The sacrifice Andualem and others are paying must be shared

The Woyanne junta in Ethiopia continues to commit gross injustice against Ethiopians with impunity. Meles and gang are not paying any price for their crimes. That must stop, and it can be stopped only when a large number of Ethiopians say enough. Woubshet Taye, Debebe Eshetu, Andualem Arage, Eskinder Nega and all the others who have been arrested had the opportunity to go into exile like the rest of us. But they chose to stay in the country and scarify themselves for the freedom of all Ethiopians, as did thousands before them. Their sacrifices need to be shared by the rest of us. All Ethiopians have the moral obligation to join them in solidarity and say BEKA (enough).

Suggested immediate actions for Ethiopians inside the country:

1. Boycott Woyanne-owned businesses
2. Take your money out of Woyanne-owned banks
3. Disable Woyanne-owned buildings and factories
4. Get organized and be prepared for tougher actions

Those of us in the Diaspora can take the following actions immediately:

1. Declare a general economic boycott against the Woyanne regime, including the boycott of Ethiopian Airlines.

2. Isolate, ostracize and confront all Woyanne cadres and their hodam supporters we find at social events, restaurants, places of worship, etc.

3. Stop fighting each other and focus on Woyanne and only on Woyanne.

We owe it to heroic Ethiopians like Debebe Eshetu, Andualem Aragie and others to take action. It’s morally reprehensible to keep silent in the face of such injustice.