Sebhat Nega said Ethiopia needs Assab

Elias Kifle | June 8th, 2009

The founding member of the Woyanne tribal junta in Ethiopia, Ato Sebhat Nega, told a meeting in Washington DC over the weekend that his party made a mistake in giving away the Port of Assab.

Ato Sebhat Nega, the most senior member of the Tigrean People Liberation Front (Woyanne) and its politburo, explained further that his regime will soon reach a decision on Assab.

Ato Sebhat said that in an answer to a woman who asked him what his position was regarding Assab, according to a member of the Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit who attended the meeting.

The predominantly Tigrean audience at the Woyanne-occupied Ethiopian embassy’s meeting hall was shocked by Sebhat Nega’s answer. It is a 180-degree-turn from the long-held position of the Woyanne regime.

The decision by most of the Ethiopian opposition parties to cooperate with the government of Eritrea is sending a chill through the spines of Woyanne leaders. It is a time of desperation for Sebhat Nega and his Woyanne clique. So it should not be a surprise for their leaders to talk about Ethiopia’s need for sea port now, after dismissing such a question for the past 18th years.

But the question by Ethiopians regarding “sea port” has recently been answered to their satisfaction by President Isayas Afwerki of Eritrea.

President Isaias’ clear and straight forward answer regarding this issue in a recent interview with Ethiopian Review and EPPF has no doubt left the Woyanne regime naked and further exposed its anti-Ethiopia stand. In the interview, President Isaias said regarding cooperation on sea port, “the sky is the limit.” This answer is a bombshell inside the Woyanne camp.

Meanwhile, a film about “Sea Port” that was produced with the approval of the Woyanne junta, is currently being promoted in the Diaspora with the help of

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