The Al Amoudi festival in DC is managed by DLA Piper (photo)

The Al Amoudi-Woyanne blood money festival in Washington DC that is scheduled to start this coming Sunday afternoon under the name AESNONE is being managed by DLP Piper, the notorious U.S. law firm based in Washington DC that represents genocidal dictators around the world, including the Woyanne junta and its khat-addicted dictator. DLA Piper receives $50,000 per month to wash Meles Zenawi’s blood-soaked hands. DLA Piper’s activities is not limited to promoting the Woyanne junta. It has been engaged in harassing the Ethiopian media in the Diaspora such as Ethiopian Review by sending its mercenary lawyers after us and hiring private investigators to follow us around. As the following evidence shows, DLA Piper is now also engaged in dividing the Ethiopian community by creating and promoting pseudo-political organizations that operate in the name of culture and sports, but their actual mission is advancing Woyanne’s ethnic-apartheid politics. The following is a screenshot of the AESAONE web site’s ownership information. It shows that the web site is registered by DLA Piper. The domain name’s address is 500 Eighth Street, NW Washington DC, which is DLA Piper’s address. Click here to see. Just in case they remove their address, we have saved it by taking the following screenshot.

DLA Piper - AESAONE connection