DLA Piper demands removal of Sara Al Amoudi story

The Washington-based DLA Piper, a law firm specializing in representing genocidal dictators, looters and terrorists around the world, is once again trying to silence Ethiopian Review on behalf the drunkard Ethiopian/Saudi billionaire Al Amoudi who is looting Ethiopia in collaboration with the ruling tribal junta. It is puzzling that Al Amoudi makes such an effort to silence any story about Sara Al Amoudi while he is accused of so many other serious misdeeds and he rarely reacts to any of them. It seems Sara is getting under his skin.

The following is a letter by Mary E. Gately, a lawyer for DLA Piper:

Mr Elias Kifle
Publisher, Ethiopian Review

Re: July 15, 2010 Online Article Entitled: “Mohammed Al Amoudi’s daughter back in the news

Dear Mr Kifle:

We act for Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi and family.

We have seen the article on the website www.ethiopianreview.com dated 15 July 2010 and titled ‘Mohammed Al Amoudi’s daughter back in the news’ (“Article”).

The woman referred to in the article is not the daughter of our client, and the claim made by the Ethiopian Review that the woman in question is the allegedly estranged daughter of Ethiopian billionaire businessman Mohammed Al Amoudi is entirely false.

Further, the Article is defamatory.

The Ethiopian Review was put on notice by this firm earlier this year that the allegations that “Sara Al Amoudi” is our client’s daughter were false. At that time we requested that you remove those false and defamatory allegations from the Ethiopian Review website which you initially refused to do, although we note that the publication was subsequently removed by your internet service provider. Accordingly, the current publication by the Ethiopian Review of further false allegations that “Sara Al Amoudi” is the daughter of our client is entirely unacceptable and is malicious.

We hereby reserve all of our client’s rights and remedies in relation to the publication of the Article. As an interim measure, however, and without prejudice to our client’s rights, we require that you:

1. immediately cease and permanently desist from publishing the Article and/ or any part of it that alleges or suggests that the woman referred to in the Article is our client’s daughter.

2. immediately remove the Article from the Ethiopian Review website; and

3. Provide an undertaking not to further publish or disseminate in the future any thing that alleges or suggests that the woman referred to in the Article and/ or the “Sara Al Amoudi” identified in the Article, is our client’s daughter.

We await your urgent response.

Very truly yours,
Mary E. Gately
DLA Piper, LLP
500 Eighth Street, NW
Washington DC 20004
[email protected]
Tel: 202 799 4507
Fax: 202 799 5507