BREAKING NEWS: Al Amoudi is dead

Ethio-Saudi billionaire Ato Mohamed Al Amoudi, one of the late dictator Meles Zenawi’s closest friends, has died today in Saudi Arabia after receiving medical treatment …

A Farewell to Meles Zenawi

By Alemayehu G.Mariam

For over two hundred seventy five weeks, without missing a single week, I have written long expository commentaries on the deeds and …

የታሪክ ተጠያቂወች አንሁን፤ ክፍል አስር

የታሪክ ተጠያቂወች አንሁን፤***

አምባገነን ቢያልፍም፤ አምባ ገነናዊ ስርአት እንዳለ ነው።
ከፍል አስር

አክሎግ ቢራራ (ዶር)

ከ June 19, 2012 ወዲህ የኢትዮጵያን ሕዝብ በᎃሉ ሲያነጋግር የቆየው …