Revolution and Discipline in Egypt: A lesson for Ethiopians

By Teodros Kiros

The people’s revolution in Egypt must succeed, otherwise tyrants in the region are going to feast and sharpen their military apparatus and jail thousands of those who camped out on the streets of the great Cairo, home to the pyramids and the great MAAT, queen of Justice.

I can imagine MAAT the queen of Truth praying for the protesters to hold on to the last human being and fight for their rights, die for the sake of creating a genuine moral economy that the Egyptian people have not seen for the last thirty years. I imagine in own my home land, the historic Ethiopia, the ruling regime strategizing in smoke filled rooms, on how to squelch an eminent Ethiopian uprising before it takes root. I imagine the tyranny’s think tanks laughing at writings such as this and defaming any outputs from the Diaspora as infective and idle. … [Continue reading.]