA!”

    what a bwonderful weekend!

    Regards from Europe Mr the desecndant of Oromo and the descendant of Amhara Mr Aba Alenga or Mr Dagna.

    Good bye and God bless!

  24. You guys listen only what you want to listen, irrespective of what Issayas said. By Unity and Integrity of Ethiopia, Issayas meant, Unity and Integrity of ETHIOPIA MINUS Eritrea.

    You guys have to move on !!!

  25. kuli on

    Well Issayas sayed he supported ethiopian unity only he did not say eritrea should be united with ethiopia. Are you guys saying Issayas did not want to seperate from ethiopia it was Meles who pushed him? Meles did want Eritrea to seperate because he did not want to fight power struggle with eritrea?

  26. Kebede Bekele on

    It is true the Eritreans are not against Ethiopia, the main enemy of Ethiopia has always been Weyane. Today Weyane has established EFFORT, WEGAGEN, TDB, and many companies that are in total control of Ethiopian resources coming and leaving the country. President Isias Afewerki wants economically strong Ethiopia and politically stable Ethiopia, so he can benefit from the a strong Ethiopia. However, the Tigres in Ethiopia would like us to believe he is trying to destroy Ethiopia, they are trying to shoift the blame from their home to Eritreans home. Look at the major problem today in Ethiopia, isn’t it Meles and his past Greater Tigrai policy? They have taken so much land from Wello and Gonder they made their border from Afar to Sudan, if they could their aim was to take some land from Eritrea and form a country of their own from redsea to Sudan. Today their obstacle from doing that is Isias Afwerki, they paln to remove him but they cannot, because the Ethiopia people are slowly and surely understanding the main problem to Ethiopia’s progress.

  27. Challew on

    I wellcome this news …beside Eritrea is helping Eppf alrady.I also surprised and glad that Eppf is now orginizeb by young ppl. It is about time that the youth take control ..

    Long live Eppf

    Issayas -Good job …

  28. Assta B. Gettu on

    Nothing can be further from the fundamental truth that Ethiopians and Eritreans are the same blood, the same flesh and bone on the same soil with artificial boundaries, but all Ethiopian and Eritrean Muslims, Christians, and Jews are destined to live together in harmony for eternity. It may take time for the two nations to come together as they had been before. In fact if the intention of President Issayas is an honest one, not a political one, then we all Ethiopians and Eritreans who live abroad have a reason to wake up and form a fact-finding committee and send that committee to Eritrea to learn more about Issayas’ good will for the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea. At the same time we should send Issayas congratulatory letters, telling him that we will support his new idea, and, if he runs to be the president of Ethiopia and Eritrea, we may vote for him, forgiving his past political blunder and atrocities against his own people.

    If all goes well, and if what is said is true, and, I hope, it is true, then, rejoicing with her children and clapping her hands, “Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God.”

  29. Shewarega on

    Our past mistakes, plus facts.

    1/ Eritrea was not incorporated with Ethiopia by force.
    Its the simple truth. When Haile Sealssie cut the
    ribbon and crossed the Mereb he was not accompanied
    by thousands of troops gun blazing.
    2/ Haile Selassie made a serious mistake after Eritrea
    joined Ethiopia by appointing the wrong type of
    Eritreans. Those who fought for unity were side
    lined in favor of those who worked for the italians.
    3/ During the civil war in Eritrea, many Ethiopians did
    not speak against it, or at least colaborated with
    the brutality of Derg, just in the name of Ethiopian
    4/ On the other hand, Eritreans, especially after the
    defeat of the Dergue completely failed to understand
    that most Ethiopians were just as victims of the
    Dergue as they were, families murdered, imprisoned,
    properties confiscated, exiled, etc.
    5/ The newly insatlled leaders of Eritrea said many
    provacative and hateful things against Ethiopians in
    general and “Amaras” in particular. To mention two,
    When asked what Eritrea’s relation with Ethiopia
    will be in ten years, Mr Afeworki replied, in ten
    years there will not be a country called Ethiopia.
    Also one can mention, Mr Ephreim’s “enkwan be
    dedachew, be tersachewum alecahlunem” comment.
    6/ One last fact, I truly believe both the people of
    Eritrea and Ethiopia are one, and nothing can
    separate the two. That was clearly seen, even after
    many bad things said and done by Eritreans between
    post Dergue and pre Badame days, when they were
    being thrown out of Ethiopia, it was those whom
    they hated for decades who stood on the side line
    crying about it. Not their comrade in arms TPLF
    and their supporters. I also believe given the
    recent comments by Wolde Selassie, Leggese, and now
    Isayas, something is up. As for me if I had to
    choose I would cast my vote for Isayas, beacuse he
    has honor, and even for that small part of Ethiopia
    which he calls another country now, he has full
    respect. The Addis Ababa occupiers are only there
    for simple lust of power and money, no more. That
    was proven once again how they are planning to give
    yet more land to The Sudan. As if the territorial
    integrity of the country is like some pile of onion
    at the neighborhood market.

  30. Gorebet on

    Dear Netters and News Posters:

    It is a good news if it is right and from heart. But I did not understand the diaspora politics as always it concludes in controversy. So many bad words were thrown to Prof Ephrem a few weeks ago for his shimiglinna and now as a trusted personality to justify President Isayas’s inherent attitude of seeing a united Ethiopia. In my simple mind analysis this is a simple lie. We know for sure Shabia(EPLF) is more superior than Woyane(TPLF) during the era of throwing derg in military and political power so if Mr. Isayas has such intentions he can simply over rule the TPLF ideas. The fact is still TPLF is left at the upper with individuals having an Eritrean blood.

    Moreover my simple mind may accept the above news after understanding the current situations Mr. Isayas changes his mind and promised to work for united Ethiopia, it is good and pray for God thus Mr. Isayas mind never change. However the challenge from those parties working in Eritrea those with Ethiopian Unity agenda like EPPF never become strong and exert effect except the false military victories declared in their radios. But those with secession agenda like ONLF, OLF are becoming more strong and exert visible military gains. This facts contradict the words of Mr. Isayas.

    Anyways there is always GOD working for our best and pray for it for a prosperous Ethiopia.


  31. Araarsoo on

    We need to facilitate the demise of Woyane colaborating with Isayas. Let us accept what Isayas says and move on as our common enemy is woyane. Go….go….!

  32. Adem on

    I think this is good news. He said Weyanes made us to make a wrong decision in the last 16 years. I think this is a clue that he become positive. He could change his mind after all this years, He might leart something. So it is good to welcome him.

    I tell U he is by far better than these criminal shiftas, weyanes. These guys are good for nothing. Now it is the work of the political analyist of the opposition parties, to do their work and design the strategies. This is a ripen momoment whatever the motive of Isayas could me. Chance comes but only once. Use it.

  33. Haile on

    reagrdless of what isyas said, ethiopia will be united when this rubish self mutulating generation goes away.
    This generation especially those between 45 and 65 are responsible for our current misery. Isayas may have come to his sense and remember his time when his unkle governed Dessie and he was with his unkle for sometime.
    tha was good old days way of life when nobody cared much about ethnicity or relgion as we are consumed by it now. Ethiopians should stop looking towards anybody to build a just and progressive society. we have to do it at any cost by ourselves. Begging for food is onething but begging others to bring a just system for us is totaly absurd. When do we say we have what it takes to change what we don’t like.
    Let us stop looking and waiting a moral handout from others and do it ourselves.

  34. Biri on

    Dear All,

    Back in 2002, professor Ephraim Isaac took an opportunity of my telephone conversation with him on something similar to let me know of Eritreans’ desire to unite with Ethiopia. He had referred to an occasion when he addressed the Eritrean parliament in the early 1990s. He said in a clear statement that not only president Isayas Afeworki, but also the enitre parliament gave him a standing ovation for calling to unite Eritrea with Ethiopia.
    So, I am not surprised with this latest dev’t.
    In any event, we will have to welcome it as we work for the democratic unity of all our people in line with the AFD’s objectives!

  35. getachew on

    Dear Elias,

    i am getting very happy by the reponses of likeminded persons who are willing to think differently. praise God! As for me, well, i by far respect the nationalist esayas than the blood thirsty tigrian and devil, legese zenawi.

    You know, woyannes became strong because of our political stupidity and narrow nationalism. Have we really understood properly the current regime in ethiopia? i am afraid not.

    the woyannes of tigray know that we are nationalists willing to forgo anything for the sake of our nation. Our nationalism cost us our God given freedom and human rights. We submitted to dictators,because we are nationalists. We submitted to ethnists, because of our nationalism.

    What is this thing called nationalism? I am a strong believer in ethiopianism. but, the fact is our nationalistic aspirations made us to lose our basic rights. This is our greatest weakness the woyannes use to rule us indefinitely.

    to serve their ego, they moved us back by a century.
    yohannes V, meles zenawi, thinks like the old emperiors of axum in the 21 century and wants to make tigray the old axumite empire at the expense of the amhara, oromo, south and other regions’ resources and livelihood. They also excluded our eritrean brothers from good neighbourhood with ethiopia. they started relations with their ancestors in yemen…huuuu…They are that cruel and selfish. the only nation they can not cheat is eritrea. I

    They are on their way to form the so-called tigray republic in their 100 years strategic plan. they designed their foreign policy to make sure there is no opposition to their paranoid vision, both inside and outside, at the expense of the poor people of ethiopia.
    they live as first class citizens starving the poor people of ethiopia in a country kept by our forefathers from colonial powers sacrificing their own lives and blood.

    this is what we ethiopians should not like to see happening in our eyes and in the eyes of our next generation. We lost our rights and freedom due to our nationalism. Even now, we think we are nationalists when we don’t have both freedom and a country… what a blindness and stupidity!!!

    Dear brothers, my heart cries for freedom…for a free country… free people…we ethiopians had both. but, now we lost both..wa…we simply can not continue to live with out them.. this is what we must understand.

    Thus, it is time to start talking with eritrea and other armed opposition groups on how to move the agenda forward. Now is the most opportune moment to do that… as some one said..if we lose this chance,probably we won’t be able to get it.

    peace and development to the peace loving people of ethiopia and eritrea.


  36. Chinkilat on

    Dear all + Elias,

    Let’s concentrate on the substance rather than the form of words. I think understanding the context and analysis of its root cause is crucial before judgement. Is it a genune interest to unite Er. with Et.? Is it excluding Eritrea? Is it a replica of EPLF’s old move and to replace Meles’s occupation with worse tactics? Currently I agree with ideas calling for ‘finding our own means’ for freedom with out relying on anybody: US, EU, Isayas, …

  37. Astewul on

    ዉድ ኤልያስ:
    ባልተጣራ የመሰሪ ነገር ለምን የሰውን አእምሮ ታደክማለህ? ይህ ማለት ግን ብዙ ጥሩ ስራዎችህን መንቀፌ አይደለም::

  38. Agerew Gobez Ayen on

    what is meant by “one Ethiopia”. As before, Eritrea being part of the motherland Ethiopia or Isas policy is agaist Meles’s. Make it clear.

  39. Katchisaw on

    Finally learn from the past and come to the reality. Accept the past mistakes.Think globally. Provided democratic plat form,bigger is always better.

  40. Ewnet on

    Thank God!!!
    But I am a bit confused. I believe that the hearts of kings are at the hands of The Great God!! I know that once President Isayas was against the unity of Ethiopia. Now we know for sure that it is the TPLF’s officials that are truely agains the united Ethiopia(Eritirea+Ethiopia). I believ God might have made him say this. So let us forget what he had siad before and forgive him. And believe that Eritrea comes back home again.

    Dear Lord I Pray that this comes TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Nebiyou D. on

    As far as I can understand, what Isaias meant with ‘Aand Ethiopia’ does not include Eritrea. It is not a children’s game where he can make a U-turn overnight even if he might consider unity as the right choice.

    Apart from that, even during the Dergue regime EPLF was not against united Ethiopia, although it was supporting ethnic liberation fronts . As Aregawi Berhe puts it, EPLF played a critical role in pursuading the TPLF to abandon its secessionist agenda. Two year ago, Lencho Leta said that EPLF was advising the OLF to abandon its colonial question. I remember that I read on ‘African Confidential’ in the 80’s that EPLF was for a united Ethiopia (ofcourse, without Eritrea). Therefore, in reality, there is nothing new in his recent interview. What is important in my view is, whether he is happy to see a strong or a weak united Ethiopia.

    On the referendum day in 1993, he declared that he is positive about the idea of confederation between Ethiopia and Eritrea. He was tricked by TPLF whose lust for power and venegance had no bounds. Once more, as Lencho said it, TPLF was more Catholic than the Pope, more Eritrean than the Eritreans themselves to realize the seccesion of Eritrea.

    At that time, a euphoric EPLF/Isaias was too naive or too busy to understand the plot of TPLF, a clique with entrenched fear and hatred against its perceived adversaries, other ethnic groups it grossly labels as enemies, oppressors and chauvinists. The TPLF leaders are still proud that in 1991, they refused the offer by EPLF to be part of the Ethiopian transitional government, even they rejected the genuine advice of others on how to handle the issue and find a durable solution.

    I now realize that TPLF, more than anybody else, wanted Eritrea to be independent for the following reasons:

    1. To control the politics and economy in Ethiopia, to satisfy its insatiable greed for material wealth and implement its vindicative plans. Especially, to the little men at the helm of the TPLF, becoming the master of everything in this country was a nightmare turning reality.

    2. In case things do not go well, to break away from Ethiopia and thus count on an independent Eritrea’s help for any eventualities that may come from the southern neighbours.

    3. The TPLF also feels that following the unification of Eritrea with Ethiopia, the influence of Tigran feudal chiefs in Ethiopian political arean diminished as Tigray became a central province like Wello, Gojjam, Kaffa, Sidamo, etc.

    Eritreans should now know very well that the top TPLF warlords wanted an independent Eritrea not on the basis of principle as they tell us, but as a means to persuade their evil agenda of greed and venegeance.

    Fortunately, the TPLF leadership cannot openly discuss its position on this issue, openly with its own members, let alone with the Tigray people. It is all full of contradictions, something they cannot convince anyone with. A founder of the TPLF who now deserted the party recently wrote a 99-page document on this. The Badme issue has also become a thorn in the flesh. Its political acrobatics could no more impress anyone.

    Isaias rejected any offer from the TPLF, like acceptance of the EEBC decision, normalization of relations, economic incentives, etc. As a result, it is now cornered to the point that it is forced to solicit support mainly from Eritreans resenting the Isaias regime. It is clear to see whom Sebhat and Meles wanted to target Tin their recent interviews.

  42. Brother on

    Hello guys, thank you for your concern and good wishes for Ethiopia the country which has good promise from God. The time will come where it is blessed and the current multi dimensional curse will over and even other nation will wish to be an Ethiiopian. But the time is not too far, Because God fulfill his promise. What we have to know is that God calender and our calder is completely different. Even if we(current generation could not see the promise our next generation will see. Don’t be cheated by what professional game player( Isayas and Meles are saying). It is their stratage to prolong their life. If they realy thought for the unity of Ethiopia( Ethiopia and Ertrea) they have to resign from their dirty, Ethinic based( divide and rule policy) and leave the floor to genuine leaders.

  43. i believe its in the interest of eriteria to form a close tie with ethiopia. we are into the borderless era, as witnessd by developed nations, economic development and growth is dependent on the economic relation between neighbours. Both eriteria and Ethiopia and the Rest of horn Africans need to concentrate on the real issues that affect their people.
    all people in the horn Africa by now realise that all the fights and chaos in the past decades have brought no solution or pride to the indivdual countries but an unending devastation in infrustructure and the lost of lives in millions.
    It doesn’t matter if isayas is for or against united Ethiopia,the misjugement might be desirable or undesirable depending on where you stand. the best outcome for both Ethiopia and Eriteria is to work together for better future that satisfies everyone.


  44. GODANAW on

    ድሮ ነበር እንጅ መጥኖ መደቆስ
    አሁን ምንያደርጋል ወጭት ጥዶ ማልቀስ

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