Al Amoudi employees, Pakistanis, attacked in Gambella

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Woyanne regime-controlled Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) reported today that several employees, including Pakistani nationals, working for Al Amoudi in the southwestern Ethiopian region of Gambella have been killed and wounded by an armed group last night. Read the report below:

(ENA) — Four Ethiopians and a Pakistani, employees of the Saudi Star Agricultural Business Headquarters in Gabellla State were killed and injured eight others in a shooting late on Saturday, the Gambella State Police Commission said.

In a press release it sent to ENA on Sunday the Commission said the fatal incident occurred at a construction site five kms away from the organization headquarters.

The Commission said some ten suspected assailants are in police custody.

The Police said the joint investigative team consisting of regional and federal security forces is undertaking the investigation to bring the perpetrators of this heinous crime before justice.

The Commission said the public is enjoying the fruits of development and democratization owing to the prevailing peace and stability in the region.

The Commission called upon the public to cooperate with the police in its effort to bring swiftly the culprits to justice.

The Commission expresses deepest condolences to the victims and their families of this cowardly attack and wished solace and speedy recovery to the injured.

52 thoughts on “Al Amoudi employees, Pakistanis, attacked in Gambella

  1. Ezana From Toronto on

    Let the land be used for Starving Ethiopia!!

    I totally oppose the leasing of land to foreigners who are to export the product while it is Ethiopia who needs it. Hence, I support any action, minus the killing, against these farming establishment. Ethiopian government has made/shown some wise economic decisions in the past. However, the leasing of land to foreigners is a grave mistake and a crime against starving Ethiopia.

    Ezana From Toronto

    • Jegnaw on

      you act like you support Ethiopian but it is OK for WOYANNES to kill Ethiopians.but don’t want any one to kill woyanne and there that what I am hearing from you?
      “Ethiopian government has made/shwen some economic decisions in the past”Mr under cover woyanne what good economic Decision are you talking about? looting Ethiopia boon dray or may be your kind boot leaks are economically well..
      my free thinker Housman how much did they pay you to say that my woyanne BUCHILA…

      • Ezana From Toronto on

        Hey Jegnaw. Are you still around? i thought you were one of the rebels in Ambo to take over addis:-) Nothing you said upset me. For one thing I don’t understand what you write in English; second, it (your english) makes me laugh. What on earth is a houseman?

        Good day my Semetic Negro brother

        Ezana From Toronto

        • Jegnaw on

          I think you will find it in your woyanne dictionary i mean you should look for it in any dictionary hoseman.. (it means hose nigger)you got that dengay

          and have a miserable day..

        • Ezana From Toronto on

          JEgnaw, aye yante neger. Betru yetefabet ewir new yemitimeslew. Are you telling me a hoseman means a hose nigger? what on earth is a hose nigger?

          Good day my Semetic Negro brother or should i call you starving midget?

          Ezana From Toronto

    • Abesha on

      Now is this attack Justified??? I say you bet your ass, it is damn justified… when you have millions of ppl being starved, the greedies in the name of creating jobs and what not exporting food to india, saudi etc…. I think not unless this shit stops, Meles Zenawi you will stand by yourself. You or anyone inthat country have got the moral authority to ship out food while Ethiopians are starving, and I am not even that hard on EPRDF like most opposition supporters, but when it come to this Meles and Co. trust me all Ethiopians stand shoulder to shoulder.

    • Mamo on

      It is not past Zenawi to do such a thing. So I will not discount your observation.

      • Guest on

        Mamo & Sami, you two are idiots, how can the president kill them? what did they do to him? what a loser. You should come up with a better excuse idiots.

  2. mamo on

    We have new information. There were 5 people killed in the main compound including a Pakistani national. No one was apprehended. ENA is lying to the Ethiopian people by claiming that they have apprehnded the perpertrators.

    • Champion on

      The right and the latest information is this. 4 (four) Pakistanis were killed, one wounded,3(three)civilians were killed by the crossfires and around 9 (nine) others were wounded.But the number of solders who were killed is not known. But it is believed to be more than 35 (thirty five)

  3. Mamo on

    Ahh ENA! What about the Weyane thugs who just murdered 5 Muslim Ethiopians in Arusi? Does one have to be a Pakistani to pique your interest in justice?

  4. joro on

    Gamblas sons are scoring against woyanes, they are fighting to claim their ancestors land!!! where are gonderes!! where are they… Metemas , wolkayte sons!! they should learn from them

  5. joro on

    Gamblas sons are scoring against woyanes, they are fighting to clame their ancestors land!!! where are gonderes!! where are they ..Metemas , wolkayte sons!! don’t be yebeye temelcach

    • Guest on

      Joro, yeiwnetim Joro. i bet you’re a shabia who wants to divide Ethiopia into pieces, or you are an abnormal psychopath loser who likes bloodshed !

  6. Waka on

    “Beka” is the slogan for woyanne and looting wing the arab tujar before it is too late 95% Ethiopians are with our Gambella brothers and sisters.

    God bless Ethiopia

    Death for dedebit rats and allies

  7. HURSO on

    Yes. 5 killed 3 others seriously injured and no one is apprehnded. Federal police is now just sending none-Tigre soldiers to the area but there is not much effort even by these so called government troops to do anything. Things are rapidly shaping up in Gambella region. May be it is now the new Naqfa of the 2004.

  8. This is the only available avenue to bring Woyane to the negotiation table if not the route to uproot it. We have to stand in unison with these patriots. They are the real clone of our forefathers of resistance. Woyane is ruthless; Let us face it. Freedom will not be achieved through a town hall gathering. Our brothers in Gambella proved us right. Let us support them.

    And yet, I feel sorry for those died and cought in this cross fire between the true children of Ethiopia and the Woyane traitors.

    The more we intensfy the resistance the more we reduce uneccessary loss of innocent lives.

    Keep the torch lit , children of Gambella; children of Ethiopia.

    Let God the almight give you the strength.

  9. Anonymous on

    It is beyond ones imagination to figure out how this ruthless tyrant Meles hate Ethiopia and Ethiopians! Not only Meles has sold the Ethiopians land and he also imports farm workers! It is hard to comprehend, what in the world caused this midget to be this hateful, heartless monster! My heart goes out to my fellow Ethiopians from Gambela who have been rooted-out from everything they knew and loved and beaten and massacred by the Agazi Army. May God give the strength and the courage they need to fight the ruthless Agazi army. At the same time, I feel sorry for the poor Pakistani victims who simply left their family and country to earn a living and not knowing how they are being taken advantages of by the hodam billionaires. There is no doubt, the poor Pakistanis were lied to and promised a lot of things to work in Ethiopia, the same as the young Ethiopian women who have been shipped to Arab countries to be slaves. Whatever ways we look at it, it is the poor people who get hurt on both sides, not the rotten rich people who deserve the punishments. The rich people exploit poor people and the economy to increase their bank account and careless what happens to the poor individuals around the world. It is indeed true that, “The roots of all evil is the love of money”

    • the mountain man on

      reply in support of ANONYMOUS:

      If this devil stays in power for too long, I bet you all, there is nothing left for future generations of Ethiopians to live on. Ethiopia is under the worst dictator the world has ever seen.They are enlarging the size of their future dream homeland of the Republic of Tigray by forcefully annexing land from contiguous provinces of Wollo, Gondar and other environs.

      They have mastered the art of killing, begging, stealing, and lying, and they feel no remorse in doing it so. What is so sympathetic is they have no compassion with whatever illegal activities they are engaged in. Ethiopian fertile soil is auctioned off to foreigners, and the money received from this transaction is making its way to the pocket of Woyane bosses, and to their offshore bank accounts, and pay tuition for their children who go to school over seas and driving Ferrari cars.

      Our gold and other minerals have been mined and ferried out of the country without going through the customs office by privately owned AL Amoudi’s plane on a daily basis.

      Our coffee and other delicate spices have been under attack as well. Few years ago the Woyane’s terrorist regime was in limbo with Starbucks company for fair price for the coffee farmers. Starbucks finally came to terms with them thinking that it would help the coffee farmers of Ethiopia. But unfortunately Woyane ran with the money for themselves instead of giving it to the very people they claimed to have fought for.

      It is not only Ethiopian precious minerals and coffee beans that are under attack from left to right. Ethiopian dense forest have become the victim of this brutal, and killer regime. Trees located in southern part of the country, in Kaffa province are estimated to be at least 500 years old. These trees are extremely long and large in diameter. They provide shade to the coffee beans, otherwise the coffee trees die or they don’t yield too well of a harvest.

      Some greedy, mad dogs savage cadres from the north, the moment they set their feet in that part of the country, they started cutting down these magnificent, majestic, and monumental shady tree as if there is no tomorrow, and continued shipping them off as lumber products to Saudi Arabia, still an abated to this day. The price of one of these trees is about $1500 Birr.You can imagine how much money can be made of from such huge trees and dense forest. All they see, dream is nothing else except money, at any cost

      These trees provide a conducive environment of shade to grow coffee trees. Otherwise coffe trees do not stand severe sun light and will die. They ignored the advise from farmers who are experts in growing coffee plants,not to cut them down. However they didn’t care less about the future of the country, except for their own temporary gratification of amassing wealth, and gradual deforestation of the nation’s forest, and turning the surrounding areas into a baren land.

      One of these extremely long and huge trees is being sold for $15000 Birr per head. And the cutting down of these trees are still in progress,and no one can tell them no, due to their satiable appetite for money. ( please refer to this story to Yederasiwu Mastawesha a book written by Tesfaye Gebreab)

      Their bottom line is to make the hays while the sun is still shining. Once the sun sets in, they know exactly what the consequence of such greed, arrogance, and destruction of national treasure will lead them to, come the judgment day.

  10. Anonymous on

    Anyone can understand the usual lie of ENA( Ethiopian Nazis Advocates) from the article itself. It in one hand says that the suspects are in custody bu still asks the public to be ccoperative in their capture. Usual Milas Gola’s kitchen cowardly action. He will be hanged in the middle of Mesquel Square with his mafia group soon.

  11. Anonymous on

    Barbarism is worse in countries other than Ethiopia. Just ask the Pakistanis themselves and checkout their YouTube channells. They killed one Ethiopian engineer by the name of Shiferaw who worked for UN, did they not? Globilization and Meles Zenawi’s Occupation of Ethiopia have not worked. Globilization was an idea of semi-godly figures like Ted Turner, who called Christianity a gutter religion, and who would dump his wives the moment they cease to be “hot” in his eyes; Bill Clinton who was raised up on Cheesburger and on hand-me-down religion, and modernists, liberals, narcissists, phsycopaths, atheists and others likes them. On ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos, an economic panel that included Google’s Eric Schmidt, NEWSWEEK’S George Will, Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm and Former U.S. Comptroller David Walker, under, Is America’s Economic Recovery Built To Last?, only Granholm critisized globalization as the real culprit of the economic failure, saying that only the Asians benefited from it. On different previous program, she disclosed that over 59,000 manufacturing companies have left the U.S for Asia and elsewhere since the year 2000. Thanks for consistently defending your country and standing for the truth, Governor Granholm. Steve Jobs, late CEO of Apple , has deceived, mastered and abused the system just like the Asians always do. Apple who has only 4,700 employees in America has 750,000 of them in China. A recent study showed that those 4,700 employee here in the U.S could create as many as 150,000 additional employee here. There is nobody when it comes to beating, mastering, abusing, and deceiving the system than the Asians first and foremost, Steve Jobs, who drove what appeared to be the same tag-less Mercedes for years but in fact changed the vehicle every few months without anybody knowing, Al-Amoudi, Somalians, even certain immoral and un ethical Ethiopians. The Ethiopian government makes these killings public because it wants to justify retaliatory killings and garner sympathy and financial gains. Otherwise, there is nobody who has been over abused that the Gambellas.

    The three men, who were from Puerto Rico, Croatia and Ethiopia, were hacked to death by machete-wielding militiamen who attacked their office, easily barging past an Indonesian police guard. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) staffers were working in refugee camps in the border town of Atambua where militias forced tens of thousands of East Timorese to flee last year after they voted to end Jakarta’s rule.

    – February 9, 2009, West Timor, Indonesia.

  12. Gezaee H. on

    Killing is not good. They should burn all the farm in the night without killing any human being and without endangering their own lives.

    I oppose killing of any humans for whatever reason. They should burn the entire farm before harvest instead of killing people.

    • Wutis on

      ሰው መግደል መትፎ ነው ግን መለስ የሚገባው ግድያ ነው::

    • peace on

      I am not supporting killing either but it is also not wise to destroy resources that could feed billions of people, even is someone else harvested it, it still is in Ethiopia and belongs to Ethiopians. In fact any thing that exists now should be used to benefit Ethiopians because of its technology. The issue is how to protest against these land leeches is the question. This means, follow the money… go after TPLF.

      • Gezaee H. on

        The land being farmed was taken by force from its owners. The people who own the farm burn the farm all in all during night. TPLF has refused to work the people Ethiopia. It has decided to work foreign forces and foreign multination coorporations than with Ethiopians. Those who own the land must set the farm on fire. They will not get any benefit except to work as slaves in their own land.

    • Ahadu on

      I dont support any killing either Gezae, but the frustration that slowly reaches to its maximum seems to be out of controll by the Ethiopian people as the shifta gang is sitting on its ears to listen to out cry of 80 million or strictly believes with its military and security apparat to go along to the bitter end.which at the same time time dangers the whole situation on the horn of africa (woyannes are devil worshippers i mean the leaders )not Tegre peoples as a whole. Ieven advice our tegre brothers and sisters no to be part of the coming massacre as woyanne gang belives it as a blood offer to its devil boss his wife daily life depends on worshipping satan in the Minilik palace .

  13. Gelawedious on

    All freedom lovers let’s help the Patriots in gambela , Action Action!!! I am volunteer to donate money, please some one help me how to reach them for donation.

  14. Gelawdios on

    Ethiopians should fight fascist Meles and his ethnic politics by all means possible. Fascist Meles is selling Ethiopian land when Ethiopian farmers are condemned to slow death by being denied to have arable land.

  15. Sabrina Haile on

    Why those Poor Laborers ???? I guess Since they Can’t reach TPLF cadres and AGAZI murderers,they want make it up with the Collaborators .
    With all heinous and brutal TPLF Crimes and looting Spree for the last 21 yrs No Single woyane was challenged for it

  16. Surprise Suprise on

    Woooo-hoooo!!!! What a surprise that this time the atse yohannes incarnate, Diabilos Weyane, ain’t chosen to frame Shaebya in this attack. Maybe they thought Isaias was dead he couldn’t have been framed. Hahahahahhaha

  17. Surprise Suprise on

    @anonymous. You are comparing apples with oranges. Fewer employees in US versus so many in Asia . In Asia, the 750,000 employees are on slave wages. They can’t do that in US where work condition, holiday pay, pay condition including pensions is paid. This is alien in their Asian work force or should I say slave camp.

  18. KELBE AZMUD on

    Why not start with the employer? That will save a lot of bullets and time.

  19. peace on

    So tell me, is this Alamoudi Ethiopian or not? He not only took the land of Ethiopia to export food. He also brings Pakistani Taliban to our land while there are so many unemployed around in Ethiopia? What is his connection to Taliban? I think we should really wait and see what is going on. Weyane is trying to confuse us into so many things after they prop up Wahabists and Talibans in our country.

    After they promoted religious extremism in Ethiopia, why is Weyane now killing muslims in Oromo? As many of you said above, TPLF invited Pakistani Talibans and Alamoudi to take our land and now, they are being attacked by Ethiopians but then TPLF is not protecting Alamoudi and Pakistanis. Is TPLF becoming a psycho?

    I believe there are so many thing maybe going on: 1. TPLF could just want to bring war between Muslims and christians in Ethiopia. 2. TPLF has been in bed with Wahabists and Taliban and now I think Muslim extremism is sending its roots through the connection of Alamoudi, his workers Pakistani Talibans, empowering secretly some Muslim extremists in Ethiopia throuhout Oromia and Wollo probably that TPLF got scared and wanted to take action. 3. It is also possible since the neoliberalism in Ethiopia is only benefiting Arabs and China, it could be Western corpporations maybe angry and now supporting some Ethiopians to attack Alamoudi lands,etc.

    So many thing is going on to divert attention. What ever outcome, I hope Ethiopians win and do not fall prey to anyone. Ethiopia for Ethiopians!

  20. Bekele Dersoo on

    Ezana and Gezaie,
    Your cheap weap are to no were and from this time you must remember well there no one single Ethiopian will kill down by your gun any more.Yes,you will pay dare price at now!!!
    Not enough,you will die slwoly at your home twon Tigria.Your time is in trick question.21 years are so long.Zinb Agame

    • Gezaee H. on


      Good boy, come and kill me. It is okay. Do not forget you will be also killed one day either by those whom you kill or by nature. Go head with low life plan of killing people. The tigries do not need your mercy. They are good to protect themselves.

      Instead of focus on problem, you are jumping on things that does not help you.

    • Ezana From Toronto on

      Bekele, yemibekil neger yebkelibeh:-)

      Mr, the problem with neftegnas like you is that anyone who disagree with your view point is Agame, Tigrea, TPLF and bla bla. I didn’t chose to be born as Ahmara. I cannot change that, neither do you. Just because you call me Agame, that does not make me one. By the way, i suspect you are an Eritrean. ‘Agame’ is a term used by them against anyone born in Tigray. Agame is not a race, ethnic or tribe. it is a name of a place.

      You are talking about killing. Oh, if you are a man enough, just go to where the actions is. Don’t brag about killing while you are hiding behind an IP address while eating yadera kitfo which you might have bought from one of those places in..

      Good day

      Ezana From Toronto.

      • Jegnaw on

        if your Amara i will kill my are undercover woyanne.
        i garanty wene that day come you are the 1st to go..

        • Ezana From Toronto on


          Ere, don’t kill yourself, i will give up my being Amhara and become something else. First to go where?

          Good day my Semitic Negro Brother.

          Ezana From Toronto a.k.a Hodam Amhara

  21. embe lagere on

    It has passed 20 years since Woyane came to power. They lasted this long b/c they were managed to get the support of some Amharas , Oromos and other ethnic groups. They did that by giving power and wealth to the disadvantaged/uneducated Amharas, oromos and other ethnic group so that they will be loyal to them and do what they are exaxtly told to do.
    Freedom is not free. We have to fight for it. So far the Amharas have been sleeping on the wheel. Time to get up and fight for your right. All Tigreans who live in Amhara region are the eyes and ears of the TPLF and armed. It is fair game every body should target them. We should start armed struggle against all Tigrean people and get them out of Gondar, Bahir Dar, Debre Tabor, Metema, Humera, Dessie, Combelcia and all other towns in Amhara region. We should fight first for our our identity before it is too late. they don’t have the resources to contain a total uprising against the Tigrean. We have to be clear we will not attack our Amhara brothers and sisters, who currently have association with TPLF, even if they shoot at us. They are Amharas and soon or later they will come to the understanding it is in their best interest to stand by side of the people and not by the blood sucking Tigreans.
    When your lively hood is destroyed and your water and land are grabbed by Greddy Indian and Saudi “investors” I can’t blame the Gambellian for standing their ground. The Gondarean should have done this a long time ago. When we free our country from Tigrean aggression all the land automatically will be returned back to the Anuaks, Oromos and Gondareans, God willing.

    • peace on

      I believe TPLF is very much succeeding in Northern region of Amara. If anyhting is happening in the North, Tigray will be vulnerable so, they are making sure Gojjam, Gonder and Wollo is changed demographically. I heard there are now 50% Tigrayans in entrie Gonder region. This makes sense because the danger for Tigray will most likely come from there. They have covered their NOrth region through loyal Eritreans, their West is protcted by Sudan since they cut a deal to give land from Gonder side, the South where they are afraid is where they are occupying intensively. Some Amaras of Wollow, Gojam and Gonder are becoming loyals to TPLF as well. Heck, look at the so called Tamirat layne, Adissu Legesse, etc, many Amaras are supporting them and look what happened. It is no one’s fault but such Amaras who collaborate because of greediness and because of twisted idelogy of Marxism and Leninism. So Amaras or Oromos who collaborate, if you are crying now, look no one into mirror but yourselves. The worst group who are still staunch supporters of TPLF are the EPRP. Let us destroy these self righteous, spy agents EPRP from the face of the earth.

  22. enzola on

    Thank you all for the support of the ongoing struggle against our common enemies.Of course,this is not only teaching the enemy lessons;it is about punishing the enemy hard and remove it from the entire country.It has been years the enemy launched wars on Ethiopia and Ethiopians with the intentions to loot the resources of the country and murder Ethiopians.The enemy entered Ethiopia with a lot of guns and bullets and scattered allover and accross the lands in Ethiopia.

    This man,Al Amoudi who got into Ethiopia along with the robbers lead by Zinawi,although an alien to the lands and a stranger to the people,got possessed huge farmlands and evicted farmers and their families and caused hardships and untold suffering in Gamballa and else where,in Ehtiopia.

    It has been so unbearable to live under the Hiwaht robbers held guns and weapons on Ethiopians and looted and murdered citizens for the last 21 years.The killing in villages;the murder in towns;the killings in downtowns;the murder in cities.Murder and looting,murder and looting.The fight that Ethiopians battled against the enemy is the just cause to bring justice,peace,democracy in Ethiopia.At current situation that the enemy put the country and the people,this,very serious struggle will continue until the enemy is completely crushed to its defeat.We will continue to retaliate the enemy with victories.

  23. qyeba on

    Amazing sons in gambela have continued to score victory,as the resistance against the melese regime is intensified in other parts of the country is going.Meles thinks he can bring international suckers in ethiopia and leave them there to grow food and take it to outside marketers,and in return share he the profit with them;first of all it is not fair with 80 million ethiopians,and it is illegal too.This is why the sons of Ethiopia in gambella embarked on quick actions on suckers and looters.However,the only solution is,Zinawi must exile to saudi or pakistan,or his choice of destination, and Al Amoudi must pack and go to where he belongs,and Ehtiopians must be left alone and not be disturbed by any foreign entities.

  24. treaty on

    If the people of Gambela decided to defend their ancestral land from foreign Saudi based multi-national corporation takeover of their resource they have every right to defend their land. Unelected Melese Zenawi does not any authority to silence the voice of the natives or to sale their land to foreigners in the name of development outside the will of the natives. Some have opposed the loss of life most people have no qualm with it.Yet, the Melese government, in addition to resettling the natives to unfamiliar environment, security forces (for some time now) have been hunting down the natives. When a government supposed to defend unarmed civilians sends its army to kill innocent civilians they have every right to defend their families and the little possession they have.


    I don’t believe it is a wise idea to call the Gondarians to rise and fight while you are in your comfort zone. It is not that the people you mentioned are unwilling to fight, but they need guns and ammunition to do so. We the Diaspora Ethiopians need really look within ourselves and reform our ways. Is it not true that some among us, since 2005, have announced they are waging war against the regime? If that be the case where is the meet? Had we not enough time since then for the above group to organize fund raising and arm the people so that they can defend themselves?

    How is it that these leaders want to have it their ways? On the one hand they want to lead on the other they have no clue what it takes to be leaders. To begin with they trust mot the Asmara leadership has less confidence in the people of Ethiopia. Simply said this strategy is placing the cart before the horse, and that is why it does not have the backing of Ethiopians. The alternative to the Gonderains and Ethiopians at home is simply to come up with their own home grown leadership, and do their at most to defend themselves. The role of the diaspora on this is as of helper and not leader or decision maker. Hence, it is important we ask what we can help instead of telling what the people should do. The people know what to do but they need resources and local leaders to maneuver around. If we want Diaspora can help with resource; but what course of action to conduct entirely needs to be left alone to the people at the home turf.

  25. Gezaee H. on

    Next kill all Katuri staffs in the field then they will vacate. This is the only they will listen. They will not listen when they are told. It is unfortunate people has to be killed. But Ethiopians are not animals to be thrown out of their land and their land to be taken by greedy Meles and his multinatinal coorporation.

    Go ahead with killing. I was opposing the killing; but I am frustrated and felt no one can listen unless everyone sniff it the live bullet. Feed the Katuri live bullets and Katuri will leave too. Shoot them. We have begged them and they have refused. Everything has limit. I praise those who are punishing the greedy. But I suggest killing the big bosses than the ordinary worker forces. Taking out the Katuri Man and the Saudi Star will bring solution to the problem of land grab. That is the only language woyane will understand. Woyane is language is gun and bullet. Woyane Meles will not hear any other language.

  26. ethio on

    Most of Pakistain working for Saudi Star Agricultural Business Pakistan Inter-Services Intelligence people .
    According from insider they are intelegence worker to supervice south Sudan and to gother information for Sudan Govt.

  27. zaykune on

    The kings and the sheiks live miles away with a mouthful of rice noding their head yes to Al Amoudi.Things are starting to take shape to right the wrongs.Whose farmlands are Al Amoudi owns and send a ship-load of rice and meat to saudi for a dinner ,anyway?

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