IMF corruption exposed

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following report by the BBC is one more evidence that the IMF and World Bank are corrupted organizations that are causing havoc

112 Ethiopians arrested in Yemen

SANA’A, YEMEN (Saba) – Yemeni security services in Abyan Province have arrested 112 Ethiopian refugees, including 19 women, who illegally entered Yemeni territories by sea, …

Message from Tesfaye GebreAb

ይድረስ ካንባቢዎቼ [pdf]
እኔ ደህና ነኝ!
እናንተስ እንዴት ሰነበታችሁ?

“የጋዜጠኛው ማስታወሻ” የመጀመሪያው እትም ተሸጦ አልቆአል። መፅሃፉን ለገዛችሁ ሁሉ ምስጋናዬ ይድረሳችሁ። ሁለተኛው እትምም ታትሞ …

Ethiopian scientist receives award

Des Moines, IOWA — World Food Prize laureate Gebisa Ejeta says he’s “greatly optimistic” that Africa can have its own green revolution because of improving …