Al Amoudi files lawsuit in London against Ethiopian Review

By Elias Kifle

Ethiopian billionaire businessman Ato Al Amoudi has filed a lawsuit against Ethiopian Review in a U.K. high court. The lawsuit claims that the magazine:

…has gravely injured the reputation of the Claimant, has exposed him to public scandal, contempt and odium and has caused him considerable embarrassment and distress.

I am glad that Ethiopian Review has caused this much harm to the scumbag Woyanne blood sucker. More is coming at him once the trial starts in court.

Some of the witnesses mentioned in the lawsuit are Woyanne Ambassador in London and other embassy staff.

I’m not sure why Al Amoudi decided to sue me in a British high court since Ethiopian Review is based in the U.S. Also he might have spent over $10,000 to a private investigation firm to find me and serve me with the lawsuit. I was having lunch at a restaurant today when a 7-foot, 250 lbs man claiming to be a former FBI agent served me with the court papers. Apparently, he and his partners have been tracking me across eastern United States since mid December. They could have just called me and I would have gone to their office to pick up the papers. I myself was eager to face the bozo in court. (Click here to read the charges)