Al Amoudi employees, Pakistanis, attacked in Gambella

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Woyanne regime-controlled Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) reported today that several employees, including Pakistani nationals, working for Al Amoudi in the southwestern Ethiopian region of Gambella have been killed and wounded by an armed group last night. Read the report below:

(ENA) — Four Ethiopians and a Pakistani, employees of the Saudi Star Agricultural Business Headquarters in Gabellla State were killed and injured eight others in a shooting late on Saturday, the Gambella State Police Commission said.

In a press release it sent to ENA on Sunday the Commission said the fatal incident occurred at a construction site five kms away from the organization headquarters.

The Commission said some ten suspected assailants are in police custody.

The Police said the joint investigative team consisting of regional and federal security forces is undertaking the investigation to bring the perpetrators of this heinous crime before justice.

The Commission said the public is enjoying the fruits of development and democratization owing to the prevailing peace and stability in the region.

The Commission called upon the public to cooperate with the police in its effort to bring swiftly the culprits to justice.

The Commission expresses deepest condolences to the victims and their families of this cowardly attack and wished solace and speedy recovery to the injured.