Tikur Retold

The next revolution was sang by Teddy Afro and directed by Tamirat Mekonen; this weekend, 65 of our people wrote a revolution on the back

Offense Strategy for Nonviolent Struggle

Strategic nonviolence, is a “weapon system” that derives its force from fundamental human psychological, social, and political tendencies. Provided we adhere to nonviolent discipline, noncooperation, …

Ethiopia: Unity in Divinity!

Alemayehu G Mariam

One People, One Country!

For the past two decades, Ethiopia has been the scene of crimes against humanity and crimes against nature.

Juneteenth Diplomat

I met a man yesterday who is just like me, except he is better than me because he refuses to wear his injuries on his …

I am Tikur

For too long, we Ethiopians have forsaken our blackness. We splintered ourselves from Africa and stood alone at the precipice of isolation as we insolently …


I have this vision of a peaceful and serene Ethiopia once in a blue moon when I am at my jaded moments with my community. …

Waldeba in my heart

Waldeba in my heart. By Yilma Bekele

Truth be told I was not aware of Waldeba Monastery until quite recently. Today I live Waldeba, I …