Ethiopia’s mother of corruption bitch-slaps Al Amoudi

At a recent party at Sheraton Hotel in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, Azeb Mesfin, the wife of Ethiopia’s tyrant Meles Zenawi, slapped Saudi billionaire Al Amoudi in front of hundreds of guests, according to Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit sources.

Azeb, who is commonly known as “the mother of corruption” in Ethiopia, was reportedly incensed that Mohammed Al Amoudi failed to invite her to the party.

The bitch-slap that landed on Al Amoudi’s hairy face was so laud that it attracted the attention of almost every one in the hall, sources told Ethiopian Review.

After the incident, both Azeb and Al Amoudi left the party separately.

It is common for Al Amoudi to slap and punch his assistants when he gets drunk. His favorite punching bag is his chief assistant Abnet Gebremeskel. So he receiving his own medicine from some one higher up in the Woyanne food chain.