Dialogue to Dialogue: How to forge a solid united front

As the struggle to excise the Woyanne cancer that is eating away at Ethiopia moves to a new stage, Ethiopian opposition groups must take care not to repeat the same mistakes in forging a new, vibrant alliance. Thorough preparations and earnest discussions must precede any formal dialogue, according to Ato Sioum Gebeyehou, a management consultant and adviser to Ethiopian Review.

Ato Sioum makes the following presentation borrowing some ideas from the recently published paper by Prof. Getatchew Haile titled ሁሉንም ሞከርነው፤ የቀርን ክተት ነው (hulunem mokernaw, yekeren kitet naw – We tried it all; What’s left is armed resistance) to help Ethiopian opposition groups forge a solid alliance that can deliver them victory. Click on the image below to see the presentation.

(Ato Sioum can be reached at [email protected])