Only 29 percent of Ethiopian women can read and write – World Economic Forum

Ethiopian under the Woyanne junta continues to rank at the bottom among other nations in every development scale. Most Ethiopians live under obscene poverty where children in the capital city scavenge for food in trash dumps. In this information age, only 1 percent of Ethiopians have access to computer, and Ethiopia ranks 135th out of 138 countries in Internet usage, 129th in freedom of the press, 138th in mobile phone subscription, 132nd in electricity production, and 133rd in adult literacy rate, according to a 2013 report by the World Economic Forum (read the report here). In literacy, Ethiopia ranks 129th place.  Shockingly, only 29 percent of Ethiopian women can read and write, according to the report. Only 11 percent of Ethiopian women and 17 percent of men are enrolled in secondary education. The enrollment rate in higher education is even worse: 5 percent of Ethiopian women and 11 percent of Ethiopian men have access to higher education.