Makeda Debebe: The One in AESA One

Makeda it seems is one of the tiny majorities of Habeshas who actually embraces and lives out the meaning of her first name::

by Teddy Fikre  dated: Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

In times of war, it is vital to understand that all on the other side are not evil and some are taking part and doing part with unethical people because they believe in an ideal beyond what the leaders of the other side espouse.  In times of war, it is vital to separate the pigs from the lamb and to treat the redeemable as friends while banishing the useless ones to the periphery of extinction.  War is a savage business, those who have God’s light in their cornea seek war not as a grand conquest or a final solution but as a means to bring about a Addis day and a lasting peace for the people.

It is with that statement that I will “expose” Makeda Debebe as the one person in AESA One who is worthy of being treated with graceful words instead of being buried with my fire pen.  Makeda is the one person in AESA One who had ethics and who embarked to market and promote AESA One because she believed in the possibility that AESA One offered.  She is the one person out of hundreds who did not take blood money to fill her wallet and instead worked with AESA One to help her brother.  This is why Makeda is the only ONE in AESA One; while the rest of the blood thirsty mercenaries were paid over $20,000 a piece stained with the blood of raped and tortured 13 year old Ethiopian girls, Makeda broke her back in a million tiny pieces to give AESA One wings while not fully grasping the wings she was providing to this tyrant federation gave flight to Lucifer and his forty Banda bandits.

Let me tell you a bit about Makeda, or as I call her Makiyeyeye (this is copy written by the way), Makeda is a refuge attorney.  She has made it her life mission to help those who are in need and she travels the world all over to give aid and comfort to those who have little and live for even less.  She helps victims of rape and exploitation; she travels to Africa continuously to assist refugees and walks endlessly in refugee camps to give Hebret to those who are left shivering in dark lit corners.  Makeda is the personification of her first name.  You see, in Ethiopia most have some poetic names that have meanings so deep that even Pluto and Aristotle get confounded trying to figure out the essence of our names.

Unfortunately, most Habeshas spit on the meaning of their names and act in ways that are polar opposite of their names.  Some are called Desta but they are the perfection of misery, some are called Dawit but don’t act as Dawit in the bible, some are called Fiker but live in hate, while others are named Emnet but have no faith at all.  Makeda it seems is one of the tiny majorities of Habeshas who actually embraces and lives out the meaning of her first name.  Her parents made no mistake calling this lovely lady Makeda—they can be proud that their daughter has grown up to be the Queen Makeda of Ethiopia after all.  Right now, at this very moment, Habeshas with names like Henok Assefa are asking teenage boys proof of their ethnicity on job applications before they ask them about their qualifications.  I told you, genocide in Ethiopia is being born and I am standing with my army of youth revolutionaries to stop it the only way we know how—to fight fight fight until the freedom is won.

The thing that galls me the most is that Makeda was the only Jegna who stood up and stood tall for AESA One.  Every “man” in AESA One revealed themselves to be nothing more than Habesha Kemis wearing qamalams as they refused to come out publicly and defend the very “non-profit” that was paying them thousands of dollars in order to feed their blood lusting bellies.  However, Makeda—the only one that did not get paid—stood like a soldier in Adwa and faced all incoming heat in order to defend the organization that she believed in.  She even took forty scud missiles aimed at Makeda’s big foreheadiye (I say that with love) from Teddisho and refused to let me intimidate her.  Imagine that, AESA One, a federation of forty bitches and one true nigist.

It is for that reason, because Makeda is a nigist of the highest order, that I write this article praising her heart.  Now, don’t get it wrong, Makeda is still wrong for being part and taking part in an organization that is creating the very turmoil and pestilence that she is trying to erase as a profession.  AESA One drinks from the cini of blood red buna as they continue to… (CONTINUED)




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