Al Amoudi’s Woyanne festival update (video)

UPDATE (6 July 2012, 04:00 PM EST): Today was promoted to be the biggest day in the week-long AESAONE festival in Washington DC that is funded by the beggar Woyanne junta in Ethiopia. As the video below shows, the very few people who went to the 45,000-seat RFK Stadium, were hiding themselves in shame as they made their entry. Out of the 300,000 Ethiopians who reside in the Washington DC area, less than 500 showed up.
more video and updates later

UPDATE (5 July 2012, 01:34 PM EST): Patriotic Ethiopians in the Washington DC area are organizing another big demonstration against the Al Amoudi Woyanne festival at the RFK Stadium Friday starting at 3 PM. The purpose of the demonstration is simple: To derail the festival that is being funded by money stolen from the people of Ethiopia.

* * *

UPDATE (4 July 2012, 06:45 PM EST): As expected, no more than 100 Ethiopians showed up at the Al Amoudi festival on Wednesday in the RFK Stadium that has 45,000 seats. Desperate for attendees, the organizers were handing out free and discounted tickets to Americans in DC to watch famous American rappers. Some of the rappers did not even show up after finding out who is behind the concert. On Friday, they have a concert by several Ethiopian musicians who are flown from Addis Ababa for the occasion. Patriotic Ethiopians in the Washington DC area are mobilizing to confront them outside the RFK Stadium. The protest start at 3 PM. Be there and give voice to the voiceless Ethiopians back home.

* * *

Al Amoudi and his thugs will face another disaster today when no body shows up to participate in their Woyanne festival in Washington DC’s RFK Stadium. They spent close to a million dollars to pay well-known American rappers to sing this evening (July 4). We have received information that some of the rappers, such as T.I. canceled their appearance after learning that the money they are being paid was stolen from the people of Ethiopia. Among the Ethiopian singers, Kuri was fired by her Ethiopian employers after they found out that she is planning to sing for Woyanne… stay tuned for more update