Woyanne replaces Ethiopian Airlines CEO with one of its own

The TPLF-junta controlled Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) reported today that Ethiopian Airlines CEO Girma Wake has been replaced by Tewolde G. Mariam.

The news doesn’t indicate why Seyoum Mesfin, chairman of Ethiopian Airlines’ board, decided to replace Girma, who has been a successful CEO.

Up to now, Ethiopian Airlines has been one of the few major institutions in the country who has not been run by a Woyanne Tigrean. The ethnic apartheid regime will not rest until nothing left in the country that is not controlled by one party and one ethnic group.

Tewolde G. Mariam is a relative of Seyoum Mesfin and is said to be a hard core Woyanne who has been preparing himself take over Ethiopian Airlines by working under Girma Wake as chief operating officer.