ESFNA takes steps to correct its mistakes

The Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA) has taken a positive step on Thursday to correct its blunder by accepting $300,000 in donation from Woyanne businessman Ato Al Amoudi, a drunkard womanizer and a thief who calls himself “sheik.” (DLA Piper, take that to the court.)

ESFNA president Dawit Agonafer and public relation officer Fassil Abebe had called a press conference at the RFK Stadium in Washington DC on Thursday afternoon to answer questions about the controversy surrounding the donation from Al Amoudi.

Over 20 representatives of the media, including associates, went to the press conference. The two top ESFNA officials have admitted that it was a mistake to receive the donation and that in the future they will be careful NOT to make such a mistake.

Both Ato Dawit and Ato Fassil have presented themselves in a professional and humble manner, and answered all questions with apparent sincerity. Their professional approach and admitting mistake from the outset disarmed all members of the media who went to the press conference to strongly challenge and confront them. Our arrogant, stupid, self-destructive politicians should learn from these two ESFNA officials how to handle crisis and address concerns of the public.

Al Amoudi’s photo was also removed from the stadium on Thursday after disgracing the annual event since Sunday.

The ESFNA officials explained that the money was received without the knowledge of the majority of the Federation’s executives. They said that an interview with one of the Federation’s officials on the VOA Radio broadcast to Ethiopia where he thanked Al Amoudi was uncalled.

Regarding questions about financial corruption, Ato Dawit said from now on the Federation’s financial books will be open to the public for inspection.

ER congratulates the Federation for taking these first positives steps, even though they are a little too late to save this week’s event since only two days (Friday and Saturday) left before it’s concluded.

The Federation needs to take further step and expel from the Federation the culprits, vice president Eyaya Arega, Secretary Samuel Abate, and board member Sebsibe Assefa, who have brought shame to the organization by trying to associate it with a criminal who is helping the Meles dictatorship to brutalize and terrorize the people of Ethiopia and Somalia.

The Federation needs to also keep its promise that it will root out corruption from its midst by instituting a transparent financial accounting system that is open for public inspection.

This is a victory for patriotic Ethiopians in the Diaspora, and a defeat for Woyanne and its hodam servants like Eyaya, Sebsibe and gang.