Boycott Woyanne cash cow: Ethiopian Airlines

By Elias Kifle

The Woyanne junta continues to commit horrible atrocities against Ethiopians with impunity. The recent ethnic cleansing campaign against the Amhara, Gambella and Afar people is not surprising because nothing has been done when khat-addicted dictator Meles Zenawi waged a war of genocide against fellow Ethiopians in Ogaden, filled Ethiopian prisons with Oromos, stolen elections, destroyed historic monasteries, sold Ethiopian fertile land to foreign investors at basement bargain prices, etc.

The Woyanne tribal junta is doing all this not because it is a superior power. It is a regime that survives on foreign handouts! Woyanne is peeing on us because we allowed it to do so. We finance its crimes against us by paying tax, buying goods and services from Woyanne-controlled businesses, socializing with Woyanne members whose hands are socked with the blood of our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers.

We can stop the Woyanne junta dead if we are really serious. One of the first things we can do to stop Woyanne is to wage a worldwide economic boycott campaign and target its revenue sources.

One of the biggest hard currency earning enterprises for the tribal junta is Ethiopian Airlines. Currently there are serious discussions going on about boycotting Ethiopian Airlines and this coming Saturday, for the first time, several Ethiopian media representatives will propose a set of actions. [see here]

Ethiopian Airlines is Ethiopian only in name. From the CEO down it is controlled by central committee members of the Tigrean People Liberation Front (Woyanne). Many of the Ethiopian pilots are leaving and being replaced by foreigners who are hired at double the salary. The sales, maintenance, and all other parts of the company are staffed with Woyanne members.

Since the Woyanne took over the airline, domestic flights drastically decreased while flights to Tigray region expanded manyfold.

In 2010, the airline generated USD$1.3 billion for the junta. This money is being used to fuel the Woyanne killing and torture machine.

I heard some individuals saying that Ethiopian Airlines should not be boycotted since it carries the Ethiopian national flag around the world. This argument doesn’t work any more, because at the current pace, there will be no nation called Ethiopia if we allow Woyanne to remain in power. When Meles and gang implement Article 39 of their constitution, Ethiopian Airlines will be renamed Greater Tigray Airlines.

Let’s stop bitching and take action. Starve the Woyanne beast by drying its sources of income.