New Fashion Trend: Habesha Men Wearing Habesha Kemis

Two years ago in America, it was the year of the “metrosexual”, it seems we have arrived at a new day, we have arrived at the age of the “Habeshasexual”::

by Yohannes Aramaji  dated: Thursday, June 21st, 2012

[picture provided by AESAOne Habesha men]

(Washington P0st DC Bureau) It is the hottest fashion trend of the summer.  All around America and Ethiopia, from DC to Addis, Habesha men can be seen strutting and flaunting their hips as they sway down city streets wearing Habesha Kemis.  The scene is omnipresent, Habesha man after man can be seen sipping buna at Starbucks as they gossip about sports and politics wearing Habesha Kemis to keep them cool from the heat of summer dog days.  As their wives and girlfriends are at home taking care of the kids and the household, Habesha men everywhere are setting the fashion world upside down as they wear some of the most exquisite Habesha dresses and skirts.

We are not sure where the trend started, most likely it was a trend that started sometime after World War II and has taken on a life of it’s own since the turn of the 21st century.  Take a moment today and drive over to Starbucks off Leesburg Pike in Alexandria Virginia or a random Ethiopian restaurant in Addis and there you will see Habsha men sipping Italian cappacino or smoking sheesha wearing the most lovely Habesha kemis.  You will see these men sitting on their duffs all day with their legs crossed gossiping all day and night about soccer or debating who is a Woyane or a Shabia as children in Ethiopia die on a minute by minute basis from a lack of hope and nourishment.

The favorite color of these Habesha men in Habesha kemis is the hot pink, they have forsaken the warrior clothing of the past and have now embraced the Habesha kemis as the outward representation of their true manhood.  Some Habesha men have taken it even further and have augmented their Habesha kemis with panties and thongs from Victoria Secret as they talk endlessly about overthrowing Meles Zenawi and advocating a war on the TPLF even though it is not them or their children that will be dying in this war they desire so.  This is the next iteration of Habesha fashion, Habesha men have embraced their oneness with their femininity as they have lost all semblance of Ethiopian jegnas and are now content on wearing bras instead of adorning shields to protect their country from outside invaders.

By far the biggest consumers of this new trend are Habesha promoters and so called doctors.  You can see the Habesha men promoters walking up and down DC passing out flyers as they wear their Habesha kemis and disseminating flyers that have pictures of Ethiopian queens looking like sluts and whores on their flyers as these Habesha men promoters switch their hips while wearing their Prada sunglasses to match their Habesha kemis.  You can also see Habesha men who call themselves “doctors” who have no PhD to speak of and are doctors by name only wearing Habesha kemis instead of surgeon’s gear as they bop and flop down 9th Street in DC or while they stay at Addis Sheraton in Addis.  These Habesha men doctors are a hit in Addis wearing their Habesha kemis, they arrive in Addis as conquering warriors in the mold of Italian soldiers, they do more damage than Mustard Italian mustard gas, they spend their precious money not to help out starving children back home, instead they help out the local economy by giving a few birrs to young prostitutes in the streets of Addis.

While they are wearing their Habesha kemis, these so-called “doctors” have become the biggest consumers of prostitutes in Ethiopia—they destroy the lives of young and precious Ethiopian girls as they steal their future all while these Habesha men are wearing the hottest hop pink Habesha kemis while they sip the finest wine as these set-a-set “mena” sit next to Al Amoudi.  Al Amoudi in fact has bought the most expensive Habesha kemis, the Chinese had to use 400 bales of cotton and 4,000 pounds of silk to make a custom made Habesha kemis for Al Amoudi and you can see him driving in the back of limousines with his legs crossed and sipping Moet with his $4,00,000 Habesha Kemis. In a couple of weeks, you will see DMV invaded by Habesha kemis wearing men as they decend by the thousands to celebrate at RFK stadium for the first ever AESAOne “Ethiopian” soccer tournament sponsored by none other than the $4,000,000 Habesha kemis wearer himself Al Amoudi.

Sweat shops in China cannot keep up with the pace of demand for Habesha kemis, over 100,000 Habesha Kemis are manufactured and shipped from Beijing on a day to day basis to Addis and DC—95% of which are being shipped to Habesha men.  This trend of Habesha men wearing Habesha kemis will not go away anytime soon, it seems that both the younger generation and the older generation of Habesha men are loudly and proudly yelling “I am set a set and I’m proud of it!” as they snap their fingers and do… (continued )

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PS now watch what will happen, the very same Habesha kemis men will attack the messenger while disregarding the message.  This is what Habesha kemis wearing men do, they are best at leflafanet and never follow logic.  Watch them reveal their Habesha Kemis with the comments below…

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