Mengistu Hailemariam moving to South Sudan

Former president Mengistu Hailemariam is planning to move to South Sudan, according to Reporter. The government of South Sudan has finished building a new house for the former president who is currently living in Zimbawe, Reporter added quoting informed sources.

Southern Sudanese are apparently grateful to Mengistu Hailemariam for providing them with {www:invaluable} assistance during their liberation struggle against the Khartoum regime.

94 thoughts on “Mengistu Hailemariam moving to South Sudan

  1. koster on

    Mengistu has many friends even within Ethiopia. It is Mengistu who freed Ethiopian peasants from feudalism although now Ethiopians are servants to new Indian and Arab lords.

  2. Anonymous on

    EthiopianReporter should be left for the TPLF crowd. It is a senseless tabloid with little crediblity outside of disseminating TPLF propaganda. This news is no different.

    Elias, please work on improving your great news site instead of advertising the TPLF propoganda machine EthiopianReporter. By giving credence to its news, you are deluding people into believing EthiopianRepoter is a neutral site, when it is through and through a TPLF propganda machine with tribal propganda.

  3. Ebony on

    It would be nice if his new home is located at Abyei, so he may remind the woyane destabilizing forces deployed in the region that their regime’s days are numbered.

    Have a good life in your new home, Menge. Although I am no fan of yours, I do believe however that you are Mother Teresa in comparison with your successor who’s selling the country like there’s no tomorrow.

  4. Tolossa Jirra on

    A killer a butcher a murderer. I will never forget the red terror days. This man is responsible for the deaths of 7 of my closest friends. His gangs killed millions of Ethiopians. One day he will pay for his crimes. He was the worst leader in our history and was responsible for the first massive exodus of Ethiopians. Red terrorist. He used hunger as a tool and worsened the famine. So much pain and destruction.

    If any of you try to say Ethiopia today is worse than back then, you are a despicable rodent. Today you can walk the streets of Addis or Dire Dawa safely if you decide not to get politically involved. Back then didnt matter what you were. If you were outside at night and were under 30 that was good enough to execute you.

    The election massacre of 2005 was terrible. But back during red terror days there were always hundreds of fresh dead bodies everynight victims of those evil kebeles. We had like 1000 election massacres.

    Mengistu was by far a worse leader than meles.

    But many of you will say no mengistu was a nationalist!

    Adolf Hitler, Augusto Pinochet, Josef Stalin, Pol Pot were all nationalists. Does that mean they were great men?

  5. ashe on

    They gave him what he dd for them not for us so no big deel.haileslase were worship by jamaka but for us he was …. so nothing is new .

  6. Anonymous on

    I hope the two blood sucker dictators–Mengestu and Meles go to Hell in hand basket.

  7. DEMFELAT on

    Nice joke!

    The blue khaki mafia boss Mengistu Hailemariam made vampires and traitors like TPLF and Shabya the biggest presents that one can think of. They are where they are today thanks to his brutal and dumb leadership. Actually he was their most supportive member without knowing it.
    I read and heard what Mengistu has to say about his “leadership” days after he hijacked himself and later landed in Harare for good.
    He ofcourse never made mistakes and never killed anybody. He is still in a state of self-denial evethough it is clear that he spends sleepless nights due to the horrandeous crimes he committed. I don’t care about his fate anyway. I can’t even find him in the dead files.

    What are his plans for South Sudan? Is he going to advise them on “how to ruin as country”?


  8. Belew on

    This is really good news. They should also harbor the freedom figthers for Ethiopia.

  9. HURSO on

    Well, that will be a nightmare for the WOYANE mafia. Pro-Derg Ethiopians will find there way easily to Abeye and form a new front. Do not worry for the finance it is secured what was missing was a way in. Now we have. South Sudan has to pay us back. We are now under Mafia control. Good plan for ETHIOPIA. Move soon. At least you can give us back what you owe us Menge. OUR COUNTRY.

  10. Binyam on

    He is a mass murderer and should be brough back to Ethiopia to face justice. What a wonderful opportunity if he moves to South Sudan.

  11. Hibret Selamu on

    It’s a documented fact that ex-president Mengistu H/Mariam committed atrocious crimes against humanity during the terrible years of his oppression in Ethiopia.

    Like Taylor of Liberia, and Milosovich of Yugoslavia, Mengistu should be brought to justice at the Internarional Criminal Court in the Hague.

    It’s, therefore, hoped that the government of Southern Sudan will not harbour one of the worst criminals of the 20th century. It is hoped that the people of Zimbabwe will hand over the criminal Mengistu to ICC.

    Above all, however, it has to be stated that the primary responsibility for bringing criminal Mengistu to justice remains with Ethiopians who should call for Mengistu H/Mariam’s indictment by ICC as a matter of urgency. It has to be realized that the continued oppression in Ethiopia is a result of the timid nature of dealing with dictator Mengistu who is thumbing his nose at all Ethiopians from his life luxury in Ethiopia instead of being where he belongs i.e. a prison in the Hague. Obviously, if Mengistu were indicted by ICC, other crurrent and future dictators would have been careful about their governance with unbridled impunity!!!

    Ethiopians: rise for your justice and dignity!!!

  12. gggg on

    the reporter does say only S. Sudanese built a home for Mengistu and it does not say hi is going to move. Your news however implies that. please correct it

  13. Woyanen Enatifaw on

    Welcome President Mengistu!!! You r killer, but patriotic and heroic. If you get rid of Woyanes and shabias during that time-our mother-land Etiopia could not be land-locked. This ill-minded, tyrrany woyane destructed and eroded the dignity and sovereinty of Etiopia. Who is fascist you or chimpanzee Meles, Really u r better. You do not kill some body b/s he loves ethiopia, but Meles does. I remember you respect Addis Ababa Univ during uprising, but Meles makes this historical and respected univ the habitat of bomb-bodied agazi Woyane. WHO IS ETHIOPIAN YOU OR MELES? WHO IS FASCIST YOU OR MELES?

  14. Ezraaa on

    I dont think he gonna move because south Sudan is not save for many reasons .Basically, it like moving back to Ethiopia, FOR that matter it is not gonna happened at lest any time soon..

  15. Derbabaw on

    I have no word to describe the character of Mengistu, but it is fair to say he proved to Ethiopians that he loves more of His power, than the state of Ethiopia. He often told Ethiopians in his public speech he will fight to the last man.Inorder to score high, about his loyalty, on the public conscious he often spoke of Emperor Teodros.However, when the moment comes for him to stand and be counted, he shrugged back such opportunity. He will be remembered as the most coward head of state the country ever had who chose a cross country marathon AT THE MOMENT HIS COUNTRY NEEDS HIM BEST.Ontheir part Ethiopians trusted his apparent nationalist stand and gave everything what he asked for, believing that everything must be sacrificed for the unity of their country. They gave their lives, of the lives of their children, resources, and everything, only at last to discover Mengistu was a pretentious nationalist. Where does one start?

    1-He has massacred 60 high ranking cabinet ministers of the Haileselasai government.
    2-He has ordered the killings of many derg members who oppose his authoritarian rule: G.Aman,GBanti,G Get chew nadew,Atnafu Abate,Sisay habte and many.
    3-An estimated 70,000 Ethiopians are said to be murdered, mostly suspected EPRP members, are said to be murders by special death squad members of Keble and rural security agencies.
    4-After the elimination of his opponents Mengistu promoted himself as the head of the army when he assumed Feld Marshal Mengistu to command the Ethiopian Army against Eretria.
    5-G.Tariku was perhaps the first victim to fall in to the hands of Mingistu as he opposed Mengistu’s war plan for that war.
    6-Finally, Mengistu, just before he flee the nation annihilated the command of the Ethiopian Army. All the above acts by Mengistu are revealing the dictator was preoccupies about his power and cared only for his position than the wellbeing of the country. The many thoughtless comments I read above don’t help anything the nation to heal from damage done to it by the rogue regime of Mengistu. If we want to build a democratic Ethiopia it is imperative we stay focused, and not fall back in the old habit of courting rogue individuals or invite autocratic figures to be at the center stage. To be frank Mengistu is a politically polarizing figure, he has much blood in his hand, and need to keep low profile have no word to describe the character of Mengistu,but it is fair to say he proved to Ethiopians that he loves more of His power, than the state of Ethiopia.

  16. Kumlacew on

    Mengistu is mass murderer, Psycho and blood sucker. When I see many of the immature maggots praising this thug in this site, it just confirmed to me that how short their memory and messed up their conscious is. The Woyanes are bad, but that doesn’t mean Mengistu is saint. He is worst than evil itself. He is a thieve, serial liar, narcissistic, coward, butcher and uneducated. The best he had to climb to power was the weakness of his adversaries and his cleaver & callous nature to trick & murder every one.

  17. Tsion Haile on

    The Nationalist is around the Border, talking too much Junk some of you, but he is an real Ethiopian who protected its Land from all enemies. such as:- Somalia,TPLF and EPLF.

    Whearas, the EPRP chasing small chiledren and seniors poor people killed until the RED terror announced. Crystal and clear that the Leaders must protect its citizen.

    Weather you like it or not, he is your hero. Mistakes…of course but better than the current junda millions times.

  18. Yonayo on

    Meles is the worst murder in world .I know mengiste dictators but meles is the worst dictators ,ethnic narrow ,

  19. Yo-yo on

    Meles is the worst murder in this world,the worst dictators ,he sale ours country and ethic narrow .every body they know mengiste dictator he like Ethiopian

  20. Budapest on

    Woyane should also build a house for mengistu as a mark of gratitude. They would have remained between the rocks forever had it not been for mengistu’s iron fist dictatorship and barbarism. Mengistu is the one who terrorised the whole nation and paved the road to woyane. Fr woyane mengistu is a blessing in disguise. isayas afeworki has openely acknowledged before eritrean independence that mengistu was a blessing in disguise.

  21. salayih on

    well menge helped the south sudan fighters long time ago. but do u think the woyanes will remain silent when he mooves there. but it is a good news to let the woyanes fell mad.

  22. Derbe on

    You stupid Monkeys have no right at all to critisise Emperor Haile Selasse the first. He is the father Africa.
    God bless my Jamican brothers and sisters.
    We do not worship any white man on earth. The self called White man in USA, UK, Canada, Northern Europe are all bastards and mongerles.
    For example, Italians, Spaniards, French etc are Mulattos.
    We black people all over the world are the higherman, Rastaman.
    Tigrean and Somali Askaris go hell. you are Italian and English running dogs. Hence You are the enemy of the black race.
    Better keep your mouth shut!!!!!

    God bless Ethiopia and the real Ethiopians.
    Down with TPLF and EPLF
    Down with anti-Ethiopian Agents

    the great
    son of Ethiopia
    Master of the Nile Valley and Africa

  23. Tamiru on

    He will be too close to be a target for planned assassination. Eritrea will send a commando unit and will take him out. Woyanes will not try that because they know the consequences of such actions. If they try that Salva Kiir will start arming and assisting anti Wayane groups such as OLF, ONLF and others. But Eritrea will not have that kind of retribution problem. It had tried to kill him once before in Zimbabwe. But I tell you this. If he moves to Juba as alleged, that will be a game changer in the alignment of geopolitical forces in the Horn of Africa. I bet you leaders of OLF and ONLF are praying 24 hours a day for that to happen.

  24. Baba on

    Compared to the etnofashist Meles, Mengistu is by far better. For the South Sudanese, Col. Mengistu is a hero. The 07 project(SPLA/M) head quarters in Gambella, Ethiopia is enough to mention. The support rendered by Mengistu to the S.Sudanese is historical. I remember the unforgettable speech by Mengistu in Itang, when he divided a piece of bread in to two, giving half to Dr. Jhon Garang De Mabyor and retaining the other half. He said “We will share what ever we have, until you get your freedom!” Mengistu is a father of S.Sudanese.
    Menge, come to Gambella & let us liberate Ethiopia! We will support you.

  25. wey gud on


    I never comment elias for what he has been doing for his country boldly.
    This news is totally unlikely to happen for many reasons. It may reduce your high caliber focus to scramble for a tabloid news. one reason mengistu will not come to S. sudan is already weyane business men and intelligence are all over Juba and beyond. Ofcourse shabias are there too.
    His safety will be in deep problem. I do not think mengistu is that much moron to move south sudan at this time atleast.


  26. Nardos on

    Woyanne gudu fela haaaa. Hey don’t worry. Don’t pee on your pants yet. Menge is too old to fight any more.

  27. Tammirat on

    I don’t like Mengistu’s tyranny but I am curious if he did already start recruiting soldiers in order to take over power in Ethiopia for the second time while the others are only divided and helplessly sitting on the fence bickering with out knowing the practical highways to power which leads to the fulfillment of their set objectives.

    Some one said that Meles might have good chance to grab Mengistu from South Sudan but I say that the contrary is the truth because I think that Mengistu will have the perfect chance to grab Meles right from the palace and take over the state power since he knows how to arrest those who were stack in the palace and no one dares to remove them. The various opposition groups needs to train on the arts and crafts of loyally serving under variable governments and systems of governace.

    It is like the fast marathon runner who covers the distance twice or three times the distances being covered by the slow runners.

    Talking and doing are two entirely different things.

  28. Abesha on

    The coward Mengistu who gave us to Woyanne and Shabia Hayenas should never be forgiven and forgotten what he did to Ethiopia. So no Ethiopian will be happy if he move to south Sudan, because he should be tried by Ethiopian people. The most important thing now is the creation of South Sudan as an independent state open the oportunity for Ethiopian freedom fighters. The first thing is I am happy to witness our historical enemy who work day and night to disremember Ethiopia, the Sudanese get what they deserve that is divided into two countries. If it is possible and if we have the opportunity the Ethiopian oppositions have to also work with West and Israel to divide the rest of North Sudan by helping the Darfur rebel to split from North Sudan. In this respect we are lucky to get new friend from South Sudan to keep North Sudan busy in its internal conflict with Darfur. This opportunity should be taken also quickly by OLF and Gambela opposition to wage war on Woyane. Especially OLF should move quickly to use the opportunity to wage the war. Hope South Sudan will not be like Kenya and limit Ethiopian opposition groups including rebel group movement. As far as South Sudan concerned they may not be stable at this moment and face problem to help the Ethiopian rebel groups.

  29. tezibt on

    to no. 22 Tsion Haile

    You and your likes may have benefited during the vampire regime of derg. As a result of you vampires we now have a new country called Eritrea and a new goverment called EPRDF. Derg was really the curse for Ethiopia. If it weren’t for derg non of the current problem would have occured. There are mothers who are in a comma and bed ridden to this day since the day they learned their precious children’s brutal murder during the red terror. I hope people like you go through what these women are going through so that your vampire souls understand the pain. I guess for evil people like you, it takes such pain and experience to let the truth sink in your 3 cell brains.

  30. Debtera Aberra on

    wey gud,

    I don’t like Mengistu but you can not call him as moron because he really makes it happen, I mean, plan, program and work with the utmost determination and decisiveness to take over power from the nationally and internationally most revered, most feared and even worshiped as a God untouchable Grand Emperor, while the whole lot of on ground and underground opposition bundles couldn’t even seriously threaten and straighten a small guerrilla leader turned palace tyrant for the last 20 long years. If Mengistu decides to come no body can sustainably stand on his way other than keep bickering and keep wondering what to do.

    If they couldn’t stop Meles for the last 20 years how can they stop Mengistu from ascending to the throne for the second time.

    Eritreans are rather clever and will amicably work with Mengistu on the basis of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” They are not so static and blind like some of these dogmatic redneck Ethiopian oppositions who put in place a party program some 40, 30 years ago and keep worshiping it word for word while not being able to see and do anything beyond memorizing the party programs as an end in itself.

  31. Ree on

    Tolessa Jirra,
    The EPRDF crowdes and their Meles are way
    below Hitler. Remember, Hitler never divided Germany, nor
    sale its ports and lands. He was expanding.
    Mengistu simply led the country based on
    a specific philosophy. Meles is non sense.
    He doesn’t know the way to his house.
    Graziani is better than Meles the ‘diablos’.

  32. Anonymous on

    Mengistu is not stupid. He is safe in Zimbabwe and will stay there. He would be taking a risk moving to South Sudan especially since the South Sudanese basically do what outsiders tell them.

    Plus the weather in Harere is much more pleasant than Juba (more similar to Addis Ababa rather than hot and tropical).

    This is yet another silly Weyane attempt at diverting attention from their misrule.

  33. Anonymous on

    Thank you Elias it is a good news since he put all this woyane in
    power. I think no body take them out and put them like he did it
    in the past to leave them in their cage Mekel. And it is the time to
    free Ethiopia from this Hodam moron Woyane and he will give them their

  34. Anonymous on

    He said ” they will never take an inch land from Ethiopia” He was stupid, but Ethiopian. True Ethiopian. Unlike, the banda woyane leader ill Melese. Meles should question him self, If he has normal functional mind. I mean no one will seel 1 hector $ 27.oo of his own or even his enemy for that matter.

  35. Hunegnaw Tolossa on

    Mr Tolossa Jirra,

    You don’t deserve that name I don’t want to here such Hodam like you. There is no comparison between Mengistu and your lover Melese. Melese is a rootless nonsense you will ever imagine.

  36. Anonymous on

    These young generation must realize that Mengistu, Melese and their cadres are the faces of evil. There is absolutely no deference between these mass murderers. It is beyond my imagination there are still some ‘Ethiopians’ who support Mengistu the child killer. We will never forget a generation of Ethiopian children who perish under his order.

  37. love on

    It is amazing a person who lead us into hell under his reign and giving Ethiopia to terrorists such as TPLF, a man who was boasting, with his power she will not be threatened, Ethiopia Tikdem, etc.. finally sold Ethiopia to save his life and live lavish life in Zimbabwe while he left Ethiopia for hyena after the hyena himself had enough eating her up.

    That is the danger of leaders ruling their nations, we have to be careful who we approve of putting people in power. We have to be aware of people who have deep seated hate, anger, resentment, tribalistic, inferiority complex etc, also educated or not, doesn’t matter. Ethiopia’s ruler should be someone who understands the whole aspect ofEthiopia interms of ethnicity, geography economy throughout Ethiopia and what he/she can offer it is these types of leaders we should be electing. If the leader knows only one aspect of Ethiopia such as the current leader, in terms of tribalism, or even leader like Mengistu who claims to be the bread and butter of peasants, they are both ignorant and do not have the ability to rule. If they know of only peasants, of ethnicity what good do they do to entire Ethiopia. Ethiopia is ALL, about ethnicity, her people, geography economy, cutlure, etc. so we must learn from our mistake of accepting evrey leader that claims to be he stands for the poor and oppressed.

  38. Hakim on

    Every one seems to not know the fact that the country called south Sudan is under a complete control of the gallant Weyanay. What do you think the 4,200 special tactic armed forces are already on the ground and skyies of Abeye and other parts of both Sudans?
    Even the coward butcher himself is smarter than you idiots comparing that wurinchila aremene with human beings.

  39. JIMMA on

    Ethiopia secures $150 million in loan from World Bank

    Yes. And then …

    Ethiopia buys 200 T-72 tanks from Ukraine $100 milion

  40. Anonymous on

    This shows that Menge has friends. So, he can move to south sudan. He is also a killer. But, he is beter than Meles. Menge brodcasts “Yefiyel wetete” after killing. But, Meles, tries to find someone after killing the same person. So, both are killers. I hope both of them face justice for what they did.

  41. Tela Biet on

    It sounds more like a Tela Biet news rather than a genuine report. How can South Sudan, which is mereley a one-week old baby get into this kind of mess? For God’s sake, this baby country hasn’t even printed its own currency yet, so leave her alone!!!!

  42. minnesota on

    If Mengistu is moving to South Sudan, he will be killed by Eritrean commandos soon just watch. it is too difficult to mess with shabians. weyane couldn’t do any thing they are fesamoch.

  43. Anonymous on

    Who cares about Mengistu? He was a commander in chief abundned his fellow solders in the middel of a war, unless we have amnesia , it’s not worth to talk about.

  44. Dagmawi on


    When Mengistu said Ethiopia Tikdem he really meant it but that is of course second to him. Mengistu kehullu yikedimal malet new iko. Ishii?

    As far as saving his sweet life is concerned it is above all else precious (Mengistu kehullu belay yikdem) to be saved in order to enjoy life for all the sacrifices he has made regardless of what we happen to think about him. Since he saved his life in good time he may now conspire to come back and rule over Ethiopia for the second time. Dead patriots can not come back and do anything regardless of all the mountains of praises and medals being heaped upon then posthumously.

    People don’t love Tyrant Mengistu because he happens to be an innocent angel but simply because people HATE the more tyrannical tplf currently torturing and dispossessing the 80 million people and still actively going strong. Additionally, just for the sake of balancing, deep rooted hate and tribalistic superiority complex is as dangerous as deep rooted hate and tribalistic inferiority complex.

  45. Selamawi III on


    You are right to say that Mengistu is also a killer. He is trained for that and he knows his profession very very well. That is why he is not afraid to jump in to the fighting for an opportunity at hand. Endless rationalizations and around the world miles of endless writings after writings as an end is not part his worldly practices whether we like it or not.

    Wayanes have long been enriched, domesticated are too fat and too slow for the wild tiger Mengistu currently looking for habitual wrongdoers to be punished beyond repair mercilessly and publicly. He has long been practicing regular body building and oriental marshal art skills. That means that he is in a steel body and super sharp terrestrial mind. In addition to that, both the Chinese and the Russians are rising up and competing for global resources and power. Hmmm… :)

    To start with he can even recruit famous international mercenary fighters and leading private security firms promising them Sheik Al Almoudi’s gold mines alone. Think about the skyrocketing current gold prices in the face of the world economic instabilities and uncertainties.

    Please don’t ever tell this secret of mine to the frightened tplf and the bickering docile opposition still keep licking their various wounds.

  46. Anteneh on

    Mengistu Hailemariam is buying properties in South Sudan . That do not mean his primary place of residence is South Sudan . Mengistu Hailemariam is trying to keep his wealth near to Ethiopia as much as possible . He is going to create many job opportunities to Ethiopian immigrants within South Sudan . Well done Mengistu hailemariam . You are like a good bottle of wine . You are being more and more marvelous with age .

  47. Raaji on

    If democracy means everyone should comment on every issue I don’t want it! Very sickening indeed. Some of you just practice writing on such forum. Reading is also participation and why don’t you read and shut up? Do not litter the forum with Nigerian spam message.

  48. Qeqa on


    “Who cares about Mengistu? He was a commander in chief abundned his fellow solders in the middel of a war, unless we have amnesia , it’s not worth to talk about.” you stated

    Okay, but do you really blame the angry black commander in chief for cleverly sensing at that point the fact that the last hour has arrived as far as he is concerned and ate his last supper in the company of his last seen friends or disciples,ordered his clean private jet LOADED with tones of gold bars, sacks of foreign currency notes, hundreds of boxes of whiskeys and cognac bottles to be ready and standby and then took shower, shaved himself clean, dressed in his three pieces well tailored woolen suits accompanied with quality shirt and fitting neck tie after which he peacefully drove to the airport whistling and boarded his waiting plane, alas heading to the Kenyan border “for inspection” but landed in Zimbabwe in good mood after lots of good food and prime quality original french cognac consumption on the fine VIP jet. All these, while the usual carnage and chaos were the evryday experiences of life in Ethiopia.

    But of course Mengistu knew as to what will happen to the slow and the indecisive, say from the experience of the ex- Emperor and his top officials.

    So my straight question for you: did you really wish for him that he should have let himself captured by the barefoot angry Wayane mountain guerrillas and then dragged along the dirtiest Addis Ababa streets to be hanged at the merkato bus stop just like Mengistu Neway who fell out with the ex-emperor?

    I am 101% sure that not so many would have chosen the later alternative rather than the cheesy and lucrative former alternative even though as a born martyr some one would have chosen the later rather than the former as a matter of holy principle.

  49. makesense on

    It is time to pay back. South sudanes get their freedom (humanity) back, the jump start was ethiopia with good heart and good cause. Ethiopia and ethiopians are in same position where they need all the help they can get from anyone willing to help. We need our humanity and freedom back. It will be appriated if the south could do that. Mengistu made mistake with out knowing it . Melese made a mistake with clear knowledge of it.H e is just a selfish bitch.
    We can get rid of a divid and ruler and land grabers with or with out mengistus help. Mengistu has a blood that can boil for ethiopia, where as meles has a blood yelling for and caring only to his family and minority tibes. Mengistu was the only ethiopian leader who led the nation with no discremination. He killed every body, unlike meles and others who can save their tribes.
    Do any body know what tribe mengistu is from? atleast not from “golden tribe.”

  50. Yegeremew on

    Mengistu would have to be a fool to relocate. He will be an easy prey for weyanes. He will not even last a month there.

  51. wise man on

    President Mengstu was a loyal person to be trusted by Ethiopians. but he loss his power because of the collapse of Communist block Soviet union and East European countries.Mengstu was a revolutionary aganist the feudals. there was a civil war in Ethiopia. specially Italians Neger Eritrean EPLF fighters and their followers the Stupid Tigrean TPLf including EPRP made a civil war in Ethiopia white teror. Mengstu defend the country to stop all those anti Ethiopian powers. as the end they separate Eritrea from Ethiopia. Now Eritreans are crying to come back again to Ethiopia they are under ill treatment of the brutal stupid dictator on earth Isayas. what about meles and TPLF. Mengstu bombed TPLF and EPLF fighters in Northern Ethiopa and Meles is now bombing the Eastern Ogaden and south Ethiopia. Mengstu kill anti Ethiopian officially during the civil war but Meles kill those who love Ethiopians in a hidden way. Mengstu destroy the Enemey of Ethiopia forever look the Northern Sudan who help EPLF and TPLF now they are a loser because of mengstu sudan divided in to 2 and they never get strength to attack Ethiopia forever. look Somalia was the enemey of Ethiopia, Mengstu destroy them Totaly divided them in small parts. Somalia will never attack Ethiopia forever. mengstu was not a killer he was a nationalist the True son of Ethiopia and Africa. Mengstu is a person to be trusted even if he was a dictator but no body trust Meles at all even his supporters. he has a kind of Mafia dishonest behavier.

  52. Queen Candece on

    #55. Raaji,

    The test of democracy is freedom of criticism while the test of authoritarianism is the imposition of censorship.

    “I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” ~Voltaire :)

  53. Anonymous on


    Were Ethiopia and Ethiopians worth the sacrifice in 1983 E.C.?

    The reason woyannes were allowed to march straight to addis abebea, the coupe that was attempted before that, and EPRP’s refusal to accept derg even though following the same ideology all show that there are groups in Ethiopia (majority) who only accept one group to lead Ethiopia.

    There is racism in Ethiopia. The Amahara generals and their servant Oromo commanders felt like they were fighting for mengistu than Ethiopia. They obey only an Amahara king or president.

    A century earlier, Atse Tewoderos II suffered a similar fate by the Briritsh red coats with a help of his country men who felt that he is not legitimate — one of those anointed by God to lead Ethiopia.

    Let alone mengistu, even Tewoderos’ sacrifice was in vain. We didn’t deserve it. Thank you, the ever wise menege.

  54. Yegermale on

    What a Joke see below. If Economy is good why NGO are try to help Ethiopia. Ehiopia under Melesis is a modle for starvation not a model for Africa!!1

    S. Korean President hails Ethiopia’s economy as ‘model for Africa’
    Friday, 15 July 2011

  55. Nadow on


  56. Ethioboy on

    All of you who hate Menge…You all are good for nothing!I even prefer woyanne than you…it is surprising that you still accuse Menge for the red terror…We are not stupid. We know every thing. You can’t fool us! Can you tell me what a red terror was?, and how it was happened?? …Though, I was not born then, I know everything! …Let me tell you…there were three reasons:(1)EPRP clearlly supported the 1969 Somalia/Ziad-Bare invasion…Crime#1;(2) EPRP again tried its best to demoralize Ethiopian solider in Ogaden front…crime #2;(3)finally EPRP declared a WHITE TERROR, the unsuccesful city war …crime #3!…right at this time dergue declared red terror to defend :the victims of your white terror, the innocents and the revolution…finally,when your boss,Tesfaye Debesay threw him self from the roof of Philips building…you rushed to Tigray and kicked out of Ethiopia by the northern wonbede,woyane. You Manure! Stop barking to our hero,MENGE. He was not thief…he even didn’t have a grass house in Ethiopia…he was not selfish…he fought all his life for the right of poors and to defend Ethiopia and its poor people from those mindless Dogs-shaibia and woyanne….look! I was only 7 when Menge left Ethiopia…if i were matured enough ,I sware, I would die for him then!!! Dear Menge…you are our hero forever! History and poor Ethiopian will never forget you!…During your time all of us eat teff…because, it costs only 48 birr per quintal! Now, it’s only woyanne cadres that are able to eat teff…we really missed you!

  57. Yonas Admasu on

    [Selamawi III],
    You and the many similar comments in favor of Mengistu reveals about the desterbing state of your minds.That is is shows some how your moral judgments are impaired.It is a fact of wickd and evil people call good evil and evil good.According to many sane Ethiopians Mengistu is the eptom of Evil.He is the most selfish and self centerd brute who believe any one who criticizes his method must be elliminated.Mengistu to many is a psychologically disturbed person.There is good reason to believ such must be his is a known fact Mengistu must have harbored a grudge against the ruling class as aresult of his life experiance.This is supported by his often expressed hate for U.S.It was the King tha send mengistu for military training to the U.S. After his return he excuted the entire cabienet Ministers with out trial.What is more till he was forced out of office he was anti anti U.S.Therefor he was a disturbed person. And his state of mind in the end harmed Ethiopia.BNow you seem tobelieve he will fight for your freedom. doyou have any clue wher he has been for the last twenty years?I answer my own question,he was chasing his beer bottle.Mengistu good for nothing,he is luky still lives,but the thens of thousends of innocent and brightest Ethiopians have pershid under his command.Ge.Tarku Gen Amaha desta,Dr.Tesfaye Debesay Brihane meskel Reda,Balu Grma,Indalkachew.Aklilu habteweld,Ge Banti an honest Ethiopian and the many.
    Mengistu,Brihanu Baye,Legese Asfau,Fekreselasie Wegderes,Fisaha Desta,And Mengistu’s security chief need to be publicly excuted at meskel Square.Deth to all bandas be it TPLF Cadres or to the cadres of Mengistu.

  58. Qeqa on


    “There is racism in Ethiopia. The Amahara generals and their servant Oromo commanders felt like they were fighting for mengistu than Ethiopia. They obey only an Amahara king or president…” you wrote

    I agree with you about the existence of racism in Ethiopia. Even Wayanes are down right racists since they have been ruling racistically for the last 20 years and are still excising open and hidden racist forms domination, exclusion and governance. Wayane prime minister for life. Wayane generals leading Ethiopian armed forces. Wayane business persons and tplf affiliated monopolies dominating and exploiting the entire Ethiopian economy. Wayane gemgami cadres purging none Wayane military and civil servants that absolutely excludes Wayanes themselves from being evaluated/assessed and punished for any wrongdoing. The list can go…

    You said that Amhara generals and their servant Oromo commanders felt like they were fighting for Mengistu than Ethiopia.

    Here also you are partially right but don’t forget that soldiers unusually fight for their charismatic leaders whom they see in flesh, blood, bones, voices and movement but not so much for you abstract country called Ethiopia that does not talk, does not walk, does not rock, can not feel and may not even feed always.

    Why should I blame the soldiers who were strictly trained to obey their commanders and fighting for the person who climbed on to the high podium and loudly proclaimed the slogan, “ETHIOPIA TIKDEM, ETHIOPIA WEIM MOT.” As far as the soldiers are concerned, Ethiopia is Mengistu and Mengistu is Ethiopia. Nothing more nothing less!

    Absolutely I don’t accept what Mengistu’s regime have done but that is history now. For me this Mengistu thing is like flogging a dead horse.

    Otherwise we are only being prone to attention diversion from the brutalities of the current minority tyranny that have been going on for the last 20 years. BEQA, BEQQA!

  59. Selamawi III on

    #66.Yonas Admasu,

    “There is good reason to believ such must be his is a known fact Mengistu must have harbored a grudge against the ruling class as aresult of his life experiance.This is supported by his often expressed hate for U.S.It was the King tha send mengistu for military training to the U.S. After his return he excuted the entire cabienet Ministers with out trial…” you wrote

    I think that you are completely wrong. Mengistu did not have any clues about the revolution, the ruling class or hatred or personal grudges to start with. He was just a soldier but may of course remember the story of the Neway brothers, that is to say, Mengistu Niway and Germame Niway.

    The whole revolution was planned, promoted and put in to practice by the student movements who in the end lacked effective organizational capacities and know-hows as a result of which the well organized military slowly but surely napped the leadership role from the students. Even within the military leadership, Mengistu was only an obscure lower level leader to start with but slowly and surely rose through the ranks and files initially through elections from within his own unit. Any way I am not at all an expert on the issue. mine is only a matter of informed common sense and that is okay with me.

    This Mengistu thing is an old issue and I am sure that OLD tyrant parrot does not have even an iota of chances to do anything other than taking care of his weedy farm in Mugabestan. It is cunning Wayanes who are flogging the long dead horse (Mengistu) in order to claim credit from Ethiopians whom they are impoverishing and starving to death.

    Otherwise please don’t confuse my good name, Selamawi III with that of King Mitswati III of Swaziland because he has 13 very young wives while I have only one. He assigned a budget of $15 million to build a palace for each of his 13 wives. But I bout a soft woolen scarf for my wife for $50.

    He is an absolute king and absolute dictator while I am an absolute democrat and absolute commoner. Recently he bought himself a luxury car for $500,000 but I bought a bicycle for $200. Recently he bought a royal private jet for $45 million while bought a round trip flight ticket for $200. King Mitswati III is the second son of 67 sons of the late elderly King Sobhuza II and the only child of Queen Ntombi Tfwala one of the king’s 70 wives. King Mitswati III currently has 27 children but I have only one.

    Why am I telling you all these? Just for your information so that you may not confuse my good name with that of king’s name or the royal family down there.


    Selamawi III

  60. tesemtot on

    Yes he deserves that. A lot of my friends from Southern Sudan told me if it was not for him,today they would not have kept their identity.But we know who he is in Ethiopia.

    But I tell you Menge,don’t go unless southern Sudan is strong enough to protect you from your enemies. I think you know many things that your enemies want to perish you. I have been told you are responsible for many lost life and some think you’re officials are. In any case, If it holds true that you are responsible for lost life,you were a dictator. and Mr.Melese Zenaw is also responsible for disintegrating the country. No man’s life is better than the sovereignty of a country,as heroes give their life as a price to keep their country’s sovereignty. So Mr.Melese is way responsible for the country’s mess and he won’t be lucky enough to get a house in Asmara.

  61. Anonymous on

    If salt is not salt what good is it?Mengistu is not only a traitor ,he is also compulsive liar. He said he never killed Haile Selassie eventhough he did. He aproved and signed the killing of all the General and Ministers.I read the book by Guenet Anbese, he denied the killings he committed and was not remosefull of his actions.How could Ethiopians call him patrotic? I find it very hard to believe.I will acept his apologie if he talks the truth and he is remorsefull about his action but the simple and factual thing is Mingistu killed a country and ond bright future generation ; therefore what good is it if salt is not salt and doesn’t giver a toasted.

  62. Janamora on

    You sound like you were the member of THE FORMER DICTATOR’S PRIVATE POLITICAL CLUB otherwise known as ABYOTAWI SEDED. In a way it is good once in a while issues related to the former military officials discussed in this forums. So that it helps the many of us to discern between those who are democracy and change, and those who are still entertaining a RETURN TO THE DAYS OF DICTATORS AND MILITARY JUNTAS. TSION, In vain you look back IN HOPE OF THOSE those days to COME FOR YOU. You MIGHT AS WELL SETTLE FOR THIS: the future Ethiopia belongs to the new generation, to the generation of BIRTUKAN MEDEKSA, and to the CURRENT Patriotic young men and women of Ethiopia. In THE POST tplf Ethiopia, I guarantee you, previous members of the so called Mengiustu’s WORKERS PARTY, AND members of the WEYANE CABAL FRONT will never have a part to influence political events in the country one way or the other.
    Remember this there will always be an administration of stringent criteria whether an Ethiopian is qualified to an office or not. In other words there will be such a question as this .WHAT IS THE BACK GROUND OF THIS PERSON? That is there anything BEHIND THIS PERSON OR what is KEBBESTEGERBAW?
    Even now, if anyone has facts ABOUT THE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY OF PREVIOUS DERG OFFICIALS WHO HAPPEN TO RESIDE ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD, if one happen to have incriminating evidence about them I urge those WITH SUCH INFORMATION to come out with the facts so that the criminals can be charged of their crimes where ever they are. Let us not forget the blood of innocent Ethiopians. I marvel how the many former Derg members are raising their ugly heads on these forums. Take it easy butchers, you will not have any part in the future Ethiopia you might as well be prepared to accept the wave of the future: democracy, and change not military dictatorship.
    How can anyone advocate not just Buke or feriw Mengistu to return to power but the runaway bands of former Mengistu’s officials such as Negede Gobeze,Dawit Welde Giorgis,Goshu Welde.The last two men ,just like their master, run out of Ethiopia when they realize Mengistu was about to hit the bottom. Immediately after his arrival in the western capital the reneged Dawit published a book about the hunger in Ethiopia in which he was the head of the agency. Dawit just like his master is a survivalist; for no other reason he wrought that book but to book to supplement his dwindling income. I wish the new generation of my countrymen to start from scratch by putting to office men only WHO ARE WOTHY TO BE RECKONED AS MORALLY UPRIGHT.

  63. makesense on

    I born and grew up during mengisu era. But I never knew many ethiopians love him so much. For sure no one loves meles other than “kindibamu” I DONT EVEN THINK HIS WIFE, the queen of corruption LOVES HIM.What ever happened these are two ethiopian histories. One unlucky great ethiopian and one lucky silly bitch ethiopian.

  64. Belew on

    I think Mengistu is dreaming coming to power again because there are so many of his party members have obtained high posts in the woyane regiom. Also Woyane and mengistu have the same characterstic to come together rather than woyane to join the opposition.

  65. Anonymous on

    RE: QeQa. What good is salt if it loses it’t taste. I glanced at your rebutal defending Mengistu’s fleeing to Zimbabwe to save his life. What about the 80,000 soldiers who were in the front line of the war.Are the soldiers life less precious and less valueble than the commander in chief. Mengistu like any soldier is under oath to defending his countryman in peace and war; therefore your argument don’t have any merit.

  66. Grace on

    I think mengstu will moves to south sudan i am happy because i will go from the border gambela to abeye

  67. Qey Kokeb on

    good point no. 52. i was happy and confused at the same time when i read this news.isnt south sudan pro-usa and pro-west,and wouldnt the americans protest?we read here that the woyanes are wetting their pants.the only chance mengistu can rehabilitate himself is as one said above by giving ethiopia back to us in addition to confessions about killed leaders,cia relations and djibouti.good luck menge and take care.

  68. Misgana Yehune on

    For me both Mengistu and Meles are the same.Both are dictatores,selfish and killers.

  69. tezibt on

    They say that Ethiopia and Japan started to look up to the western civilization. Unfortunately, Ethiopian have excelled on the gossip and back stabbing front. Werea yelew fre. keweregna yawtagn

  70. Qe Qa on


    Don’t put words in to my mouth and start shooting at the same words which you created yourself. I simply stated Mengistu’s flight to Zimbabwe as a matter a fact with out attaching to it anything positive or negative values for or against.

    “Are the soldiers life less precious and less valueble than the commander in chief.” you asked

    Please ask this interesting question not from me but from a random sample of 1000 commanders and 1000 foot soldiers and get back to us when you have found out conclusive responses to your inquiry.

    May be they will tell you that the values of an educated and experienced lieutenant general who is an infantry commander under oath and the values of an ordinary none commissioned infantrymen working under oath are the same.

    Some of those mentioned “80 000 soldiers” fighting in the front line of the war were thinking that it is even good that Mengistu fled the lost war rather than staying to the end in order to get himself killed as well as let the front liners butchered to the last man instead of throwing away their guns and mingling with the civilian population in a war that have already been lost.

    Of course dedicated and determined Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler fought to the bitter end until he committed suicide and let his soldiers butchered and the rest captured and tried instead of negotiating surrender.

    For me it is all the same but I think that you want Mengistu DEAD and burried deep under ground but absolutely he wouldn’t agree with you.

    Mengistu may thinks that it is absolutely too much and horrendous genocide what has been done by the tyrannical Wayane killers for the last 20 years and wishes that the tplf leader taken to the International Criminal Court for crimes (ICC) against humanity.

  71. Anonymous on

    RE : Que Qua
    I was not put words in my mouth , I just simply brought you argument in light of what you said.My impression is that you don’t want Mengistu ” dead” or” captured”.My analysis is if you are a soldier under oath you have to protect your country in time of peace or war to protect your country by any means including giving your life.Everyone knows when they join the Army ,when they wear the badge it is for protecting their country against aggression. The pemises you mention that I want Mengistu to die is incorrect.I was just saying Mengistu should have died in dignity rather than living “half dead”.I want Mengistu not surrender but die like Aste Tewdros as a “hero”. There are many mis conception that most of us have about Mengistu.Pople should read Mingistu’s interview by Genet Anbese ‘it shows clearly that Mingistu is decitful ,dishonest and mostly unremoersefaul on what he did’ I can give you one example.Mengistu killed General Amdom by accusing him that he was colabrating with Eritrean rebels while trying to make a peace deal which at that time the rebels so weak that they were ready to make a concession to become as Federation with Ethiopia.Aman Amdom believes that he is Ethiopian ‘fought for Ethiopia’and died for Ethiopia. He was nick named “KODA TERASU ” after a fight in Somalia even he was awarded by King Haile Selassie so how could somone who fought for his country killed as a traitor. Mengistu made a polotical mistake that is unrepairable, and those are one of many reasons Ethiopia got disintegrated,the present regime also is responsible for Ethiopian disintegration, as I said to you before what good a salt if it doesn’t give a taste .Mengistu was not a skilled Commander in Chief nor a wise polotician, Ethiopia has paid dearly because of his mistakes which he willnever admit.Readers please be fair and objective .Finally this new government policy is more lethal than the prvios one.

  72. Belhennet on

    The exchange of remarks between Qe Qa and Annonymous #75, #81, etc. is quite interesting. However, I suggest that a main point is being missed. This is the fundamental question as to what the Ethiopian people should do when they are faced by oppressive and inhuman leaders such as Murderers Mengistu and Melles.

    The current overwhelming stance, at least on the part of the diaspora intellectuals and politcial activists, appears to be that Ethiopians should be focussed exclusively on the continuing injustice perpetrated by Melles & Co. and that Mengistu’s horrific crimes should be left to history. Therefore, Mengistu is continuing his life of luxury in Zimbabwe and insulting the intelligence of the Ethiopian people by claiming that he didn’t even harm a fly during his many years of misrulue.

    The question that all Ethiopians should ask themselves is whether a leader such as Mengistu should get away with all the crimes against humanity that he has committed in Ethiopia. If the answer is in the positive, then the question arises as to why the current oppressive dictator, Melles, should be brought to justice. In this case, there is an obvious inconsistency.

    In order to be consistent in our demand for justice, it is absolutely essential to apply it to all, especially Murderers Mengistu and Melles as well as their criminal collaborators. This principle should apply to any current and future leaders that are guilty of crimes against humanity.

    Therefore, Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopians throughout the world should strive hard and in a sustainable manner to bring both criminals i.e. Mengistu and Melles to the International Criminal Court.

  73. tulu on

    They probably thought he is one of them, Iam sure it is a welcome home jesture!

  74. Anonymous on

    RE #82 Well said, you hit it right on the nail as Americans say” you do the crime you do the time”as much as I said about Mengistu I woul also to point out that Melese’s direction is in dismantling our identity, culture as well as religion as you might have heard from different media ,medivial autocratic government of Saudi Arabia is asking the regime in Ethiopia to expedite visa from 50 a week to 500 a week because they need 25,000 Ethiopian “house maids” what a shame.First was adaption free for all, there was a 65 old man who adapted from Ethiopia and molested the 12 and 13 years old child,then we heard this regime claimed 99.6 % election victory,we won the war over Eritrea and the victory was sabotaged by Melese after 70,000 people loss of life and lately he assigened 7 Generals from the same ethnic. The makers and the shakers are Eritreans whether it is Melese, Bereket or Samori, they are using Tigray as a covering up.Melese’s agenda is more lethal and dangerous than of Mengistu’s.

  75. Debtera Asaminew on


    I have no objection to your suggestions as a matter of priciple but we need to absolutely make a choice and prioritize actions given that resources are scarce as well as limited. We cannot also bit more than what we can swallow at a time. The urgent demand of the current time is to get ride of the minority tyrannical wayane dictatorship enslaving, dictating, retailing Ethiopian fertile lands and Ethiopian youth to slavery while Ethiopians have been dying for the last 20 long years.

    Come back to ex-tyrant Mengistu after you have got rid of the active and ever so present Wayane tyranny endlessly sucking the entire human and material resource. Otherwise, the Mengistu issue is only sheer attention diversion from the tyranny of the tplf. There is great difference in being called an ex-tyrant or the current tyrant. So please concentrate on the current tyrant. Mengistu have already been condemned in absentia and we will keep an eye on him. Just get the tplf out of Menelik’s palace and democratize Ethiopia for Ethiopians as a whole. That needs to be the priority, otherwise we are only wasting time and flogging an out of sight and out of power dead long dead horse.

  76. Belehennet on

    Thank you, Annonymous #84 and Debtera Asaminew #85 for your remarks and suggestions.

    Both of you are recommending that we should merely focus on TPLF to the exclusion of Murderer Mengistu, at least at this stage. However, your idea misses out on three points of fundamental importance:

    (1) That the Ethiopian people are fully capable of waging a relentless struggle against the current oppressive TPLF led regime while, at the same time, launching an effective movement to bring Mengistu to justice;
    (2) That your suggestion of ignoring the case of one criminal (Mengistu) while prosecuting that of another similar criminal (Melles) is totally contrary to legal principles and international law. How could you justify, on the basis of principles of justice and morality the abandonment, even momentarily, of the horrific crimes committed by Mengistu while you are persuing the case of our current criminal, Melles? It’s like prosecuting one thief and letting the other one go free!!!
    (3) That you don’t seem to remember the fact that the cause of the current oppression in Ethiopia was Mengistu himself. If it were not for Mengistu’s disastrous leadership and the huge crimes he committed in Ethiopia, Woyane couldn’t have succeeded in the fight against the Dergue. Melles himeself had declared some 18 years or so ago that they couldn’t have reached Addis if the Amhara people had not helped them on the way. In Amharic, he had stated over the radio: “YeAmaraw hizb enkoko belo bayadersen, Addis Ababa andersemm nebber”. The Amara and other Ethiopian people helped the Woyanes simply because of the deep hatred they had for the criminal Dergue and its master, Mengistu. Unfortunately, the enemy of an enemy was considered a friend!!!

    In view of the above, I suggest, again, that for the sake of justice, the Ethiopian people should strive to bring both criminals: Mengistu and Melles to justice. For pragmatic purposes, the cases should be treated separately but concurrently.

    It’s hoped that people like Elias establish movements or strengthen existing ones if any to call on the international community including the ICC, the UN Human Rights Commission, certain influential governments, civic organizations, etc. to bring the two culprits to justice. Ethiopian lawyers/legal experts would, I hope, rise to this important occasion thereby showing current and future tyrants that they would not escape justice.

  77. Anonymous on

    RE #86 Bilhinet I think we are having a little misunderstanding Mengistu should have been court marshaled for treason by Ethiopian people. I am angry for leting the Army and fled to Zimbabwe.Mengistu should have lived as a soldiers and died as a soldier instead of talking fairy tales to Ethiopan people.

  78. Belehennet on

    Dear Anonymous #87,

    Wishes for what Mengistu should have done are good but of very little value at this stage. What’s absolutely essential in terms of justice and the dignity of the Ethiopian people is to bring the criminal Mengistu where he would have his “day in court” in an appropriate manner, namely, the International Criminal Court in the Hague. Such a step will be historic in nature and send a clarion message to current and all possible future (God forbid!) dictators in Ethiopia that they will not escape justice if they apply their power with impunity.

    If we have any respect for the Ethiopian people, Mengistu and Melles should be brought to justice for the crimes they have committed so viciously.

  79. Real Ethiopian on

    For me both of them are the same the difference is Mengstu regime is an official killer by telling all what he did through media & the Melese regime is a secrete killer for Ethiopian. It will be better to tail the reality that both of them are the killers.
    Unless Mr Melese doesn’t improve his governance one day there will be violence like northern African countries. It is time to improve his leadership & bring equity for all Ethiopian without discrimination one ethnicity with other & also for him & his family. It is not good for the coming future. I don’t understand what they are talking about on their media about their physical construction that their meaningless road & building because it will demolished one day all unless they tried to construct the mentality of Ethiopians as Ethiopia is belonging to them without discrimination equally. As far As I see there is a hidden hate between Ethiopian because of the regime wrong ideology. Let him work on to improve the mentality of people to bring love with each other by treating equally for better future.
    We have to learn from passed Somalia & from the presence of Libya. People benefited by the regime fight with the people don’t, the result is the distraction of all build up infrastructures.

  80. Anonymous on

    RE 89 Real Ethiopian Mengistu has said he never even killed a fly, he denied killing the King or the 60 Ministers and Generals eventhough he killed them.Mengistu lies to his teeth. I don’t know what you are talking about.

  81. Bee Gee on

    Real Ethiopian,

    “…Unless Mr Melese doesn’t improve his governance one day there will be violence like northern African countries…” you wrote

    You still think that Meles may change his habits and convert himself from a minority and over privileged monopoly ruler by chosen tyranny only because you wish so and hoping that ONLY alone wishes will do the task of change for the best. Worse yet, you seem to be afraid of changes that may include sacrifices.

    Keep waiting for the usual manna to drop from the heavens with out an iota of sacrifices and nominal efforts.

    Dependency, sweet dependency and living on the shameful international donations and miserable handouts are more comfortable than struggling for your rights and achieving respectable self sufficiency and human dignity in practice.

  82. Boy Still on

    Menge! I heard a lot from history, brothers and sisters. Time is moving fast, can u please drop a certain words to the generation? Lets listen your words! Not fair to listen from one party and give our opinion as our generation is more rational! Just give us your say!

    Please tell all the truth including the death of Bahlu Girma and why? You are the only one left now next to Tesfye to tell the hidden! Please we need the truth to judge.

    Why do you want to go holding the truth! Don’t judge by your self we need ‘Endewerede’.So let us know ‘Satchemer Satkenes’! Ferdun le tewledu tewew!

    Egzer Yihen Ayto yiker endehone!

    Neseha Yohonehal Yemtawkewn Hulu Adera! Bezan Gizem hone Ahun Beseltan Lay Bezu Yetedebeku Ewnetawoch Aluna!!

  83. Gindo on

    Meles is far better than the komches……no place in the palace for the sobbering amharans……wushanna amarah bete mengist yinejisalu

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