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Ethiopia: What is the Policy of the Opposition?

By Seble Teferra

It is important for Ethiopians to be informed about the current crises in Ethiopia. Unfortunately, the international press addresses most any bush war in the boondocks of the world, but rarely finds time to address the war …

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Ethiopia: The fruits of revolution – Five million plus dead

By Dr. Robert Ingram Powell

Although revolutions are sometimes necessary to overcome tyranny, it is abundantly clear that the biggest product of revolutions is DEAD BODIES.

The Ethiopian Civil War, now approaching its thirtieth (30th) year, records 5 Million Human …

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HISTORY: Ancient Ethiopia – Part V

By Getachew Mekasha, Ph.D.

Dark Ages in Ethiopian History
The 18th century English historian, Edward Gibbon Wrote: “Encompassed on all sides by the enemies of their religion, the Aethiopians slept near a thousand years, forgetful of the world by whom …

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Ethiopia: a government under siege

For the past decade Western political analysts have been predicting Mengistu’s downfall. Many Ethiopians also anticipated Mengistu’s regime to come to a quick and violent end. Now, all signs point to a slow and agonizing death for Mengistu’s regime.

The …

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A Peace Initiative Similar to the Toronto Conference Resolutions Proposed by University Professors in Addis Ababa

By Getachew Mekasha

The 4 point plan calls for the following:

1. A council of elders will be elected by the people from every region and they will be authorized to appoint a trusteeship government under their control.

2. The …

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All Peace Loving Humans Should Urge Their Government to Bring to Halt the Civil War in Ethiopia

By Edmond J. Keller

The war of national liberation in Eritrea has now been raging for over thirty years. What is more, the conflict could go on for another thirty years unless there are renewed, serious attempts to find a …

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Ethiopian week in Seattle

The Mayor of Seattle Norm Rice declared the week of June 30 – July 6 Ethiopian Week. This year 20 teams are expected to participate in the Ethiopian soccer games in Seattle. Besides the tournaments, cultural shows such as art …

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Ethiopian playwright Tsegaye Gebremedhin in Los Angeles

This famous Ethiopian playwright, translator of several Shakespearian plays and a government official in the Ministry of Arts, was invited to Los Angeles to make a presentation in the Los Angeles Central Library on the 27th of April. He was …

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Mengistu Hailemariam seeks peaceful settlement

The Ethiopian government is seeking a peace settlement with the opposition forces. President Mengistu is maneuvering to stave off his government’s collapse. His newly appointed prime minister is forming a cabinet with new faces, possibly including the leaders of the …

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