ESFNA to hold its 2012 tournament in Dallas, Texas

At a press conference with representatives of Ethiopian Review and other media on Sunday, the newly elected president of Ethiopian Sports Federation in North American (ESFNA), Ato Getachew Tesfaye, announced that the 2012 soccer tournament will be held in Dallas, Texas, next July.

Ato Getachew, and the new head of ESFNA public relations, Ato Yohannes Berhanu, said that ESFNA selected Dallas among Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and other cities, based on several criteria, including the level of preparedness by the local Ethiopian community to host the event.

To the question posed by Ethiopian Review regarding what steps the new executive committee has taken to stamp out corruption and free ESFNA from the influence by the Woyanne junta, Ato Getachew answered that ESFNA’s books are open for inspection by the media, and that the new leadership will make sure that the organization will no longer be influenced by any political party.

Congratulations to ESFNA board for cleansing itself off Woyanne and al Amoudi thugs.