Woyanne occupation forces in Somalia destroy shops, houses

June 09, 2007
By Mohamed Abdi Farah

Ethiopian [Woyanne] and Somali forces continue wider security operations in the Somalia capital searching for weapons and suspects –- as a hand grenade bomb was targeted on the [Woyanne] base in the former Pasta Factory in north of the capital overnight.

There was no immediate casualty on the Ethiopian [Woyanne] soldiers.

Hundreds of heavily armed Ethiopian forces with Somali soldiers began this morning door to door search for suspects, blocking the main industrial roads in north of the capital.

“This morning I have not gone for work because all roads were closed by the Ethiopians [Woyanne] searching for weapons… I don’t known what to do and I can’t go on foot to reach my business center in Bakara market which is miles away from here,” said Ali Hussein, 65, a father of eight children.

Several people were arrested in connection with last night’s bomb attack while seizing weapons from houses near the Ethiopian base.

Also in today’s raid, the police crashed a number of “illegal” kiosks alongside the road in north of the city. All houses near the building of the pasta factory which houses Ethiopian [Woyanne] troops were destroyed for security grounds.

The officials of the transitional government said the operations in Mogadishu is to assure the security and prevent any acts of violence to pave the way for the upcoming reconciliation conference scheduled to take place in Mogadishu mid June, few days to go.