Al Amoudi concubines fight over crumbs in Virginia

Yet another shameful drama is currently taking place involving Al Amoudi’s concubines (የጭን ገረዶች) who misrepresent themselves has officials of the Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA). During the past couple of days, the concubines have been holding a meeting in Virginia. They called it a board meeting, but as soon as it started, the participants begun showering each other with insults and kicking each other from the meeting. Founding members who came to the meeting to help rescue ESFNA, which has been completely taken over by a gang of Al Amoudi-hired thugs during the past five years, were unceremoniously expelled. The cause of the fighting that has been taking place in ESFNA is to show who is a more loyal servant to the drunkard Saudi billionaire Al Amoudi and get some crumbs from him. It’s disappointing that VOA sends a reporter to cover this embarrassing spectacle that only brings shame to the Ethiopian community in North America, while ignoring other Ethiopian events that positively portray our community in the U.S.