Yachi Neger: Ethiopia Killers by the Name of AESA One

Yachi Neger is a condom called our conscience, if we wear it we can reside in the grace of God or we can disrobe from this same condom and dwell in the abode of Saytan::

by Teddy Fikre  dated: Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Tesebsebu lijoch, kuch belu.  Sit down and listen to a story that I am about to tell you that might one day either give life to your future children or entomb you a wooden box.  This is a story of lust and love intertwined with greed and hubris.  This is an article inspired by Jah Lude and written by the blood of millions of Africans as they made love in the midnight sky only to be greeted by death by the morning sun.  This is story of disease more pernicious than meqegenet, a lethal virus so deadly that Africa is being whittled into an empty continent because they refuse to use Yachi Neger.

The disease I am talking about is HIV/AIDS.  AIDS has decimated Ethiopia and the rest of Africa.  It is not fair to be honest, a people who love God like Africans are the ones who always get it the worst.  We do as God tells us, yet our children starve and perish in unmarked graves.  It breaks my heart and I cry a million tears for million African children who will perish this year because they don’t have anything to eat and they drink from dirty pools of water right outside of Addis Sheraton.  There but for the grace of God goes my child in Bole; there goes my child famished and dying from malnutrition as I complain in my posh apartment about eating Ramen noodles.  I feel like cursing God at these moments when I see wealthy Ethiopians giving Hebret to our mother country by giving a couple of hundred birrs to a 12 year old innocent girl who was forced to become a prostitute in order to eat.

There, this is the heart of the matter.  You see, Yachi Neger is really Yeze Neger.  A dear friend let me borrow her Jah Lude CD last night and I have been playing track four on repeat all day as I ponder and wonder how we have become lost as a people.  The difference between life and death is information, we Ethiopians in the Diaspora have more knowledge than Google, yet we turn to prostituting Ethiopia for the sake of a couple of birrs.  Mata mata you can do your dirty deeds in the darkest nights yene gayta gin nege nege the world will always know what you are up to because you are a rotten injera.  So this is my attempt to lift the veil of ignorance from my community and let you see that we are all intertwined under on the mattress called Ethiopia.  We were all born in between bed sheets and birthed by our mothers on blankets of hope.  Yet we can choose to perish overnight on the same bed sheet and be enveloped in darkness in a blanket of disease if we don’t use protection and protect ourselves from our own demise and our own greed.

All these reflections manifested into my menfes because Jah Lude sang a song about condoms titled “Yachi Neger”.  It is for this reason that I am elevating Jah Lude to the status of Teddy Afro and Tilahun Gessesse, one CD and he has joined a pantheon of Ethiopian legends.  You see, there is a difference between a singer and a virtuoso.  Singers sell products by the way of CDs; virtuosos sell visions by way of redeeming their people.  Two-bit crooners sing about “Fiker” while saying nothing but konjo, virtuosos like Tilahun and Jah Lude sing about “Fiker” and in the process apply love to Ethiopia and her people.  The difference between Soulja boy and Talib Qweli is the difference between genocide and reclamation.  Any denkoro can pick up a mic and sing a song of misogyny and malfeasance, but it takes a true visionary to grab center stage and sing a song of love.

Remember these words when the denkoros at AESA One prostitute our country as they hold their first annual Ethiopian cultural sham while inviting gangster rappers by the names of Jeezy, T-Pain, and Llyod to represent our beautiful country.  I wish I could put Yachi Neger on them all and make them go away into the midnight sky.  They call themselves AESA One; I call them AESA Dicks because they are useless sperms of Ethiopia who are whoring out our names for the sake of a few dollars.  To the AESA crew, you chose to disregard “Yachi Neger”, just remember as you curl your lips between the hips of Al Amoudi that the thousand dollars you make today will not take away from the fact that you just burned yourself with HIV money.

I hope you go buy a double-sided Sealy mattress so that your double-sided tongues can slither at peace while you sleep with the thought of a 13 year old innocent Ethiopia girl being sold into prostitution in Saudi Arabia.  The money you are using to plaster DC with AESA One is blood money and for that we will forever remember your dastardly deeds.  You justify your greed by saying you are… continued…


After reading the above article by clicking on above link, view MUSIC VIDEO ABOUT YACHI NEGER::

[please click to listen to Yachi Neger -> Ethiopian Killers by name of AESA One]

So Al Amoudi gave you $2,000,000 to put together an ARIF Ethiopian cultural event. You could have gotten performers like Common, Beyonce, John Legend or Lauren Hill to put the most positive light on Ethiopia.  Instead you chose to go with T-Pain, Jeezy, BoB, and LloydSo time to focus on the word your feature performers say. This flyer will be translated in Amharic (using GRAPHIC words) and will be plastered all over DMV.  I am going to get 10,000 posters and flyers printed myself and plaster EVERY Ethiopian restaurant, church, market, and business in the DMV to show how duplicitious this event is.

Everyone, please share this article to the world  and print it out and post it where you can.  Let’s be like Adwa Jegnas and defend the honor of our mother Ethiopia and expose those who do wrong by our community….peace and le zelalem Ethiopia and stay away from RFK stadium on July 4th, the event is put together by BLOOD MONEY.  Just know that somewhere in Saudi Arabia a 12 year old Ethiopian girl is being raped by an Arab Sultan as you do Eskista at RFK.  Any promoter or business person that does business with AESA One is taking part the raping of Ethiopia and they are enemies of the people.

Over my dead body will you advertise this phony event using the clean flag of Ethiopia while the AESA One pimp back in Addis has the dirty Ethiopian flag with the devil’s symbol on it.  You are not slick, we see what you are doing, and I will make sure that Washington Post, New York City Times, Congressmen from VA & MD, the DC City Council, Mayor Grey, and Senators all know how you are financing your event.  Judgment cometh AESA One. Peace::