Boycott ESFNA’s Atlanta event

The Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA) is holding its annual event this week. This year’s event is being held in Atlanta. When ESFNA was formed about 28 years ago, it had a lofty goal of bringing Ethiopians in North America together around sports and cultural activities. Since 2005, however, the organization has been hijacked by the Woyanne junta through their money-man Al Amoudi. Soon, the annual event turned from a family gathering into a pandemonium of thugs and Al Amoudi’s manwhores. In short, it became a source of embarrassment for the Ethiopian communities in N. America.

After being bullied and pushed around by Al Amoudi’s thugs for several years, finally this year ESFNA’s board members started to muster some courage to take back the organization. They, however, are up against a well-financed gang of thugs led by Abinet Gebremeskel, and, to be frank, many of the board members luck the gut to stand up for the right thing.

Abinet Gebremeskel To provide reinforcement for this gangsters, Abinet flew from Ethiopia recently with a bundle of cash and he is now running around in Atlanta with his bodyguards.

The majority of ESFNA’s board members will hopefully do the right thing and cleanse any Woyanne element from the organization. For example, Abinet and his thugs, must be banned from all ESFNA venues. Until they show the courage to do that, all patriotic Ethiopians need to boycott the ESFNA event that is underway in Atlanta. When it comes to the anti-Ethiopia Woyanne, there must be no compromise.

Ethiopian Review will closely follow the developments in Atlanta and post updates. Stay tuned.