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What happened in the past twelve months?

By Donald N. Levine (aka Liben Gebre Etyopiya)

1. The Ethiopian polity was transformed from a one-party state to a multi-party democracy. I am trying to think of one other polity where such a transformation took place with the same …

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An overview of the history, practice and philosophy of civil disobedience and nonviolence

Part I

By Alemayehu GebreMariam

There is rumor of mass civil disobedience in Ethiopia. Over the past month, the U.S. Embassy has been reminding and urging Americans in Ethiopia to “avoid demonstrations intended to be peaceful [which] can turn confrontational.” …

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Lessons for us from the downfall of US-supported dictators: An urgent need for mature mechanisms

By Dr. Maru Gubena

Given the image that major western leaders, financial institutions and NGO communities have had of Meles Zenawi as a progressive leader, and given the massive moral, financial and military support he has received from donor nations …

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April 6, 2006: A day to remember

By Kebede D Gashaw

April 6, 2006 is one of those days that will long be remembered as the day the tide has finally shifted against the Meles government by Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia. HR 4423 the bill drafted …

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Two tales of one city

By Liben Gebre Etyopiya (Donald Levine)

Commenting on the current political state of affairs, a knowledgeable journalist said to me in Addis: “People here have been attacking one another all year. But they never talk about things they are really …

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Appeasement At Dabre Sultan?

By Daniel Alemu, Jerusalem

On March 16, 1935, under the direct orders of Adolf Hitler, Germany re-armed itself, introduced military conscription and built an enormous navy, in a clear violation of the Versailles Treaty. These concerning developments went unnoticed by …

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