Top 20 Dumbest Politicians in Ethiopia

The 2011 Ethiopian Review Top 20 Dumbest Politicians in Ethiopia

1. Hailemariam Desalegn Hailemariam Desalegn, deputy prime minister of the Woyanne regime, comes from the Wolayita ethnic group in southern Ethiopia, allows himself to be used by his boss Meles Zenawi as a front man for selling his ancestors’ land to foreign investors at bargain-basement prices. While Hailemariam is the deputy prime minister, for the first time in Ethiopian history food shortage hit southern Ethiopia. For these reasons, Hailemariam is named: “The 2011 Dumbest Politician in Ethiopia.”

2. Debretsion Gebremichael, former member of the Woyanne death squad, half Tigrean and half Eritrean, currently minister of communication and information technology, doesn’t know how to use email.

3. Girma Woldegiorgis, the current “president” of Ethiopia whose brain is congested with fat, and has only one purpose in life — to stuff his face with food.

4. Girma Birru, current Woyanne ambassador to Washington DC and former trade minister, couldn’t account for $100 million worth of coffee that had disappeared from storage.

5. Tefera Deribew Yimam, minister of Agriculture who argues that leasing away millions of hectares of fertile land to Indian, Saudi and Chinese corporations is the best way to make Ethiopia food self-efficient.

6. Wondirad Mandefro, state minister of Agriculture, agrees with Tefera Deribew Yimam above.

7. Kuma Demeksa, ran against and defeated a dead individual to become mayor of Addis Ababa in 2008.

8. Miheret Debebe, head of the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation, talks about selling power to other African countries while Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa suffers constant power outages.

9. Teklewold Atnafu, governor of the National Bank of Ethiopia, bought $10 million worth of fake gold and gave away $27 million to Nigerian scam artists.

10. Hailu Shawel, who bowed down for Meles and Bereket, after thousands of Kinijit supporters were massacred by troops under the direct command of Meles Zenawi.

11. Shimelis Kemal, state minister of government communications affairs who serves as a parrot for propaganda chief Bereket Simon.

12. Dula Aba Gemeda, former Woyanne puppet president of Oromiya, currently speaker of the rubber stamp parliament and one of Azeb Mesfin’s male concubines.

13. Kemak Bedri, former chairman of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, certified that Woyanne fairly and squarely elections. Current chairman Merga Bekana is equally dumb for telling the world that Woyanne has won 99% of the votes in 2010.

14. Siraj Fegesa Sherefa, minister of defense whose only job is helping Woyanne show that not all top government positions are filled with one ethnic group. He has no real authority.

15. Demeke Mekonnen Hasen, minister of education, from the “Amhara Region” who authorizes text books that demonize Amhara.

16. Berhane Hailu Dagne, minister of justice, allows real criminals roam freely in the country while innocent citizens are jailed, tortured, and murdered by the regime’s security forces.

17. Sinknesh Ejigu Anki, Minister of Mines who doesn’t know how much gold Al Amoudi is taking out of the country.

18. Muktar Kedir Bulgu, Head of the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Affairs who is strip-searched and forced to take off his shoes before entering Meles Zenawi’s office.

19. Mekuria Haile Hailemariam, Minister of Urban Development, has no authority to find homes for any of the 1 million homeless people in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa.

20. Junedin Sado, former minister of science and technology, currently minister of civil service, lost an election to a 25-year-old girl from Arsi but called for re-vote and announced victory after chasing the poor girl into exile.

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