Top 20 Best Friends of Ethiopia

The 2011 Ethiopian Review Top 20 Non-Ethiopians Who are Best Friends of the Struggle for Freedom in Ethiopia.

  1. Mohamed Keita, advocacy coordinator for CPJ‘s Africa Program, consistently gives voice to the repressed media in Ethiopia.
  1. Ana Gomez, member of the European Parliament from Portugal, put other European leaders to shame with her honesty and candor about the Western-backed dictatorship in Ethiopia.
  1. Gregory Stanton, President of Genocide Watch, speaks out the truth about Ethiopia.
  1. Ted Vestal, professor at University of Oklahoma a long time friend of Ethiopia, refused to be in the service of dictators.
  1. Patrick Leahy and Russ Feingold, U.S. Senators, oppose the U.S. Government’s anti-human rights policy in Ethiopia.
  1. Christopher Smith, U.S. Congressman, helped pass a legislation (Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007) restricting U.S. assistance to the dictatorial regime in Ethiopia unless it stops violating human rights. Jendayi Frazer and other U.S. Department officials succeeded in convincing some senators to kill the legislation in the Senate.
  1. Donald Payne, U.S. Congressman, collaborated with Chris Smith.
  1. Human Right Watch, an international human rights advocacy group, documents human rights violations in Ethiopia.
  1. Amnesty International, international human rights group, has complied enough documents on atrocities in Ethiopia that could land the perpetrators, Meles Zenawi and gang, in prison for a long time.
  1. Voice of America, overcomes the signal jamming effort by the Meles regime to provide news and information to over 20 million Ethiopians.
  1. German Radio, has been serving the people of Ethiopia for over 40 years.
  1. Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder, exposed what the U.S. knows about the TPLF regime crimes against the people of Ethiopia, including exploding bombs among civilians and blaming it on opposition groups.
  1. BBC, exposed U.K. Government’s complicity in Meles Zenawi regime’s atrocities in Ethiopia.
  1. Gene Sharp, Albert Einstein Institute founder, educates freedom fighters how to overthrow repressive regimes, translated the manual, From Dictatorship to Democracy into Amharic.
  1. Mary Ann Jolley, investigative journalist with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, produced a documentary and written about the adoption scam in Ethiopia and corruption inside international NGOs.
  1. Facebook and Google, made it easier for Ethiopian freedom fighters to communicate and exchange information.
  1. George Ayittey, internationally renowned economist, professor at American University in Washington DC, a persistent and powerful critic of the dictatorship in Ethiopia, and all African dictators.
  1. Anthony Mitchell, AP Correspondent in Addis Ababa, expelled by the Woyanne propaganda chief for having the courage — unlike the current foreign correspondents in Addis Ababa — to report the truth.  In 2007 Mitchell died in a place crash in Cameroon. RIP.
  1. Richard Pankhurst, professor, documents Ethiopian history and heritage.
  1. Reginald and Catherine Hamlin, physicians, moved from Australia to Ethiopia and  opened a hospital that serves the needs of Ethiopian women.

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