Defending against Al Amoudi

By Elias Kifle

In getting ready to defend Ethiopian Review against Woyanne money man Al Amoudi’s malicious lawsuit, we are encouraged by the outpouring of support from Ethiopians around the world, including those with whom some times we disagree. (see the lawsuit here)

I am particularly touched by the show of solidarity that is being shown by EMF (, ECADF ( and AbbayMedia ( I am grateful to both Ato Kinfu Assefa and Ato Girum Zegeye.

I have had bitter disagreements with Girum Zegeye of AbbayMedia and some of the ECADF admins in the past, so far as calling each other names. But when Ethiopian Review is threatened by the Woyanne junta, they are among the first to come to our defense.

Qale Ethiopian Forum has interviewed me today and called on its members to stand with Ethiopian Review.

Ato Kifle Mulat from the Ethiopian Free Press Journalists Association has sent a message of support and solidarity today.

Other developments

Netsanet LeEthiopia Radio in Washington DC will have a program on the Al Amoudi lawsuit next Sunday.

Ethiopians in London are getting organized to assist with the legal battle.

There will be a teleconference next Saturday at 3 PM Washington DC time (8 PM London time) to discuss strategies. The conference is open to every one who wishes to help out. To participate, please send email to [email protected]

An Ethiopian Review Legal Fund has been set up. Click here for more info.

Some time next week, I will announce our response to the U.K. High Court where Al Amoudi’s lawsuit has been filed.