Clearing out the Al Amoudi trash

Removing the Al Amoudi and Woyanne thugs from the Ethiopian Sports Federation in North America (ESFNA) is a major victory that must be replicated in all other Ethiopian organizations and places of worship. The fight is hard, but we are starting to win some battles against a multimillion-dollar operation. Even their high-powered DLA Piper lawyers who are being paid $50,000 per month are no match for patriotic Ethiopians in the Diaspora. The next big battle is to dry Woyanne’s hard currency sources by boycotting Ethiopian Airlines and other enterprises.

ESFNA back in our hand

After Al Amoudi thugs were kicked out from the ESFNA, they attempted to hijack the organization by forming a new group named “ESFNA One.” Since all of the ESFNA’s 29 teams are participating in the annual event this coming July 4th weekend in Dallas, feeling desperate, Ayaya Arega, Sebsebe Assefa and the other Al Amoudi bootlickers tried to bring Tigrean players from the Tigrean annual festival to play for “ESFNA One” in Washington DC during the same time. The Ayaya gang wanted the Tigrean teams to pose as those that are going to Dallas. However, the Tigreans told Ayaya that they would come, but they will keep their Tigrean name. To make matters worst for them, last week a court in Maryland ruled that they must stop using the name ESFNA in any form and forced them to announce on their web site that they have nothing to do with the ESFNA, as seen below.