Discussion on Al Amoudi blood money festival in Washington DC

Saudi agent Al Amoudi, in collaboration with Woyanne junta leaders Meles Zenawi and Azeb Mesfin, is pillaging and looting Ethiopia by creating over 40 mega corporations during the past 20 years, while forcing into exile so many hard working Ethiopian businessmen. Al Amoudi has been able to dominate every thing in Ethiopia because he is being back up by TPLF guns. He should not be allowed to do the same thing to Ethiopian communities in the Diaspora. He hijacked the Ethiopian Sports Federation in North Amercia (ESFNA) for over 7 years, but he and his servants were kicked out by patriotic young Ethiopians this year. Now he is pouring millions of dollars of blood money — the money he stole from the people of Ethiopia — to organize a big festival in Washington DC starting July 1st. Netsanet Le Ethiopia Radio had a discussion last Sunday about this festival. Listen below: