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The music of Zeritu Kebede

By Irena Knehtl,

Zeritu Kebede’s songs are different. I became her fan after few minutes of listening tp her songs. Young Ethiopian artist Zeritu Kebede, nicknamed ‘Baby’, first burst into public attention when she impressed every one with her …

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FREZER NEGASH UPDATE – Jailed since Jan 27, 2006

March 10
Frezer has been released today after languishing in jail for 41 days!

March 8
A judge ordered yesterday that Ethiopian Review correspondent in Addis Ababa Firezer Negash should be released as there is no evidence to keep her …

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USA should use same scrutiny on Ethiopia as it does on Uganda and Zimbabwe

By Scott A. Morgan

The Congressional Human Rights Caucus recently took steps to address a growing problem in the Great Lakes Region of Africa. The bi-partisan lobby had a two- day series of briefings on concerns regarding the situation in …

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