Ethiopian Airlines does not rule out sabotage

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ethiopian Airlines responds to leaked information that the crash of ET409 may have occurred due to pilot error. It is becoming all too apparent that the Lebanese regime, with the complicity of Woyanne, is trying to cover up some thing. The following is a press release by EAL.

Ethiopian Airlines would like to express its position on the latest speculative reports released on the cause of the accident on ET-409, 25 January.

As a member of the investigation team, Ethiopian Airlines strictly adheres to the ICAO annex 13 regulation, in which it is mandated to refrain from any inconclusive comments on the process of investigation.

The investigation is still in its early stage and the CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) and the aircraft wreckage are not yet retrieved for analysis, it is therefore, too early to conclude the cause of the accident. Ethiopian Airlines does not rule out all possible causes including the possibility of sabotage until the final outcome of the investigation is known.

Ethiopian Airlines would continue to cooperate with the investigation team to complete the process in accordance with the ICAO regulation and reveal the truth.

We share the pain and sorrow of the families of our crew and dear passengers who have lost their lives in the accident.