Ethiopia: The “liberty of movement”

  “Government announces temporary ban on traveling abroad for work” Last week the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs” of the ruling regime in Ethiopia announced: In an effort to curb the rising tide of abuse and exploitation of Ethiopian migrants, [there will Read more ›

A Renaissance for Ethiopia’s Youth

For the past one-half decade, Ethiopia has been awash with talk of renaissance. There has been a lot of windbagging about a “Renaissance Dam” over the Blue Nile. Our ears nearly fell off listening to the endless gab about an Read more ›

Ethiopia: They Shall Inherit the Wind

The Sandcastles and Dams of African Dictators All dictators on the African continent have sought immortality by leaving a legacy that will outlive them and endure for the ages. But all have inherited the wind. Kwame Nkrumah led the first Read more ›