Al Amoudi’s servants feasting in Atlanta

Woyanne money-man Al Amoudi has sent his chief servant Abinet Gebremeskel to Atlanta this week to reassert control over the Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America, and so far it seems that he is succeeding by bullying the timid board members. At one point on Thursday, a fight broke out between the vice-president of ESFNA and one of Abinet’s thugs. On Friday, Arawit and the other members of the Abinet gang, who are not even board members, were taking charge of the event.

Abinet arrived in Atlanta with a chartered plane (at the cost of close to $30,000), several bodyguards, a gang of thugs, and a ton of cash that his boss stole from the people of Ethiopia. Every night this week, whiskey and wine have been flowing like water at lavish private parties thrown by Abinet. On Friday night, Desta Restaurant was the place to be for ganja-smoking Al Amoudi ass-kissers where the Abinet posse arrived with two stretched SUV limousines. The obscene drinking, smoking, and eating went on until dawn.

The whole scene is beyond disgusting, especially knowing the fact that at this very moment over 10 million people in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya have nothing to eat. The money that Abinet is throwing around in Atlanta is not his money. It was stolen by his boss Al Amoudi and the Woyanne mafia from the people of Ethiopia. Any Ethiopian who dines and wines with these blood suckers must be well aware that he/she is feasting on the blood and bone of starving children back home.