Sew Tefah? Ethiopia Motech?

The choice is simple, be about Hebret and charity or take part in evil and do Eskista as you protest AESA One as everyone—including me—laughs at you::

by Teddy (Ambessa) Fikre  dated: Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

I am writing this open letter to my community to call you out on your own duplicity. I am directly challenging your love of Ethiopia and your professed desire to help the hopeless children of yena enat Hager. I have been a witness to our own inertia for too long, I have seen my own community cry crocodile tears for beloved Ethiopia while sipping buna at Starbucks yet do nothing more than say ye Habesha 911 as they say “MTS” every two seconds behind double-forked tongues.

I am sick and tired of supposed Jegnas who espouse war in Ethiopia while sitting in their lovely abodes in America.  Today I say BEKA! Beka with your lies and your rank hypocrisy.  Today is the day to separate the wheat from the chaff, today is the day to see how many Habesha men are wearing Habesha kemis—today is the day to expose the Woyanes in our midst.  Today is judgment day.   From this moment on, we will finally see who is about Ethiopia and who is prostituting our mother Ethiopia as they walk about town pleading poverty while they line money from our community in the name of helping our country.

I arrive at this day with pain in my heart. I have always thought that when the time of trouble arrives, our community would unite and meet challenges the way our forefathers did during the time of Adwa.  This notion was dispelled when Eritrea broke away from enat Ethiopia.  The saddest day of my life up to that point was looking at the map of Ethiopia and seeing her robed of her head—as if some evil axman came along and chopped her off at the neck.  From that moment on, I have been crying blood embas, my innocence was robbed and I grew up to see the hatred of this world.  I felt like a kid whose parents just divorced, I wanted to beg Eritrea to stay but I was a voiceless and a hopeless teenager.  Thus, I turned to liquor at the age of 17 to numb my wounded heart.

Thus a plight towards misery commenced, I walked away from my community as my own community saw it fit to stab each other in the back over and over again. The Ethiopian churches I attended started to fracture just like Ethiopia—each supposed house of God ran by men with egos bigger than Bole and who don’t have the menfes of God in their hearts at all.  It was then that I started to notice the duplicitous ways of our leaders in our community.  I started to observe men of the cloth who at night wear the clothing of saytan.  I started to see how supposed community organizers really rape the community as they line their pockets with our money.  I started to sense the touch of the devil’s fingers when I realized that supposed doctors and professors who have so much respect from our community are not doctors and professors at all—instead of healing they just ripped open new wounds and instead of teaching they just professed hatred in the minds of our children.

It all made sense; we are colonized by our community leaders.  We have no leaders at all; we are like Jews lost in the desert without a Moses in our midst.  We are confounded and dumbfounded by lebas and hodamoch who go around DC and beyond professing their love of Ethiopia as they go home at nights and masturbate to the sound of their own voice.  These people are poison, they are toxic to the core, they are the reason that children in Ethiopia die by the minute and the reason why the first page of Google image is populated with decayed bodies of Ethiopia’s lijoch.  What a cursed people we are, we curse ourselves with our own meqegenenet and treacherous envy.  We hold the gun to our heads and pull the trigger, we place the noose around the necks of dying children and break their necks with it, we feed our people back home Kitfo laced with arsenic only to turn around and have a community lekso filled by the tears of indifferent Habeshas who don’t give a shit about the country they cry for.  I type these words without exclusion of any group in Ethiopia, I speak if of TPLF goons and of the 66 hodamoch opposition.  I speak if of Tigray men and Amarha women alike, I speak it of Oromo or Wollo, not one ethnicity or religion in Ethiopia escapes this condemnation as I throw two iPad tablets at your collective foreheads the same way Moses threw the ten commandments at his lost tribe.

Grant it, not all Ethiopians are like this; there are some amazing Ethiopians who refuse to bend to the inertia of our people.  They break their backs and never back down from the challenges they face when they try to convince colonized Habeshas to believe in Hebret as those same enslaved Habeshas accuse them of being lebas.  I don’t speak of Ethiopians on this article; I speak of stupid Habeshas who call themselves Habesha even though that word is one that is used by Arabs to insult us to the bone.  I speak of Habeshas who have evil intent and intentionally rape our community so they can have the finest dulet in the city.  I speak of Habesha promoters who would quickly sell their own mothers to get a dollar.  I speak of Habesha listros who sing the devil’s tune in order to get a few birrs from their fat cat pimp by the name of Al Amoudi from back home.  I speak of Habesha political parties who advocate the death of Woyane; trying to start a revolution by openly espousing the eradication of Tigray people.  What kind of sickness is this, who have we become as a people?

But most importantly I speak of Habeshas like you.  Yes you, the one who gave up tesfa and walked away from your own community.  I did it once myself so trust me I am not preaching.  Gin I know one thing, I don’t blame evil people, evil people do evil because—well they are evil.  But my ire is reserved for those people who should know better, my anger resides at those who chose indifference instead of action.  I blame you—the reader—if you gave up and chose to walk away.  I blame you if you choose to call out the evil ways of some in our community because you are afraid to rattle the boat.  Again, I ask, what have we become as a people.  We have supposed Jegnas who use the name Jegna on Facebook with fake pictures and then have the audacity to call others cowards.  We have fereri trolls who create fake email accounts to spew some of the most vicious rhetoric but refuse to identify themselves.  We have a people who see the work of the devil right in front of their face and walk away by saying “well everyone has a bit of evil in them”. I can’t believe we are the seed of Adwa, we have become tainted and rotten as a people—we went from Jegnas to niggas as we call ourselves Habesha which means nigger.

So I am here today to say ENOUGH!  BEKA! I am calling you out on your own bullshit.  I arrived at this juncture when I decided to attend an ESFNA fundraiser on Saturday at Maeza Restaurant.  I went there with Fana from Sheba Post, Luladey, Liyou Gennen and a few other friends. We went there thinking we would not be able to get in or find an empty chair.  Yet we arrive and not one person is in sight except the ESFNA soccer players and the organizers?  Two hours pass and the room was empty except a few folks.  Yet I hear assholes on Addis Demse screaming bloody murder about AESA One, but when the time comes to put their money where their mouth is, they slither away and disappear into the midnight sky.  These people—ye Saytan lijoch—are organizing a march on RFK to oppose AESA One yet when the time comes to support our beloved ESFNA, they are nowhere to be found.  AESA One is the essence of evil, we all know this, but those that oppose AESA One yet do nothing to support ESFNA are leflafa hodamoch!  Ayeeee, our community, always against something but never standing for anything.  CLICK! CLACK! KAPOW! Ethiopia murdered by the bullshit of her own children.

Now you know why I cuss liberally.  Don’t think for a minute that this is due to my upbringing.  My parents raised me well, I am respectful to the fullest and I defer to my elders ALL the time.  I have love in my heart, I don’t have to list the many ways that I help out my own people—that is between me and God.  Alas, I have become radicalized by my own people.  A gentle soul has become a fire breathing dragon because I have swallowed the bullshit saytan kibrit of my own community for far too long.  As much as I respect my community and my country, I will not stand pat and observe the germs that are killing us and our children.  I am not the maker of Habesha, but I sure will be the shaker and breaker of Habesha.  If you call yourself Habesha and have any ill intent towards the children of Ethiopia, consider yourself the enemy of the people and I will invest all my energy to breaking you in a trillion little pieces.

So here is the point of this article, I am now calling bullshit on anyone that professes to be a supporter of ESFNA.  If you go to RFK stadium on Sunday to protest AESA One, you are not Ethiopian; you are an Habesha nigger of the worst kind. Go there and I will call you what you are, a banda who is trying to destroy our community and a Woyane who is trying to confuse us.  How dare we—proud Ethiopians and supporters of ESFNA—go down to RFK to march against a people who are beneath us?  That is like Obama holding a march against racist Tea Party Baggers.  This is nonsense, if you want to help ESFNA and embarrass AESA One, then support us in what we are trying to accomplish.

Our plan is to have a free picnic on Sunday and Wednesday as well as a sendoff party for ESFNA on Saturday night.  We will finance as much as we can to put these events together, but what we are planning will take thousands of dollars.  Thus, here is your opportunity to actually be about the community if you say you are of Ethiopia.  I am asking each and every one of you that is reading this article to give what you can by clicking on the picture below. There will be over 10,000 people who will read this article between Ethiopian Review and Brown Condor in the next 24 hours. If each one of you donates $1.00, we can put together an event that will utterly embarrass the TPLF goons at RFK.  I do not want to cede DC to AESA One; initially I was going to go to Dallas to take part in the real soccer tournament.  But upon further though, I am needed in DC and so are my friends who were going to go on an epic road trip with me.  The bus convoy to Dallas has been promptly cancelled; all energy and focus will be putting on an epic event here.

I ask you my fellow Ethiopians, please believe.  For once stop being jaded, give the next generation of organizers like me, Fana, Mastewal Sebro, Mo Nursani, Aster Tadesse, Fino Habte and the rest a chance to succeed where the older generation failed us miserably.  Forget how young we are; value our vision and our audacious dreams instead of mocking us for being IBD or crazy. Stop calling us leba because others stole from you, open up your hearts and give fiker a chance.  Give us chance to do something special and if you support us I swear it what we will do will be remembered in history as the third coming of Adwa.  Give us a chance, give us a rock to work with and I promise you that we will slay the Goliath that is AESA One.

In the process, we will show you how all non-profits should operate going forward.  We will track EVERY penny donated on a spreadsheet, we will update the spreadsheet on a day to day basis until our last picnic on July 4th.  Not one person affiliated with this effort will get a penny; we are doing this for FREE and on a pro bono basis.  Every dollar collected will go towards the expenses associated with putting these free events for our community.  Every dollar after expenses will go towards feeding homeless people in DC (some of which are Ethiopian) and the rest will go to a non-profit that will feed children back home.  We are negotiating with a few non-profits, if they can prove that every dollar will go back home to feed children, we will publicly announce them and make sure that all monies raised will go to that non-profit.

Semu, this is something big we are planning—something we can all be proud of.  I want you to imagine Sunday and Wednesday—AESA One’s big days.  I want you to imagine a sea of Ethiopians celebrating the true beauty of Ethiopia while half-way around the city a bunch of TPLF goons are doing Eskista and dancing to the devil music of gangster jigaboo bandas.  I want you to imagine free food and free music, a big cultural celebration while AESA One is drowning in a sea of misery as their feature performers are rapping on stage yelling.. (CONTINUED)


Now watch the Woyanes attack me, Teddy Fikre, instead of either attacking the message or debating what I wrote.  I told you today is judgement day, all those who attack a message of hope and unity are WOYANES.  There, I just exposed them::  For those that are not WOYANE, please help us out by giving us HEBRET so we can give HEBRET to our community::

[click on picture to donate and help us put together this magical event]

As I promised, every penny raised from this event, EVERY PENNY, will go towards putting together this event.  The remaining revenue raised will go towards feeding homeless people in DC and feeding hopeless children in Ethiopia.  A detailed spreadsheet of expenses and reveune will be published on a daily basis on  Believe, please believe, I ask this of my community.  Give us, the younger generation a chance and we will give you desta for a lifetime for it.  Enamesegenalen!