Somali police commander wounded in Mogadishu

By Mohamed Abdi Farah, SomaliNet

Five government soldiers including the commander of the police station in Dharkenley district, southwest of the capital were wounded in a bomb explosion which occurred in the settlement overnight, sources say on Tuesday.

A bomb was hurled at a car carrying the police station commander and a number of his security guards as they were patrolling near Macmacanka tea-shops in Dharkenley district, according to the district commissioner Abdulahi Moalim.

“The injury of the commander was not serious and now he is in hospital, we will find those who were behind the attack,” said Moalim. The security forces reached the area of the blast and began investigations to find the attacker.

Meanwhile, around 8:00pm local time last night two explosions happened in Bulo-Hubey area near the main airport of Mogadishu.

Residents told Somalinet that the target of the blast seemed to be on the Ethiopian soldiers who yesterday searched several houses and found weapons.

There is no immediate casualty on the Ethiopians.

Early this morning the Ethiopian forces raided a mosque near the area of the last night’s explosion arresting several worshipers.