Feeding Ethiopia to Lyons

Feeding Ethiopia to Lyons

Challenge duplicity where you see it and speak up against people like Professor Lyons who stand in league with tyrants and pygmy dictators like Meles Zenawi.

by Teddy Fikre  dated: Friday, July 6th, 2012

Colonialism.  Did you really think it disappeared a half century ago? Did you really think that Ethiopia was never colonized? Let me break it to you people, Africa is colonized more than ever before.  Moreover, please stop bragging that Ethiopia has never been colonized.  We are colonized to the core, we are enslaved and imprisoned by a corrupt political system and cronyistic regime that keeps our country impoverished and our children back home dying one by one from starvation and hopelessness.

We are colonized by multi-billion K Street law firms that keep doing the work of the devil as Meles Zenawi pays the PIPER on a month to month basis to lobby congress on behalf of the TPLF regime.  We are colonized by  lazy and useless mass-media like the Washington Post as they refuse to investigate the source of blood money right in the heart of Washington DC  and cite supposed “Ethiopian experts” without asking pertinent questions like “is this supposed expert getting paid by the TPLF junta or does this supposed expert have business before the Ethiopian government”.  We are colonized by politicians like Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes-Norton, a hero of mine who once fought on behalf of the disadvantaged and was a Civil Rights lion, who now sends a congratulatory missive welcoming AESA One to DC even though her staff was given a heads up to look into the blood money affiliated with this corrupt federation.  Most nefariously, we are colonized by “Ethiopian geo-political experts” who are cited as definitive sources as they go around white washing the blood soaked streets of Addis and in the process bless thugs and tyrants in Africa as they sit behind ivory walls at some of the most prestigious universities in America.

Let me introduce you to one such “Ethiopian expert”.  Meet Terrence Lyons, a professor at George Mason University.  I am not sure what Professor Lyon’s intentions are, for all I know he could very well be a fine and upstanding citizen. However, his work to this point and his judgment to this day makes me question his credentials and his overall ethics.  I know Professor Lyons; I once sat on a panel on the Kojo Namdi show where we discussed the results of the 2010 Ethiopian elections.  He came across as an intelligent man; however his stance on the outcome of the 2010 Ethiopian election disturbed me deeply.  He is one of those folks who come across as a “rational and fair-minded expert” that use the guise of “objectivity” to cover up heinous acts.  I know one thing, when it comes to issues of evil vs. good, there is no objectivity; you either call out evil where it exists or you are a part of it—there is no middle ground when one is making a judgment call with respect to malevolent and wicked deeds.  Anyone who attempts to be “fair-minded” about Hitler or Pol Pot is just as evil and corrupt as the tyrants they are trying to put into perspective.  Anyone who tries to leverage moral relativism to deflect judgment from tyrants is a tyrant as well.

Thus my issue with Professor Lyons, he has made it a point it seems to overlook heinous acts in Ethiopia and has time and time again refused to take an ethical stance and stand for a people who are oppressed to the bone.  I have yet to hear Professor Lyons speak out for the hundreds of Ethiopians who were brutally assassinated and wiped off this earth in 2005 yet he goes around espousing the development of Ethiopia under the TPLF government.  I find it ironic that Professor Lyons is a professor at George Mason University who specializes in “conflict resolution”.  Is this what students at George Mason University are taught, to resolve conflicts by overlooking sinister deeds and ignoring malevolent tyrants?

Professor Lyons caught my attention yesterday when he was cited by an article that  Annys Shin wrote about AESA One in the Metro section of the Washington Post.  A lot of people call me a journalist, and I immediately respond that I am just an observer.  However, Annys is a journalist by trade and profession.  I know a few things about journalism, like for example, you should always ask the 4 Ws (why, where, when and what) followed by a “how”.  You should always investigate experts you cite and find out what, if any, financial or other incentives those sources have.  You should not be afraid of speaking the truth and disregard being “fair and balance” if being fair and balanced prevents you from relaying the truth.

To my dismay, Annys did none of that, she wrote a lazy piece where she portrayed the anti-AESA One and the pro-AESA One camps as polar opposites of a divisive issue and then turned to Professor Lyons to be the “rational source” and offered Professor Lyons as the voice of reason.  I found this to be deeply offensive and a journalistic malpractice of the highest order.  Did Annys do any research on Professor Lyons before she decided to bestow him the final and definitive assessment of Ethiopia? Did she ask him if he has any business dealings before the Ethiopian government before she turned him into the final arbiter of all issues concerning Ethiopia? Did she ask him what his affiliations are with Al Amoudi before she turned him into the Ethiopian God? Of course not, she did what all lazy journalists do, she most likely Googled “Ethiopia + Professor + Virginia” then decided to give Professor Lyons the floor because she found his name on the first page of Google.  And of course Professor Lyons did the bidding and conferred upon Al Amoudi his blessings and praised him as though he was the African version of Bill Gates when we all know that Al Amoudi is the Ethiopian version of Bernie Madoff as he sells Ethiopia acre by acre to the West and the East.

You see this people; this is how the game is played.  This is how Ethiopia and the rest of Africa is colonized.  We are enslaved by lazy journalists, misguided politicians, blood thirsty lobbying firms, malicious tyrants like Meles Zenawi, and “Ethiopian political experts” who continue to deny the wicked deeds that occur in Ethiopia.  My challenge to Annys is simple, stop depending on Google to vet your sources and instead act like a real journalist and do the hard work the way that Walter Cronkite used to.  I will make your job easy, click HERE to find out more information, this is called a lead Annys, I hope you follow it to the source.  My challenge to Professor Lyons is simple, please tell us what incentives you have and what your ties are to Al Amoudi and Meles Zenawi before you confer legitimacy to blood soaked billionaires and tyrants.

You see people; this is how Ethiopia is colonized.  Anyone that has the power to speak for people has the power to rule the people. Why do you think that China cracks down on free speech and the media?  China silences opposition and hides the truth—by extension they own the people!  But this is not China Annys and Professor Lyons, this is America, please stop being lazy and duplicitous, speak the truth and stand up for the people or you will find yourself in league with Holocaust deniers.  We Ethiopians are a proud people, we do not take too kindly to people who profit at our expense nor will we continue to lie down and let supposed “experts” walk all over us as they peddle lies and propaganda as they…CONTINUED



Terrence Lyons

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Please contact Terrence Lyons and let him know that you are not pleased at all with his duplicitous views and hidden agenda when it comes to the Ethiopian government and Al Amoudi. Contact No: 703-993-1336. Fax No: 703-993-1302. Email: [email protected]

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Please email Annys and let her know to stop using sources without investigating their hidden motives and to stop using Google as her means of research.  Tell her to be a real journalist and cover the full story, to actually investigate the full story and to get to the source of funding with respect to AESA One’s blood money.  You can email Annys at [email protected]