Prof. Teshome remembered

UCLA professor and Third World cinema expert Teshome H. Gabriel dies at 70. The Ethiopian-born educator was ‘one of the first scholars to theorize in

Tribute to Cmnd. Zeleke Bogale

Commander Zeleke Bogale has passed away on this day last year, June 17, 2010. The following is a tribute by his former colleague Commander Assefa

Prof. Teshome H. Gabriel passed away

Distinguished Ethiopian scholar Prof. Teshome H. Gabriel has passed away. Prof. Teshome’s invaluable advise and encouragement were of great value in launching Ethiopian Review. His …

To save Africa, reject its states

EDITOR’S NOTE: Professor Englebert comes up with an idea that Ethiopian Review has been advocating for a while. As long as poverty-mongering institutions such as

Dear Tagai Merga

From: Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

To: Merga Bekana, Charmian, National Election Board of Ethiopia

Re: Troubling 2010 Election results

Dear …

Meles heading for Asmara? – ION

The Indian Ocean Newsletter (ION), whose sources include French intelligence officials, has just published an analysis of what is next for the Meles regime in

Next target: Eritrea

Now that Ethiopia’s ruling junta has successfully decimated Ethiopian opposition inside the country, it is setting its sight on removing the Government of Isaias Afwerki …