AESA One: Ye Dem Genzeb Men Geza?

You can sleep with the pharaoh or you can stand for the people—I will not let you do both!

by Teddy (revolutionary) Fikre  dated: Monday, July 9th, 2012

It is done!  A war I started a week ago has been complete and I am now standing on top of a smoldering ash that is AESA One.  I warned all promoters and DJs who took blood money, who chose their wallets instead of their conscience, to walk away and to part ways with AESA One.  They chose greed and wonton lust of dem genzeb, for that they are forever branded as the bandas of the highest order.  They made their temporary loot but they will never be the same—they have been transformed overnight as a pariah and a virus to avoid.  This is what happens when you spit on Ethiopia, when people choose greed over the people, they will forever be left alone while they do Eskista in the 8th circle of hell.

Now I have prayed seven times today to let me write this article without venom and using cuss words.  I will try my best to do just that and live by the spirit of God and forgiveness.  I will try but I know at least one or two times I will utterly fail in this attempt the same way that AESA One utterly failed to divide our community.  So I write this article as a eulogy and a warning, anyone that does business with AESA One going forward will be branded as a banda for life and a sekaram askari who puts their belly before the belly of starving children back home.  It is with that I will explain to you fully what blood money accomplished last week and show you in the end that people who sleep with blood money will be suffocated by blood….money.

You see, I know what the whole AESA One event was all about.  It was a systematic effort to eliminate the voice of the Ethiopian diaspora in America.  Meles Zenawi—enabled by his whore Al Amoudi—grew concerned that Ethiopians in America were using ESFNA to organize politically and unite under the auspices of Ethiopiawinet.  Understand this about African pygmy DICKtators, they only hold on to power by dividing the people along ethnic and tribal lines.  This is why Meles Zenawi implemented the “Federation” plan for Ethiopia.  He sold federalism as self-governance and self-rule. But wise up my people, this is nothing more than Apartheid by another name.  Meles’s plan is to consolidate power by making every tribe in Ethiopia a victim.

He peddles false claims that Amharas are out to get Tigrays.  He blatantly spreads false propaganda that Oromos are victimized by Amarahs.  He has made Amarah people the personification of evil as he paints us Amharas the “elite tribe” and in the process depicts us the essence of malevolence.  What an ingenious yet nefarious plot, as he divides the people, he is at this exact moment undertaking Saytan’s work by initiating an ethnic cleansing agenda as he kicks Gondere people out of Gonder and supplants Gonder with Woyane moles.  The land of my father and the birthplace of my grandfather six generations removed—Atse Teodrose—is now being pillaged and raped as TPLF goons are savaging Gonder and stealing the desta of my people.

I want Ethiopians worldwide to know one thing, I am Ethiopian first and last, I am African always.  Sure I am proud to be from Gonder, but I am equally proud of the Tigray blood that flows in my veins that I inherited from my grandmother’s side.  The thing of ethnic complex, it is stupid as shit—here I failed at my attempt to not use curse words—not one Ethiopian is pure blood. We are all intermixed and intertwined; there is no blue blood amongst us.  Tigrays have Amhara blood in them, Oromos have Wollo blood in them, not one Ethiopian can stand and say that their blood is purely from one tribe.  We are united by a common hope and a common history.  Only banda Ethiopians go around espousing their tribe above their Ethiopian heritage.

But “Wedi” Meles—I refuse to call him by his last name—does not believe in Ethiopianism mish.  He believes in tribal superiority, he is the next incarnation of Hitler and Woyane is next iteration of the Nazi party.  What he and his TPLF goons are intent on accomplishing is a Tigray “homeland” and raising Tigray above all tribes—they are in essence trying to create a Tigray super race.  Now you understand that Meles is out to accomplish the African version of Aryans.  Now you understand why the bullshit yellow star on our flag is the next of kin of the Nazi swastika.

It is for this reason that I will fight until my last breath to stop this oncoming genocide of Ethiopia.  Over my dead body will I see in my lifetime a “Tigray homeland”.  Tigrays are just as Ethiopian as me and any other Ethiopian be they Oromo, Wollo, Anuk or any of our 88 beautiful tribes.  However, I will not abide the notion that Tigray people are special and superior.  Any person that believes in this notion will be buried alive by my pen and I will make it my life goal to expose anyone that believes in this bigoted agenda one by one.  No one is safe who hold tight to this netela of a racist principle. If you believe that Tigray people are superior to the other 88 tribes, I will hunt you down one by one and destroy your life like I destroyed Desta Keremela (Google that name).  I will rob any asshole who believes in ethic expectionalism and leave you only with a tizita of happier days.

Now you have a context of the birth of AESA One.  This was nothing more than a sinister plot worthy of Pol Pot to take away our collective gebena and leave us sipping buna from dried out sewers the same way that Ethiopian children drink from dried out sewers at the Addis Sheraton.  Take a step back and you will realize that Al Amoudi and his pimp Meles Zenawi are implementing a systematic plan to eviscerate the Ethiopian Diaspora.  Did you know that before 1991, the overwhelming majority of Ethiopians who migrated to America were Amharas?  After 1991, the overwhelming majority of Ethiopians who immigrate to America using the DV lottery are Tigray.  What a sick and twisted plot, the TPLF cadre are systematically devising a nefarious system that will forever bury non-Tigrays as third-class citizens.  Not even Jim Crow could have come up with a more wicked idea, even the Klu Klux Klan are shaking their heads in disbelief and telling Woyanes that they have gone too far.

You see, Meles and Al Amoudi rightly recognized that the ESFNA was a voice for the voiceless.  Once a year, Ethiopians of all stripes congregate to various cities to take part in soccer and reunite with other Ethiopians who they have not seen in years.  Once a year, ESFNA gives people a chance to disconnect from Facebook and Twitter and actually make real friends instead of making friends through social networks. For 29 years, ESFNA has been the one entity that gave Ethiopians like me who have been away from Ethiopia for decades a chance to reconnect to our roots.  ESFNA was and is Ethiopia for all of us.

But Meles and Al Amoudi saw in ESFNA a clear and present danger to their continued existence.  While some used ESFNA to reconnect to friends and estranged family members, the political opposition saw in ESFNA a platform to unite and come together under the umbrella of ANDINET.  Meles recognized that ESFNA was becoming a powerful political weapon for those who chose to organize once a year.  Clearly ESFNA is apolitical, but that did not prevent intelligent Ethiopians from traveling to ESFNA events to connect with likeminded Ethiopians.  Thus ESFNA became a convention for soccer lovers and revolutionaries alike.  ESFNA became Adwa, for those that chose to be enlightened; ESFNA became our version of Tahrir Square.

Meles and Al Amoudi saw this train coming and when ESFNA decided to invite Burtikan in 2010, they saw an implicit threat turn into an explicit danger.  Thus, under the guise of Burtikan’s invitation, Al Amoudi pulled his funding from ESFNA and enticed half of the ESFNA board to jump ship by offering these banda assholes—I just failed not to curse aydel—blood money to become traitors of Ethiopia.  And these jackasses from Abinet Gebremeskel on down wagged their tails like the bitches they are and promptly formed ESFNA One.  These duplicitous trolls had the nerve to use ESFNA in their names until a judge laughed them out of the court room and banned them from using ESFNA in their newly formed Lucifer’s federation.

Thus ESFNA One became AESA One, these Addis whores promptly began to prostitute Washington DC with their blood money.  I could not turn around without seeing a bus or a metro station splashed with blood money posters.  The thing that drove me to the brink of war was that these whores used the clean Ethiopian flag to promote AESA One in Washington DC while their pimp back home Al Amoudi uses the Ethiopian flag with the Saytan’s yellow star on at his Addis Sheraton.  For months two brothers who I once considered friends befriended me and set upon a psychological war to convince me to drop my war on AESA One.  These two mercenaries were paid $20,000 by AESA One to get me to.. CONTINUED..



“Bertu, tenesu, tesebsebu, be Hebret ashenefu” ~ An Ethiopian Jegna


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This is your chance to be with Woyane bandas or be with the people of Ethiopia.  This Adwa Spring will be of the people by the people, Tigray, Oromo, Wollo, Amhara, all 88 tribes of Ethiopia who believe in a FREE ETHIOPIA are welcome to join this movement.  Those those are not a part of the movement and decide to stick with Meles and his TPLF Junta.  Those who stay with Meles will disappear into the trash bin of history.  Soon, not another child of Ethiopia or Africa will die from hopelessness and hunger::


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