DW Radio on Al Amoudi vs Elias Kifle (audio)

Deutsche Welle (የጀርመን ድምጽ ራዲዮ) has reported today about the lawsuit against Ethiopian Review editor by the richest man in Africa, Mohammed Al Amoudi. Click below to listen.


Al Amoudi is an Ethiopian-born Saudi billionaire who is a self-acknowledged members of Woyanne, the ruling genocidal junta in Ethiopia.

The lawsuit is stated as Al Amoudi vs. Elias Kifle, but the real target is Ethiopia’s independent press that has been silenced in Ethiopia, but thanks to the Internet, it continues to have a strong voice.

Netsanet Le Ethiopia Radio in Washington DC will have a special program this coming Sunday on the lawsuit. Stay tuned.

Ethiopian Review’s Legal Fund has been reactivated to help cover expenses. Click here for more info.