Jeezy performs at Al Amoudi festival

Jeezy is one of the the well-known American rappers who are paid close to a million dollars to perform at AESAONE event in Washington DC this week. The event, that is fully funded by Al Amoudi and the Woyanne junta in Ethiopia, promoted AESAONE as an Ethiopian cultural and sports group, but read below what one of the singers they hired played at the RFK event on Wednesday. The lyrics are filled with so much profanity and filth that the Washington DC police prevented the Woyanne members from taking their children inside the stadium Wednesday. Read Jeezy’s lyrics below and judge for yourself if AESAONE is promoting Ethiopian culture.

One of Jeezy’s songs:

The hoes love my voice
Make they pussy moist
Certified g shit and I’m the gangsta’s choice
Niggaz popping off hope they bullet proof
Leave holes in ya tha size of a sunroof
Mack 11 in the club and a snub nose
Swear to God knock you niggaz out ya fuckin’ clothes
Lay ya ass flat like a doormat
Niggaz ask for it but they don’t want that
In the rap game takin niggaz clientele
White ones like the powder that I sued to sell
Give a fuck about a playa hater
Hit’em wit the tool flush his whole radiator

Another song by Jeezy (video)