Police clash with soccer fans

Federal Police and soccer fans clashed this afternoon (local time) at the Addis Ababa Stadium in Ethiopia. During the soccer match, the fans started shouting …

Ethiopians in Israel

By Donald N Levine

For all the talk about ethnic self-determination in Ethiopia, almost no attention has been paid to the one and only ethnic …

Interview with Lidetu Ayalew

Ethiopian Review conducted an interview with former Kinijit Vice President Lidetu Ayalew on Saturday, August 12. The interview, which is 2 hr and 38 min. …

Petition Letter to Shaleka Yoseph Yazew

Shaleka Yoseph Yazew
Chairman, Kinijit North America Support Committee
Washington DC

Dear Shaleka Yoseph:

We, concerned Kinijit chapter officers, chapter members and supporters, would like …

Meles Zenawi teaches economics

“My argument is that the neo-liberal paradigm is a dead end, is incapable of bringing about the African renaissance, and that a fundamental shift in …