Al Amoudi Woyanne festival in DC a total failure (video)

The festival that is organized in Washington DC under the name of AESAONE by Al Amoudi and Woyanne thugs, in collaboration with a bunch of hoodlums, turned into total failure on its opening day this afternoon. After spending over $2 million to promote the event, less than 500 people turned out for the opening ceremony, and many of those who were seen in stadium are singers and Woyanne cadres who were flown from Addis Ababa in 3 Ethiopian Airlines planes. Every one who was entering the RFK Stadium today faced hundreds of Ethiopian protestors who are frustrated and angry at the corrupt genocidal regime in Ethiopia that is led by dictator Meles Zenawi. I am really proud of fellow Ethiopians in Washington DC who faced these hyenas who are looting and plundering Ethiopia. Promotion of the event is being handled by the notorious law/public relations firm DLA Piper. See the video below. – Elias Kifle