Sew Tefah? Ethiopia Motech?

The choice is simple, be about Hebret and charity or take part in evil and do Eskista as you protest AESA One as everyone—including me—laughs at you::

by Teddy (Ambessa) Fikre  dated: Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

I am writing this open letter to my community to call you out on your own duplicity. I am directly challenging your love of Ethiopia and your professed desire to help the hopeless children of yena enat Hager. I have been a witness to our own inertia for too long, I have seen my own community cry crocodile tears for beloved Ethiopia while sipping buna at Starbucks yet do nothing more than say ye Habesha 911 as they say “MTS” every two seconds behind double-forked tongues.

I am sick and tired of supposed Jegnas who espouse war in Ethiopia while sitting in their lovely abodes in America.  Today I say BEKA! Beka with your lies and your rank hypocrisy.  Today is the day to separate the wheat from the chaff, today is the day to see how many Habesha men are wearing Habesha kemis—today is the day to expose the Woyanes in our midst.  Today is judgment day.   From this moment on, we will finally see who is about Ethiopia and who is prostituting our mother Ethiopia as they walk about town pleading poverty while they line money from our community in the name of helping our country.

I arrive at this day with pain in my heart. I have always thought that when the time of trouble arrives, our community would unite and meet challenges the way our forefathers did during the time of Adwa.  This notion was dispelled when Eritrea broke away from enat Ethiopia.  The saddest day of my life up to that point was looking at the map of Ethiopia and seeing her robed of her head—as if some evil axman came along and chopped her off at the neck.  From that moment on, I have been crying blood embas, my innocence was robbed and I grew up to see the hatred of this world.  I felt like a kid whose parents just divorced, I wanted to beg Eritrea to stay but I was a voiceless and a hopeless teenager.  Thus, I turned to liquor at the age of 17 to numb my wounded heart.

Thus a plight towards misery commenced, I walked away from my community as my own community saw it fit to stab each other in the back over and over again. The Ethiopian churches I attended started to fracture just like Ethiopia—each supposed house of God ran by men with egos bigger than Bole and who don’t have the menfes of God in their hearts at all.  It was then that I started to notice the duplicitous ways of our leaders in our community.  I started to observe men of the cloth who at night wear the clothing of saytan.  I started to see how supposed community organizers really rape the community as they line their pockets with our money.  I started to sense the touch of the devil’s fingers when I realized that supposed doctors and professors who have so much respect from our community are not doctors and professors at all—instead of healing they just ripped open new wounds and instead of teaching they just professed hatred in the minds of our children.

It all made sense; we are colonized by our community leaders.  We have no leaders at all; we are like Jews lost in the desert without a Moses in our midst.  We are confounded and dumbfounded by lebas and hodamoch who go around DC and beyond professing their love of Ethiopia as they go home at nights and masturbate to the sound of their own voice.  These people are poison, they are toxic to the core, they are the reason that children in Ethiopia die by the minute and the reason why the first page of Google image is populated with decayed bodies of Ethiopia’s lijoch.  What a cursed people we are, we curse ourselves with our own meqegenenet and treacherous envy.  We hold the gun to our heads and pull the trigger, we place the noose around the necks of dying children and break their necks with it, we feed our people back home Kitfo laced with arsenic only to turn around and have a community lekso filled by the tears of indifferent Habeshas who don’t give a shit about the country they cry for.  I type these words without exclusion of any group in Ethiopia, I speak if of TPLF goons and of the 66 hodamoch opposition.  I speak if of Tigray men and Amarha women alike, I speak it of Oromo or Wollo, not one ethnicity or religion in Ethiopia escapes this condemnation as I throw two iPad tablets at your collective foreheads the same way Moses threw the ten commandments at his lost tribe.

Grant it, not all Ethiopians are like this; there are some amazing Ethiopians who refuse to bend to the inertia of our people.  They break their backs and never back down from the challenges they face when they try to convince colonized Habeshas to believe in Hebret as those same enslaved Habeshas accuse them of being lebas.  I don’t speak of Ethiopians on this article; I speak of stupid Habeshas who call themselves Habesha even though that word is one that is used by Arabs to insult us to the bone.  I speak of Habeshas who have evil intent and intentionally rape our community so they can have the finest dulet in the city.  I speak of Habesha promoters who would quickly sell their own mothers to get a dollar.  I speak of Habesha listros who sing the devil’s tune in order to get a few birrs from their fat cat pimp by the name of Al Amoudi from back home.  I speak of Habesha political parties who advocate the death of Woyane; trying to start a revolution by openly espousing the eradication of Tigray people.  What kind of sickness is this, who have we become as a people?

But most importantly I speak of Habeshas like you.  Yes you, the one who gave up tesfa and walked away from your own community.  I did it once myself so trust me I am not preaching.  Gin I know one thing, I don’t blame evil people, evil people do evil because—well they are evil.  But my ire is reserved for those people who should know better, my anger resides at those who chose indifference instead of action.  I blame you—the reader—if you gave up and chose to walk away.  I blame you if you choose to call out the evil ways of some in our community because you are afraid to rattle the boat.  Again, I ask, what have we become as a people.  We have supposed Jegnas who use the name Jegna on Facebook with fake pictures and then have the audacity to call others cowards.  We have fereri trolls who create fake email accounts to spew some of the most vicious rhetoric but refuse to identify themselves.  We have a people who see the work of the devil right in front of their face and walk away by saying “well everyone has a bit of evil in them”. I can’t believe we are the seed of Adwa, we have become tainted and rotten as a people—we went from Jegnas to niggas as we call ourselves Habesha which means nigger.

So I am here today to say ENOUGH!  BEKA! I am calling you out on your own bullshit.  I arrived at this juncture when I decided to attend an ESFNA fundraiser on Saturday at Maeza Restaurant.  I went there with Fana from Sheba Post, Luladey, Liyou Gennen and a few other friends. We went there thinking we would not be able to get in or find an empty chair.  Yet we arrive and not one person is in sight except the ESFNA soccer players and the organizers?  Two hours pass and the room was empty except a few folks.  Yet I hear assholes on Addis Demse screaming bloody murder about AESA One, but when the time comes to put their money where their mouth is, they slither away and disappear into the midnight sky.  These people—ye Saytan lijoch—are organizing a march on RFK to oppose AESA One yet when the time comes to support our beloved ESFNA, they are nowhere to be found.  AESA One is the essence of evil, we all know this, but those that oppose AESA One yet do nothing to support ESFNA are leflafa hodamoch!  Ayeeee, our community, always against something but never standing for anything.  CLICK! CLACK! KAPOW! Ethiopia murdered by the bullshit of her own children.

Now you know why I cuss liberally.  Don’t think for a minute that this is due to my upbringing.  My parents raised me well, I am respectful to the fullest and I defer to my elders ALL the time.  I have love in my heart, I don’t have to list the many ways that I help out my own people—that is between me and God.  Alas, I have become radicalized by my own people.  A gentle soul has become a fire breathing dragon because I have swallowed the bullshit saytan kibrit of my own community for far too long.  As much as I respect my community and my country, I will not stand pat and observe the germs that are killing us and our children.  I am not the maker of Habesha, but I sure will be the shaker and breaker of Habesha.  If you call yourself Habesha and have any ill intent towards the children of Ethiopia, consider yourself the enemy of the people and I will invest all my energy to breaking you in a trillion little pieces.

So here is the point of this article, I am now calling bullshit on anyone that professes to be a supporter of ESFNA.  If you go to RFK stadium on Sunday to protest AESA One, you are not Ethiopian; you are an Habesha nigger of the worst kind. Go there and I will call you what you are, a banda who is trying to destroy our community and a Woyane who is trying to confuse us.  How dare we—proud Ethiopians and supporters of ESFNA—go down to RFK to march against a people who are beneath us?  That is like Obama holding a march against racist Tea Party Baggers.  This is nonsense, if you want to help ESFNA and embarrass AESA One, then support us in what we are trying to accomplish.

Our plan is to have a free picnic on Sunday and Wednesday as well as a sendoff party for ESFNA on Saturday night.  We will finance as much as we can to put these events together, but what we are planning will take thousands of dollars.  Thus, here is your opportunity to actually be about the community if you say you are of Ethiopia.  I am asking each and every one of you that is reading this article to give what you can by clicking on the picture below. There will be over 10,000 people who will read this article between Ethiopian Review and Brown Condor in the next 24 hours. If each one of you donates $1.00, we can put together an event that will utterly embarrass the TPLF goons at RFK.  I do not want to cede DC to AESA One; initially I was going to go to Dallas to take part in the real soccer tournament.  But upon further though, I am needed in DC and so are my friends who were going to go on an epic road trip with me.  The bus convoy to Dallas has been promptly cancelled; all energy and focus will be putting on an epic event here.

I ask you my fellow Ethiopians, please believe.  For once stop being jaded, give the next generation of organizers like me, Fana, Mastewal Sebro, Mo Nursani, Aster Tadesse, Fino Habte and the rest a chance to succeed where the older generation failed us miserably.  Forget how young we are; value our vision and our audacious dreams instead of mocking us for being IBD or crazy. Stop calling us leba because others stole from you, open up your hearts and give fiker a chance.  Give us chance to do something special and if you support us I swear it what we will do will be remembered in history as the third coming of Adwa.  Give us a chance, give us a rock to work with and I promise you that we will slay the Goliath that is AESA One.

In the process, we will show you how all non-profits should operate going forward.  We will track EVERY penny donated on a spreadsheet, we will update the spreadsheet on a day to day basis until our last picnic on July 4th.  Not one person affiliated with this effort will get a penny; we are doing this for FREE and on a pro bono basis.  Every dollar collected will go towards the expenses associated with putting these free events for our community.  Every dollar after expenses will go towards feeding homeless people in DC (some of which are Ethiopian) and the rest will go to a non-profit that will feed children back home.  We are negotiating with a few non-profits, if they can prove that every dollar will go back home to feed children, we will publicly announce them and make sure that all monies raised will go to that non-profit.

Semu, this is something big we are planning—something we can all be proud of.  I want you to imagine Sunday and Wednesday—AESA One’s big days.  I want you to imagine a sea of Ethiopians celebrating the true beauty of Ethiopia while half-way around the city a bunch of TPLF goons are doing Eskista and dancing to the devil music of gangster jigaboo bandas.  I want you to imagine free food and free music, a big cultural celebration while AESA One is drowning in a sea of misery as their feature performers are rapping on stage yelling.. (CONTINUED)


Now watch the Woyanes attack me, Teddy Fikre, instead of either attacking the message or debating what I wrote.  I told you today is judgement day, all those who attack a message of hope and unity are WOYANES.  There, I just exposed them::  For those that are not WOYANE, please help us out by giving us HEBRET so we can give HEBRET to our community::

[click on picture to donate and help us put together this magical event]

As I promised, every penny raised from this event, EVERY PENNY, will go towards putting together this event.  The remaining revenue raised will go towards feeding homeless people in DC and feeding hopeless children in Ethiopia.  A detailed spreadsheet of expenses and reveune will be published on a daily basis on  Believe, please believe, I ask this of my community.  Give us, the younger generation a chance and we will give you desta for a lifetime for it.  Enamesegenalen!

63 thoughts on “Sew Tefah? Ethiopia Motech?

  1. Ash on

    Teddy Fike, I didn’t know that speak Amhric….
    Anyhow my point is u don’t have to be that law class regardless off how strong u feal. about our subject. 
    For starter u can’t translate English word for Amharic word drictly. 
    For example… 
    Amhric speaker can be Ethiopian
    But Ethiopian cant be Amhric speaker (only)

    Therefore one word can have some many meaning to so many people hence we need to see the English version 
    for ourselves 

    By next point is:- you are story typing the black rapper… U call them name… I feel sorry this kind of insult come form u.. Because I thought u know batter… Those black people who die for u to live as equal in America… Now u are trying to take their freedom to be America in America at same time they allowing u to be ethiopian in America… As say if u don’t like it u are most welcome to pack and go.. The Africa American are here to stay.

    Can imagine some one translated ur Amharic to those rapper and know who the hell u are u will not work one day in among them and sale them out lick that.

    Another point is u r saying they are using vulgar language…. I am almost 50 years old even if u pay me I will not see those rapper.
    But I will not tell young people not to see Beause of vulgar language…if u ask me we play back in day your mamma ( take salamta)
    We use all kind of vulgar insult to make our opp. Cry by insulting his mamma. It was very poplar past time. .. No nothing happened to me… I don’t us insult or vulgar language every time. But I use it.

    The same goes with those rapper…it is business… They don’t kill just Beause they say sing about… For them it is video game..make belive…

    Those rapper… Tob business people that is why the get paid millions while you mr. Teddy still writing for ER…sir ER doesn’t own u…you should nt be forced to work just Beause you are loyalist 
    I think u should better by joining AlAmoui Team….A Almoudi planning to start Water Tv… To compute with fire Tv…this water tv..would be  of   BBC of Africa ..u will have world class coverage be part of it.

    Which out VOA 

    Re:- shame aesa one thanks for removing

  2. Mamo on

    yeah yeah yeah.

    Eveyone is Mikega and Asshole, except

    the great, anbesa, satena, gobez, jegina, colonel, doctor, marshall, philosopher, all knowing, greatest gift to man, between man and god, the prophet himself,

    *drum roll…*

    Teddy Fikre!

    The ego on this piece of work is just amazing. Let us hope somebody knocks some sense into your stupid skull and wake you up from your tyrannical sleep.

  3. lema on

    Why should we feed homeless people in DC, supposedly a first world country?
    Is it not the work the US gov?

      • lema on

        The chronically homeless in DC is mostl likely heroin addict and beyond repair, worthless zombi. I would rather my charity go to Ethiopia where it can make a real difference.

        • Anonymous on

          I suppose I have been as guilty as you when it comes to “classifying, group, or naming” those that are different from me. Each day, I try, with the grace of God to back off from that. I will not lecture you. I am acutely aware of the suffering in Ethiopia, and it pains my heart greatly.

          We also live here, and therefore have a responsibilty to “our” community. Our government, empowered by us, cares less and less for those in need, both here and abroad. It does nothing to coreect the issue, and only sustains those who are in need by a thin thread.

          “The only time we should look down on someone is when we are offering them a hand up”

          • Anonymous…thanks for the HEBRET…and thanks for that quote….so since you saw it fit to offer that quote, did you see it fit to give a hand up to those who are trying to put together a FREE event from our community, or are you being leflafa like the rest?? I await your response…

            Teddy Fikre

        • Lema on

          I am sorry if I don’t share your feeling, paying for the homeless in DC looks extraordinary for me and it has never ever crossed my mind. I strongly believe that is a misplaced priority for Ethiopian diaspora if we pay for DC homeless.It is amazing to see how different generations think differently-the writer is probably born here in the US and has such a strong feeling about the poor and the homeless here in the US as much as I feel about the poor in Ethiopia.

  4. Mamo on

    It is a tragedy, to be honest. Teddy Fikre is clearly suffering from depression.

    It is predictable, and I have project this to happen from 10 or so years ago.

    There will be many more mental breakdowns and sufferings like this. Why does it happen? I can tell you the reason is because the society is taking nothing seriously. It is fuzzy, has no direction and because the leaders take it for granted (perceiving it as “asshole” and “mikegna”), the society itself will further breakdown.

    Ofcourse this kind of outcome has its roots in the politics at home. There, we have people who are struggling with 19th century outlook on a 20th century mafia group fully funded by IMF and WB. Continued and repeated defeat should have resulted in upgrading the outlook and changing the strategy and tactic of the opposition.

    Whereas, the opposition continues with the very same methods that bring them more defeat. The society adjusts to this by producing depressed individuals who can not directly deal with the colossal enemy. So they take out their frustration on the very society they say they are fighting for.

    It is a classical case of Ahiyawun Ferto Dawulawun.

    Further societal breakdown and widespread mental issues will continue to appear. Meanwhile, the society has no understanding of the root causes of these problems and take the politics back home as if it is just a simple game when infact it is a problem that will eventually knock on everyone’s door with a seriousness that they have not seen yet.

  5. Lungo on

    Please stop focusing on Teddy and trying to stop him from expressing his feelings in line with the current time, place and happenings. If we try to stop him, then we should blame Meles a 1000 times for denying freedom of speech, assembly, etc. except for the Homos, a group against whom I have nothing to complain.

    Nice to see Teddy’s photo with the well known slogan in Amharic,Yichaalal(is possible) while at the same time his title subject confidently declares “Ethiopia Motech” Ethiopia is dead, the implication of which means in Amharic “Aiychaalim” (is impossible), clear contradiction of course. But WHY should I really demand from Teddy who is living and functioning in a contradictory world to be a consistent noncontradictory person?

    • Mamo on

      Nobody is putting a gun to his head to stop him from writing. Since he is boasting he is the toughest man around, he surely can withstand criticism. Unless he is the one wearing the skirt he so attributes to others.

      Iron with Iron makes for a sharp knife. If he is man enough he will take criticism and improve himself. If he is a little bit*ch acting tough, then tough luck.

      He expresses his opinion, we will express ours. Whether he improves or further breaks down is his own choice.

      • Mamo,

        Wendem, I am here, I respect what you say eko. You are intelligent betam and I don’t begrudge what yo usay about me. if you want, you can call me and cuss me out liberally my number is 202.367.6429, don’t worry wendem, you can use *67 to hide your number and you can use a fake name too eshi:: Or we can even meet up at Habesha market on 9th st in DC today for lunch and you can tell me I am a b*tch in person afterwards we can eat tibs…my treat…i look forward to your call Mamo…i promise you..the last thing i am is a habesha kemis wearing man…hulu be hulu, God bless you and all the other people who choose to debate how much of an asshole I am while not one of you has yet to donate a dollar as you give away your genzeb to Starbucks and Johnny Walker liberally…ayeeee…Habesha Habesha…wey gud eko new Habesha::

        Teddy Fikre

        • Mamo on

          Stop acting like you are tough man. If you feel you are a tough man, you can always fly to the Sudan and cross the Ethiopian border and fight Weyane man-o-man.

          Also, stop threatening people into doing something. Nobody here ows you anything. Neither do you represent Ethiopia. You are just one person out of 90 million people.

          Use your brain wisely and the opportunity you have for something good. Stop acting like a fu*cking thug.

        • Anonymous on

          don’t pay attention to Mamo, his kind of people are the reason why ethiopia is the way she is today.

          yejinjible edme yizew..weyi ayiseru, wey ayaseru. but when you tell them who they really are they start barking. the truth should be told if you say you love your country, then it is about time you show some support to those who are actually doing somthing.

  6. Kebede on

    I agree with general points Teddy raised. However, his sample to reach to his “bullshit” conclusion was wrong. ESFNA can not be a good sample to talk about Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

    The same is true for many other groups.

    What Teddy lacks to know is that ESFNA was an organization that failed Ethiopians for over 27 years…until it was broken into two pieces ( Almoudi ass leakers suck the blood of Ethiopian in the Diaspora for the last 28 years).

    What did ESFNA do to Ethipia or Ethiopians other than serving as platform to those looking for girlfriend or MISTS or WESHMAS. May be it helped some of the ppl in ESFNA to make money and may have helped some losers to hang out with Green, Yellow and Red Flag on their arms or chest.

    What has Teddy done to heal the wound other than screaming on free blog/s.

    The accountability goes both ways……

    Hope to see Teddy and his likes doing things they preach and …..wish to see from others….

    Going to Meaza restaurant should not be one of the parameters.

    Any way…..Wish Teddy the Best!

  7. Gezaee H. on

    Dear Teddy,

    I respect you honestly. I know you are enraged and overwhelmed with grief and disappointment. But brotherly, you cannot be a prime mover in this manner. I suggest you avoid condemning people. You better focus on your ideology? The issue of Eritrea for instance will haunt every generation that will come, Woyane has made it much worse. But I still believe the only way for peace is mutual understand among all parties. You can not achieve or realize good dreams by force. You can never manipulate society to go only your way.

    The Eritreans are our people. But for some reason they are the only people on earth who appreciate colonial legacy? They did not even want to use Geez Calender? I do not even why they use the language Tigrignea? Because the Geez Calender is the same as the Tigrignea. By the time they took control of Eritrea, they threw away the Geez Calender. They are the only people who love the colonial name Eritrea instead of their own native name? All Africans who were colonized have thrown away their colonial name. For istance, Zimbabwe was called Rehodsia, but Rehodsia is now thrown away. In South Africa, they got their freedom much later than Eritreans and they changed the name recently from Pretoria to Tshwane now Pretoria is called Tshawne. They are changing even the streets names to local names. They are even throwing away the langauge english and they have started using their local langauge in the jusice system. But they got their freedom some years ago.

    But Eritreas do not want thier own identity. There is no such called Eritrea race or ethnic or tribe, but they are calling themselves by their colonial slavery name? So this is a problem instil in them which needs to be solved politically and ideologically. You cannot force them to be themselves if they choose to be some body else. I do believe they are our people and we need them and they need us because we are connected and the same blood. But they do not think the way we think. They think they are Eritrean race? but there is no such called Eritrea race or ethnic or tribe since the name of a slave name.

    This means, this requires great wisdom to reshape and educated Eritreans than to force them. You cannot force them to be themselves if they choose to be some body else. The bad thing about European colonialism is not just physical colonialism but the mental colonialism. In South Africa there are blacks who were made to believe God made black people below all human being because God cursed the black people. The Dutch reform church preached this to the black people and so that the blacks can assimilate that ideology. Some blacks accepted that blacks are below all race. you will be surprised to find South African blacks who assimilated those Dutch reform church preaching.

    If you see now; The an educated South Africans hate others Africans and they still prefer the whites than blacks. So was deliberatedly induced into their brain forever. Luckily there are enlightened South Africans who do not believe or who are agaisnt such colonial legacy.

    All I want to say; the Eritrean issue needs educating Eritrean themslees in a civilized manner to be themselves even without being with Ethiopia. We will be happy to respect them if they respect themselves. The Eritrean problem has affected our country so much and is now even getting worse. I do not know to be honest if Meles dies suddenly. He will definitely go away either naturally sooner or later. I am affraid what come about after him.

    I understand your concern; but please please cool down and you cannot change things this way. You have to have an attractive idea that can attract people. You cannot unite or solve Ethiopian problem by being frustrated or by intimidating or scaring people. You wanted to expose woyanes? But that is going to fire back on you because no one would love to be told what to do and where to go. You need to convince and educate people what you think is good for all people. But you cannot force or intimidate or scare people. It is like you are expecting everyone to think the same way like you? that is unfair to be honest. You love for Ethiopia has to be spouced with compassion, kindness, understanding, tolerance, wisdom, and all accommodating. You cannot control people by force because that will back fire on you because no one would love to be controlled by anyone. Write down all the things you oppose and write your principles and educate people the good things. Trust me, if you respect people, they will look for you. Be a good example. Do not sound you are losing yourself. I have got many emails from you and I can see how angry your are. But anger is not wisdom. Anger will affect your health and you really need to lookafter yourself. Be brave; talk to the people whom you do not like or whom you oppose. Tell them what you oppose without fearing them or isolating them. Tell them your vision and that is the only way you influence people. You cannot infuence people by isolating people and by criminalizing and casting them out of society as if they have leporsy? You need to be wise. I do not get along with Ethiopians but I do understand it as it is because we think at different level. But do believe I can influence people by communicating in professional way.

    • Ted on

      Mr GeZae, You missed the point as always. Eritrea is not the topic here by the author. He just raised it to show the chronology of his disappointments since the separation of Eritrea. You despise habesha , you can see it yourself in many posts you wrote in this forum. Dont conflict yourself and we habesha are not happy to see people who doesnt respect for what we are . Dont flip flop.

      • Gezaee H. on

        I did not despise anyone. But you taking anyway you want I do not care how you think. I tell the truth on the ground. If you do not agree you need to oppose with reason; Please do not come and try to tell me I am wrong ? if you think I am wrong; I need convincing reason. Do not come and tell me I did this and that? I hate blind name calling. If you believe I did something wrong? come with reasons and correct the wrong things I have done. Never tell me this and that without any reason. That does not prove me anything wrong.

        If you really have point, bring the topic again here and give me where I am wrong and give me convincing reason and if you convince me,?I will agree with you. Otherwise, never never even to talk to me or write about me without giving any reason? okay? Never, if you do, I will abuse as reaction to your abuse. Never oppose without a reason; At least with me opposing without reason is not accommodated. Only reasonable people can associate themsleves with me. I do not sit down with dumb and irraational people. Gebito? never mention my name without any reason.

        • Why don’t you just donate $5.00…just $5.00..tell me why you can’t do that…so we can have a celebration for our people instead of writing for days? Tell me what prevents you from donating so we can embarrass the TPLF goons at RFK? Eski give me one reason…you see the link for donation up top. Why distract from the reason i posted this to begin with…I say the sky is blue and you say dolphins are pink…the topic at hand is donate to help us put togteher this event…i don’t need your worthless preaching about what I should do. Now tell me again..why are you not donating? Are you pleading poverty??

    • Anonymous on

      ok genius listen up eritrea comes from the greek word “erythrea” which means red. back in the day greek was the worlds international language so the sea was referred to as the erythrean sea. today english is the worlds international language so it is called the red sea and eritrea is called eritrea. the historical name of the majority of eritrean land is “medri-bahri” but that kingdom only covered certain parts of what is now eritrea so why would we use that name? eritrean is a slave name? thats cool dude if you want to create your own world to mentally live in theres no problem with that but your posting comments on the internet in the real world and its only creating confusion. what is this colonial mentality and educationally civilizing eritreans you speak of why dont you educate your own ethiopian people or are they all scholars and i find it interesting that you want to help eritrean people but you dont even care enough to do a simple google search to learn the origin of the name. we speak tigrinya because that is what we have been speaking since we stopped speaking geez. and the geez calendar? hahaha you guys never cease to amaze us. since you obviously know absolutely nothing about eritrea except for the fact that it has a coastline that you want, let me inform you that 50% of eritreans are muslims. now why would the country adopt a christian(geez) calendar when half the population arent even christians? how would that NOT severely divide the population(aka ethiopias dream)? unlike your country we are a united people(and we know how much that burns your soul), when you call a man by his tribe name(wedi whatever his tribe) in eritrea it is considered praise when you call a man by his tribe name in ethiopia it is considered disrespect that is what seperates eritrean and ethiopian people. why are you so obsessed with the name eritrea as a race/tribe etc.? eritrea is a developing country with 9 tribes and thats that. you had 39 long painful years to play in the white sand blue water red sea and your time was up 21 years ago thats it period nothing will ever change that because the ERITREAN(as in the race lol) people dont want it to. instead of calling the citizens of one of your neighboring countries “your people” why dont you focus on uniting the people that actually call themselves ethiopians???

      • Abera on

        Mr. I guess i can’t say ato ARAB ERITREAN, we heard what you have to say as you admit it fifty percent of the moslems are the ones that ruled Eritrea apart from your masters the Italians the ones we kicked their asses. If it was not for the dictator Afeworki you would have been a member of the Arab league sitting with all those reactionary backward Arab leaders. By the way we all know how they treat “black Moslems”. So don’t be proud of being a member of the league if you become one some day.

        Now Eritrea is a “developing” terrorist country in the Horn of Africa. The number of refugees leaving the country have doubled the number of refugees from all over Africa.

        How about your servants the woyanes? When are you guys going to war? Kill your own people, get your own people killed.. lie. You were with communism, then with capitalism and now with terrorism. What a country? Eritrea losers.

      • Gezaee H. on

        Greek language has never been an international language. Eritrea is not greek. You will never show me anywhere a Greek word that is Erittrea. Eritrea is an Italian word to mean first daughter of Italia,Italiana, prima figlia. I do not blame you; self-denial is in you brain but it is not your fault.

        Since you do not like Geez Calendar? what about rejecting the Tigrignea language? I suggest you throw Tigrignea too ? what does 50% moslim in Italia,Italiana, prima figlia has to do with adopting Gregorian Calendar?

        Can you tell me what race you are? You are not Ethiopian? well, that is fine? who are you? Are you African? or Arab? European? I need to be educated honestly? I do not know who Eritreans. You need to give me rerence who you are and where you came from and why you ended up speaking Ethiopian langauge, Tigrignea. Whether you accept it or not. if you really reject Ethiopia you have to reject even the Tigrignea language. The coffeee you drink belongs to Ethiopia. You make even Eritrean coffee ceremony? kkkkkkkk. How come? There is Ethiopian coffee ceremony only in the world. Coffee was discovered in Keffa in Ethiopia. Coffee was not discovered in Asmara? kkkk.

        The other thing: you play Krar. Krar was discovered by amhara. Eritreans love playing Krar. You need also to throw it away because Krar is Ethiopian and a property of amhara. Krar is mostly used by Tigrean proper and Eritreans, but it was discovered by ammhara artists. If you hate Ethiopia, amhara, you need to stop playing Krar too. The other things, the Abssniyan dress your women dresses belongs to Ethiopians and you need to dress your women Italian miniskirts instead of Abssnian dress. You also need to stop eating injera. You need to eat Greek food and Italian Macoroni, Pasta and that white Bani insteaf of eating hambasha and Hibshti. Because you hate yourself than any human on earth. why? shame on you and you even open mouth in this forum. You need help and that helps will come soon. Because we cannot afford to live beside you with bleed us day in and day out.

        • Anonymous on

          “Greek language has never been an international language. Eritrea is not greek. You will never show me anywhere a Greek word that is Erittrea.”

          if greek was never international language why did ezana learn to speak greek? why didnt he learn to speak english?

          italian slaves coffee buna blah blah keep talkin your still being held hostage by the lion of nakfa and civilization is from the north tigrinya isnt no ethiopian language and instead of eating greek and italian food well start eating fish do you know what fish is? you need to mature and forgive the “italian slaves” for making you the worlds most populated land locked country for the rest of eternity 90 million ppl and number2 most populated land locked country is uganda with 35 million so they will never catch up to you you will be number 1 forver because that is the sentence that the eritrean people gave you and wtf is this woyanne servants you speak of?? dont even try to place the blame for your genocidal government on eritrea woyane is ethiopian born and bred you have to accept that

        • Gezaee H. on

          You can not use Wikipedia to prove. You can write what you told us here in wikipedia. Wikipedia cannot be used as a source. I give you = F. I can change the name there now. So wipedia is not or cannot be used as a source. If you see OLF wikipedia you can say what they wrote. If you any others source, I will look into it.

          I do not blame you I blame the most idiot woyane who served and is still serving as slave. Death to woyane + shabia. There will never be peace until Woyane and shabia are destroyed from Ethiopia. You will there will never be Eritrea woyane the Eritrean disappears from Ethiopia. Just be patient if Ethiopia is going to remain landlocked country for eternity. Time will tell

  8. gerum on

    Not everyone with a pen is an artist and not everyone who ‘speaks’ English is a writer. Basically, what I want to say to Teddy is good job trying but what you wrote is bull. It sounds like you are a street smart and no I am not going to donate money to you so that you can help DC street kids. That is just too funy bro….

  9. kidi on

    i am absolutely agree with what you are saying however i just do not like how you are saying it. you are excellent writter but what this mixing of english and Amharic words.if you are going to write in English, write in English. i think all of us here are capble of reading and understanding English. you have to make your readers want to read more not hate it from the moment they see your name.

    However, you are right on about those of us you love to talk the talk but not walk the walk. we have become very passive about issues that matter most to our beloved country. most of us are drivin by self interest and do not see the consquences of our action. Those who are going to DC tornament and support Alamudin’s cause, just know that you have come the official enemies of Ethiopia. Just remember how you helped to prolong the suffering our people, how you allowed the killing and tourturing our freedom lovers to continue. use your neck to turn around in all direction and see what you are advocating.

    Mote lewoyane and Jelewochu.

    • Gobez on

      Maybe Teddy just likes some of the Amharic words he is using. Just leave him alone and let him express himself how ever way his heart desires. He is just being a typical habesha. We all do it. What is the big deal!!If you don’t like his idea, just tell him but don’t just try to critcize his style. Writting is an art and this may be Teddy’s work of art.

  10. Anonymous on

    I’m glad to see Issayas is not part of the buffoons cutting the cake.

  11. samba on


    You are amazing and you force me to go to amusement park to rewind your comment.

    Directly commenting on the issue, Mr. Teddy Fikere your title is controversial. Even if it is admitted that Sew tefa, and the implication that Ethiopia motech is true i dont think your title is apropraite. One even may agree about the many hodams within and the duplicity of some who lecture about democracy and yet they like to retain chairmanship of their organization. And the selfishness of some and, the visionless G-7 leaders who are instruments to perpetuate tribal politics and have been impediment one way or the other.Even if the above points taken as true,

    GOD has not left her in the hands of criminals. He will surly return to her and say enough of her mistreatment and pain. Even now, The LORD GOD is doing miracle within the Weyane camp. When Ethiopians fail to unite against the regime, he has given weyane leaders opportunity to be right with him. As you know many of them are critically ill, they need to repent and believe while they are alive. I believe such opportunity is before them now. The health problem that is occurring within them is something none of us have ever witnessed before. I am not happy to see this taking place to them. However, One thing I know there are some sins more than others that infuriates God the most. He hates pride, lie corruption of the mind of the young and the vulnerable.
    With all the proble we have still this does not mean Ethiopia does not have honest citizens to defend or stand for her.

    There are many out there who are not out for themselves but for the good of her citizens.Unfortunately, these individuals are not the one who make headline news. Whatever they do they do it for the good of the country not to shore up their image.

    Besides, I come to notice your message just these past few weeks; you are not regular on this forum. Such being the case with you what will be your answer if asked “where have you been? Or better YET NEBERK!

    Finally, feel free to express your iedeas, and to be part of the ongoing debate. But don’t sound you are the only person who bear the burden of the nation.

    • Ash on

      Hi samba,

      I will hanging around upto July 7,2012….(I mean being active) but I enjoy reading interesting input. Spiicialy. I read teddy after I discover him recently….I love talented peaple i don’t want their talent wasted away mostly their own making.

      Re:- Sew Tefah

      Teddy no doubt he can write at CNN level but look at him he want $100 donation…I didnt read his writing because I am pick reader… Once I find I out he is asking money( donation) I know i am wasting my time reading it but I still want to help.

      For starter donation will not work… If donation work then Ethiopia would have be rich..what work self help. What work is job, what work is business… Starting business or creating business’s can be started with very less money and will power (with possible attiuituied ) just like the T-shrt he wearing we should act the same.

      Let me give example

      Ethiopian back home love to eat “dro wet” but majority can’t afford it…most people chicken once a year…

      I can give those kind people million of dollar u still have to feed them year after year. But if u encourage them to keep ten chick and soon those ten chick grow and have ten egg… Now we have 100 eggs to equbiting we we have 100 hen within 6 month.. This 100 hen lay 10 eggs.. Now we have 1000 chicks….with a year this people become self sporter.

      Now million of people will tell u it will not work… Or they will tell u they need large space? How about 100 join and start the business… To start hen business all $100 dollar buy u 1000 chick one day olld

      • Ash,

        Betam arif idea, gin let me guess, as you sit there counting chickens, you were reading this at Starbucks, and spent $10 there. You give money to Ethiopia’s main raper, yet you don’t want to give a dollar to your own people who are trying to have a free event for the community. Again, you show yourself to be a leflafa, even though intelligent, habesha kemis wearing jackass. Let me say it again, tegenetel ke Ethiopia..

        Two donations out of 30+ comments….yasazenal, Habesha assholes most of you, while you sit there sipping buna at Starbucks aydel?

        Thus the reason I call most of you buna banda, you are killing Ethiopia with your own indifference and hatred. Self-loathing jackasses. It’s ok though, I will take the $200 and have the event and spend money out of my own pockets to make this happen. I bet you most of you will come out on Sunday and eat up the injera for free and then call us leba because you had to pay for parking. It happened on Sept 25th 2009, no doubt it will happen again..

        Cursed people…through and through..


        Teddy Fikre
        One man amongst a sea of Habesha hodam sharks

        • Anonymous on

          Dear, teddy, I still you missing the point….even if u get $100,000. U are going to spend this $100,000 on those kids and u still want the same donation again… In other word u endup where u started. Thosese kids u try to help must learn sacrificed by not going party for next 3 or 4 years in order to save up otherwise u r teaching them dependence… This mind set must stop… U don’t have to have big party to have fun…. They can wash car for $5 dollars…for $10 vacuuming inside at event how about shoes shing at event….this is great Ethiopian business comminty tradition beside one of Ethiopian king make foreigner to wish their shoe…. So that’ve Ethiopian dirt will not leave Ethiopian broder.

          When those kids earn the money they will value it more… Beside u can video tape their effeort and show Ethiopian back home to value all kind of job.

          About starbucks:- u can’t win by boycotting them instead we can start our own Starbucks buy copying their business plain.. With only one coffee shop and grow by making the business share company…I alway think Ethiopia have 1000 tea and coffee shop but none of them world class. Can imagine all off them join force and open on store instead of million small one… This apple to kind of business such as butter merchant they don’t have closer hence their butter goes bad within few day can imagine 100 join force… They could buy cooler, cash register etc etc.. Oioion merchant and each item merchant join force and Open one super marcant u see we don’t need money…. If doubuting just see the scusses of Ethiopian exchange.

  12. tesfa on

    Thank you for telling it the way it is about Eri-Askaris.theya re ademirers of ferengi specially Selato Etalianos.When I grow up i used to hear aobut their doughter who mad errotica movie in Italiy.She was well known by one of her acts Ankora what ever that means.Eris have identity complex.They like even to think themselves theyare Europins.In the U.they are noted for indentifing themselves in job application not as black but as other wht ever that means.I don’t agree with your idea to persuade them to be Africans and Ethiopians.Impossible!Let them go and be what ever they want to be Ethiopia is better without them.

    • Gezaee H. on


      I am glad you like my view on Eritrea and Eritrea. But you know, I brotherly advise you not to use the word Askaris? reason, Eritreans were abused. That is main problem. Ethiopians do not understand abuse.Eritreans were victims of colonialism. If you are victim? you need therapy or rehabilitation. Why were they abused? they were abused by the Talian my brother. They abused them for 60 years. They made wash dishes, dirt, toilet, banned them from Komshtato,… degraded them until they developed hatred against who they are because they got to the conclusion their skin colour what put them in subhuman treatment and they ended up hating themselves including their own colour, the black colour. Some of my friends from Eritrea argued with me they are not Ethiopians, but they are not black or African. They believe their Jews. We continued arguing and the Jew did not make sense and they told me they are Greek. Our argument did not go well for them about Greek because there is no anything that relates Eritrean to European. They ended up telling me they are Tigrignea race. I argued Tigrignea is not a race, because Tigrignea is a language of the Tigreans? They were stuck at that point. You see from Jew to Greek and from Greek to Tigrignea? After Tigringea, they could not say much about Eritrea? Eritrea got lost in our circular argument. What do you understand from this? this is called misinformation. The entire Eritrean society is misled to believe that they are not black, they are not Ethiopian in general, and Tigrean in particular. This issue of has been raised at The editor stated that the Tigrignea speakers in Eritrea has a problem with self-denial. While they are Tigreans they do not accept that they Tigreans. He said that other Eritreans in Eritrea do not reject their ethnic or race or tribal indentity except the Tigrignea speaking Eritreans. So we have a problem with our Tigrignea speaking in Eritrea that they deny they are Tigreans. This is not their problem. This is because of they were abused and made to deny themselves to serve their slave masters. As I mentioned in my previous comment there black South Africans who believe they are inferior to whites and accepted abuse and to be slaves of whites. I met many South African blacks who belonged to dutch reform church who were made and preached by false bible of the church to accept they are subhumans. But the only difference, South African blacks believe they are inferior race but they do not deny the fact that they are black. But Eritreans altogether do not believe they are Tigrean in particular and they are African in general. This is due to the fact they were abused and their brain twisted by colonialists so that they have to deny who they are. This is a serious problem which needs talking to Eritrean with respect and making them understand who they are. You may tell me these Eritreans are young generation? but the truth si this abuse was being passed from one generation to other generation as good thing. We need to sit down and help them to get back to their roots. We can add more abuse to them. They had already for many decades.

      They are our people; we need to sit down around a table and reconcile them. I blame for King Menelick for allowing Italian to abuse them for 60 years. It is him who subjected them to slavery. Why he did not continue to fight them and expel the Italian? why he practically sold them out. That is also an apparent reasons Eritrean, Tigrignea speaking Eritreans have deep hatred against amhara. This is rooted on the King Menelick being seen as traitor to them who betrayed them. Many Tigrignea speaking Eritreans do not like amhara by default because they have inherited that story of betrayal from their King who was supposed to free them from colonialist but gave them away for to Italy.

      We need sober discussion with our people in the North. No more war to be honest. The war will only the innocent people. My Eritreans friends understand very well. They understand something went wrong along the way that made the people suffer so much. And derg made it worse.I think Haileslassie understood the problem to some extent and he was very careful in handling Eritreans. He was not using force to keep them with Ethiopians he was using peaceful approach. But derg did the opposite and he was flattening their houses while they are inside. You can not blame on them for everything. TPLF has had the opportunity to change the course of history. But TPLF itself is infected with colonial victimization. TPLF members or leaders are also victims like the one I mentioned above, the south African black who believe in aparthied, TPLF believes in colonialism, slavery, and white supremacy. It was arguing Eritreans were different race and Even went to the public to tell the world it fought to make Eritrea to be indepedent. I think TPLF is even worse than Derg and Shabia itself. It has the weirdest ideodolody. For instance, Shabia has many good ideologies than TPLF. And but with TPLF they do not fit and that made things worse.

      One ideology: Shabia believes in self reliance which I believe the best ideology shabia has and TPLF believes in begging, slavery and it is even shipping teenage girls to be sold for cash. How can you think Shabia and woyane can bring peace among them people. It is recorded Issayas rejected cash, but Meles would out of his way to beg money from anywhere. These two opposite ideology. The colonialism did not only affect Eritreans but also Tigreans that is why Woyane believes in slavery, child trafficking, prostitution, lesbianism, Gaysim, child adoption and etc.

      As such we need new breed of generation who are free from colonialism.

  13. i dont understand using profanity to get ones message across, even if i understand your frustration, you are setting yourself up to failure. Alot can be said about habesha community, but making such a bold statment about the community in general shows little immaturity on your part. People come in different shapes, believes,etc.. so you if you wanna knock some sense on them you need to do a little better than that.. generally who’d like to give money to an angry black man :).. i kid i kid, rescind your article and write an article about what you are trying accomplish in a professional plain english.. that way your article won’t trump the good deeds your trying to accomplish… just my 2cents, I promise will do better than 2cents for the cause but need your help..(you know what i mean@@)

  14. peterson on

    When your letter started with National Agenda, I tought you are normal person, but when I read further, you are victim of Macdonald’ Burger, you ar sick at heart and mind. You said, ‘Tigre setoch’, ‘Amhara wondoch’, I did not like your use of words and your issue is totally different than what I except from the title. It is only animal like you who call names of Ethiopian repected cultural groups like this, and makes swiping generaliztion and ensul on the pride of Ethiopia and Ethiopiawinet. I think, woyane uses thos chelemtegnoch who are rotten on the head. YOu ar one of the best from this kind of people.

    Get away!!

  15. Out of 20 leflafas…1 person just donated $100 for our effort . The rest of you leflafa denkoros (excluding those who said kind words because kind words are donations too) prove yourself to be worthless asamas and you are not Ethiopian…you are the reason that our children are dying at home while you sip buna and johnny walker

    Buna bandas all of you leflafas, tegenetelu!

    Teddy Fikre

    Oh…God bless you <- Take that how you want it eshi::

    • ted on

      You are one angry person. Who do you think you are talking people like that. Respect is the two way street. You dont give it- you will not get it, i personaly think you are not a nice person from what i see.

  16. sam on

    I think the guy is suffering from some form of personality disorder. He posted explicit material in Amharic several hours ago. Thanks God it is removed now. He is actively doing a disservice to a well respected Website of Ethiopian Review. I will be intrigued if anyone is boycotting the event as a result of his gratuitous blabber. I think, neither his pseudo moral high ground nor his un-Ethiopian and un-cultured language would persuade a far sophisticated intelligence of an average Ethiopia.

    God save Ethiopia.


  17. Anonymous on

    I think the guy is suffering from some form of personality disorder. He posted explicit material in Amharic several hours ago. Thanks God it is removed now. He is actively doing a disservice to a well respected Website of Ethiopian Review. I will be intrigued if anyone is boycotting the event as a result of his gratuitous blabber. I think, neither his pseudo moral high ground nor his un-Ethiopian and uncultured language would persuade a far sophisticated intelligence of an average Ethiopia.

    God save Ethiopia.


  18. yerdachew on


    You are a real dedeb. If I get the chance to meet you I will thankfully slap you.


  19. Fezaza on

    Brothers and Sisters I do not have any idea what you guys are talking about. is it about helping Ethiopia? I think every one likes to do that. My friend Abraham “chiraro” used to be a very thin boy back home. Now he has some money and I wrote to him to give some money to poor people on my behalf. I think that helps too. I will pay him back when I go back home in a couple years.

    Thank you for reading my comment

    • merkeb on

      Fezaza your comments are always funny. You make people laugh. you are better than some of these people who fight and fight for ever. how can we progress?

  20. Mintwab on

    What is a big deal here really? No body believes that a country is going to cease to exist only because a sport club changed hands and the leadership bands who are playing the new saxophone melodies accompanied by the deep jungle drums.

    But I understand the sure sounding doomsday prediction as a cunning political statement of predicting the imminent coming end of the world unless of course the head prophet personally intervenes with the generous help of the kind worded faith communities digging deep in to their pockets or else take a heat like rockets and break away from the old sockets and go to play new crickets with all those who hate trick heads. :)

  21. Mamo on

    This stupid bully is getting on my f**ing nerve. I don’t know why Elias tolerates him.

    And he wants us to give him money. Supposedly, he wants the money to help a people he calls “mekegna” and “asshole.”

    Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

    Elias, please, get rid off this thug from your website. You are infinitely better than this.

    To the thug:

    you are little skinny piece of sh*t. You are not intimidating anyone. Go to the corner and suck on your thumb. That is the only thing you will ever be successful at in this life. The times when thugs like you ruled the world is over. Go seek help in a hospital or go eat sh*t. Nobody gives a flying f*. If you don’t behave, you know your end will not be any better than the millions of thuggish morons that came before you. Dumb c**nt!

  22. Gezaee H. on

    Dear Fikre:

    Teach people one time how to fish and they will fish for their entire life. But neve give a fish to a person. This is in regard with your donation.

    If there is something we have to get rid off from Ethiopia? it is begging. Begging has become our standard way of living. Begging is a disgrace and inhibits from from development and becoming. It is a diseases which Ethiopians are suffering starting from the Top leadership to the lowest sociatal level. You are asking money? for childen?

    The good things to do according to me? if there are children who need help? I suggest to start using Ethiopian traditional way of adopting children. In Ethiopia where I grew up when children becomes fatherless or motherless for several reasons? they are not left thrown into the streets or abandoned. They are integrated into normal families. IF they have relatives, they relatives pick them and integrate them into their family. If they do not have close relatives, anyone can pick them and integrate them into their family. In my life, I never knew street kid or homeless or abadoned children. This is homeless came with this the confusion of civilization. Ethiopians started living in toiletless and poor cities called towns with no any substance of modernity except corrugated iron roof and they called them cities? these descended to homelessness in Ethiopia which I call confusion of civilization and modernity. Ethiopians has lot their high standard social values in the process and now you have homeless Ethiopians everywhere at home and outside home.

    According to me: we need to get to our roots and teach family values to our people and make them practise their culture of family integration instead of calling homeless and raising money that does not help children at all. There is worse than helping people by begging or collecting donation. Because donation dependence temporay and does not self problem from the root.

    I suggest you start family integration programe. This means, first teaching Ethiopians not to have children if they cannot lookafter them. Secondly, if there are children who lose their parents for differen reasons? they Ethiopians communities members must integrate them into thier families and treat them as their own kids. That is what I learned from my mother. My mother, a farmer of Ethiopians standard brought up 4 children who did not have family for many reasons. The only thing I know about them they lost their parents for many reasons and we were living like normal family. I never heard the word orphans, homeless, abused, …. something like that. It is easier to integrate and help children that to raise money forever. As such your donation idea is not attractive for Ethiopian like me who believe otherwise and you will disappointed.

    • Gazee,

      Great analysis? Gin one question nefse…how much money did you spend at Starbucks and Johnny Walker while you were writing this great analysis? Moreover, how much do you spend on Italian shoes and Italian cologne Ayeee you have on so much Italian cologne that you fail to smell your own bullsh*t aydel?

      Ok, we are now up to $340 in donations….40 comments…3 donations…yasazenal..the rest of you keep jerking off …you can’t help it because you are jerks.

      For your information by the way, I am a part of 2 non-profit organizations that feeds children in Ethiopia and I am starting a non-profit of my own called HEBRET in that is dedicated to teaching our people how to market and develop businesses….hell I have been doing that for free for over three years, Google anyone of note in our community, especially artists and singers, and you will find my articles about them on the first page of Google…see as you talk bullsh*t I actually perform what you leflafas are preaching to me about. I told you, our community full of Saytan preachers who are so full of hate and envy that they won’t even give $1.00 to Ethiopia’s youth so we can put together a FREE event for our community. I swear, I better not see any of you who refused to help at this event, I will spit in your face. TUFF!

      Beka, I am done with it.

      Dena deru and God Bless you <- take that as you want it


      • Gezaee H. on

        Please my name Gezaee, not gazee, please respect. I do not like my name twisted otherwise. Thank you.

        • lol..yikirta…I came close to calling you Gazetta at one moment because you talk about every news except for the news before you :) lol Ere lighten up. :)

          Now tell me..explain to me why you are not donating Ato Gezaee H.

      • Gezaee H. on


        The problem with you is that you generalize and accuse people for no reason. You accusing me of going to Starbucks. I never go startbucks and I do not even drink coffee or drink any alcohol. I am not what you think. I do not smoke like u do? kk. I do not drug like you? kkk, I do not go McDonald because I grew up in Ethiopia and the coffee at Sturbacks does not taste me coffee at all. The food at McDonald does not taste me food at all. I eat home made food. I drink only fresh and home made juice. I am not in your Category.

        I do not believe in raising money; never donate money. The only donation I donate is to a children Hospital. I do on monthly base for that. I do believe the children hospital we have here has to function to help chlidren. I do believe the hospital needs to be supported. That is the only donation I do support. You can cry beside me for money, you will not get a single cents. I am sorry this is me. I do not believe in disabling able people.

        • Gezaee H.

          ok…but you donated to Comcast or whoever your internet service provider is right…that is your hard earned money that you donate to a conglomerate…you donate to Exxon Mobil..the destroyers of Nigeria…you donate to Uncle Sam (assuming you live in the United States)…in the form of tax dollars…in other words homie…you donate all the time…please stop talking out of both sides of your aff eshi. You are going to lose this debate over and over and over again, because you are arguing on behalf of greed and selfishness and i am arguing on the side of HEBRET and FIKER….every word you type as you donate your genzeb to ISP provider while refusing to give young organizers a red cent I will turn around those words, put some mitmita on those nouns and verbs, and give you a gursha and tell you “Wat adergey yante emareba and usless words”….would you like more gursha nefse??

          PS I drank before, that you have right, but the only time I did drugs was when I used to smoke weed and took anxiety medicine because my father died and I tried to medicate myself…you see, I am not ashamed of my past…i tell it liberally…would you like to make fun of me some more…want to go after my mother next…or how about my emay grandmother who I did not get a chance to see for 20 years after I left Ethiopia and died 15 years ago…you get a kick out of my misery…you have no problem donating your saytan words to give me TERBEH (HEBRET spelled backwards) yet you won’t give up $1.00 to help me put this event together. I told you that you are a buna banda…even if you don’t drink buna…you are still a buna banda…you just happen to be a decaffeinated buna banda that’s all:: I await your response so that i can give you more gursha of your useless words…


        • Gezaee H. on

          I do not have to call your name. But I have to be honest with you. I do not care about the event you are running. It is not my project. It is your project. You have thought about it and you have planned about it. You have to do the way you designed it excluding me. Sorry, no money to donate for anything.

          • Gazette,

            wow…see you just revealed it…right there…the bullshit habesha disease…the meqegnenet disease I talk about…ayeeeee…i was leading you into a trap eko…and you just took a bite without knowing it…

            Look…your own words…this is not my event…i was not involved…so no money…because to you, unless you are not the founder or the president…you refuse to offer hebret…do you see now how you are literally killing Ethiopia you greedy bastard…ugggg…bekagn bekang…i am done debating with you. My IQ level just dropped and my blood pressure went up . Dene der leflafa…i knew you were the type that goes around claiming you are the founder or CEO of things you did not even start…Google the name Yohannes are just like him….ooufff…I hope you don’t pass on your meqegenent disease to your children. I am saying that I am doing a free event to let our people have a good time…and then feed homeless people in DC and back in Ethiopia…but you don’t want to help us …because you did not start it…UNREAL…what a jackass… ahun, let me apply my famous arat netig ahu -> ::

            Go to sleep…and God bless you <- take that how you want it::


        • Gezaee H. on

          I did not say all that. I did not talk about myself or about ceo or president or anything. I do not know what you are upto. If I have to give up money to all those who beg for it? then I would not have life myself. I do not believe in what you believe in and you must respect that. I do not care what you are going to call me or what you will giv me. I do not care but you will get a single cents from. Your approach even make much worse that it is . kkkk

          Okay, good night take care. Never give up.

  23. oromo on

    I sob cry an angry when someone calls me habasha cos I am not, but I am Ethiopian, Please do not ever call me habasha since am NOT. Let me come to the point. If you are trying to make me and others yehabasha lig, please do not, that has already failed many times, learn from that lesson, but if you are trying me to make proud of ethiopia, please stop, that has been tried and failed too, learn from the past. Try to make me your loving good brother and neibour, I promise I will be your good brother and neigher where you can them win the whole of my heart. If is possible to tame a lion with a good and loving approach, but never with agressive approach. Thank you habasha.

  24. oromia on

    I sob cry an angry when someone calls me habasha cos I am not, but I am Ethiopian, Please do not ever call me habasha since am NOT. Let me come to the point. If you are trying to make me and others yehabasha lig, please do not, that has already failed many times, learn from that lesson, but if you are trying me to make proud of ethiopia, please stop, that has been tried and failed too, learn from the past. Try to make me your loving good brother and neibour, I promise I will be your good brother and neigher where you can them win the whole of my heart. If is possible to tame a lion with a good and loving approach, but never with agressive approach. Thank you habasha.

  25. Ash on

    This is my last input regarding this subject… If I understand Gezaee, he want to help otherwise he will not be here…unlike teddy he want to show theses kids how to fish… But he will not give them the fish he caught… Some off us thinks only giving money is help…. This is wrong mind set.

    For starter if we want to solve  homeless problem then we should find the cause of the problem.

    As Gezaee said most of solution can be found in our culture…. As a child i remember my father brought home a young homeless girl he found on street… The girl left on her own… Later on. I still remember her how we used to play together I can still see her face…  It was very common chid adopting in our family circle… If u ask me now I don’t think I am able to do it (adopt) it is Sade but I lost my part of culture… Saying this we can still revive this lost culture.

    2nd. Some kids lose their family due to many reason (HIV, death etc)

    Solution:- the solution ance again found in our culture…. Late take Idar, Equb( cultural incurance policy for funeral death in the family) we can modernized Equb system to cover life insurance policy.. Today home ownership rising because of mortgage system in Ethiopia.what we have to do is requrier the home owner to buy life insurance in case of death the house will be paid off hence the children  not be homeless just because the lost their father.

    3rd. Suger daddy:- today we don’t value our girl virginity. Hence we see ..under age sex is very rampant.   To fight this we can pass law to make it crime to have sex with under age girl even with the consent of a girl Having sex with underage girl will be crime

    4th. Dead beat father:-

    Again we have to crack down those loser dad. There are many case were a guy have sex with house maid and kick her out when she became pirgant… Other time a guy might play a girl in to thinking he is going to marry her again leave her when she become pirgant.

    To day we have the DNA technology… To determined who is the father is.. Once we find out who the father is we have to make him pay. Child support 

    5th. Education

    Today it is a taboo to admit u father kid from maid etc etc… Or it might seen as macho to father kid we have to change this mind set..

    Underage marriage also affect those who came from USA and marry underage Gril so we can’t wash our hand from this sin

    Again so called invested who came from America the first thing they open is night club, Resturant is what Ethiopia need? Beside who is working if u open night club? Sex worker….. That means more unwanted kids to left to be homeles 

    As u can see we don’t need money to solve major problem… To educat people since we have our great writer Teddy he can write drama that teach… While entertin if we are lucky we might have block buster.

    • Ashen knees…

      How many cups of buna did you drink at Starbucks while you were writing that thesis you buna banda??


    • Gezaee H. on

      Dear Ash,

      Thank you. I love you man.I cannnot believe there are people likeyou in Ethiopia? I thought everyone is brained washsed. Wow:I love it to hear this nourish comment. I think this is the second best comment I have ever read in this forum. The rest is scummy and worthless only name calling.

      People think money can solve problem. Money does not solve problem. I think Ash we should make you a policy maker. Woyane wants only to import solution from outside. They do not import anything good except lesbianism, gaysim and sex trade and all evil things one can imagine.

      Ash, we really need to bring people like you together to revive our country. Ethiopia has everything that can you imagine. Do you know few years ago I was listening VOA that an Ethiopian went to USA to heal her goiter? and she spent alot of money but at the end there was no cure for Goiter in rest of the world. But to your surprise, there is a traditional medicine in Tigray that completely eliminates goiter from the person by herbal treatment, using only herbal oitment from outside without any surgery or any tablets. But we overlook our cutlure and wanted to be modern and when we have the medicine at our backyard, we go to Europe to find medicine? We are colonized although we do not know.

      I really love your comment so much. It warmed my heart so much.

  26. john on

    did not mean to leave a qoute without identifying myself. not my style just a mistake. let me know what i can do, as i live in cleveland, ohio. will be in DC next week.

  27. Belay on

    Gazee H.

    You accuse across the board south african blacks as white worshippers including those who struggle for freedom, a country that sheltered u and gave u bread and butter so that you survive and talk rubbish here. Your betrayal is the most ugly and one that is unparalled. By the way yesterday and the day before you were in the business of worshipping whites. u even claimed u have white wife (lol) and said black is bad that u hate black and u are ready to buttlick whites. There is no person on this planet who is as self-degrading as you. To be honest u are not only confused, your confusion is a dangerous self immolation. It will consume you from the inside out. Have you ever realised how unpleasant and revolting it is when you make blanket and disgusting characterisation of the black race. We have respite from one fact that your sanity is a big question mark and sorry to have to state that truth to you.

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