Bereket Simon forcing Teddy Afro to sing for Meles Zenawi

Teddy AfroWoyanne propaganda chief Bereket Simon, aka Addis Bob, sent his goons to pressure popular Ethiopian singer Teddy Afro to sing a song in memory of the deceased dictator Meles Zenawi, Ethiopian Review has learned.

Teddy has two choices: 1. Sing praises of the genocidal dictator and stay safe for now, but be hated for ever by the people of Ethiopia; or 2) Not sing and get harassed and persecuted by the Woyanne junta. Teddy has so far chosen to stay loyal to the people, unlike Haile Gebreselassie and other Ethiopian celebrities who have betrayed the people of Ethiopia for Woyanne crumbs.

Meanwhile, TPLF junta security forces are roaming the streets of Addis Ababa and other cities forcing people to set up tents, hang the late dictator’s photos, and beat their chest. The scene in Gonder today, in particular, was bizarre — some thing that could be right out of the Twilight Zone. Wealthy Woyanne businessmen were observed going to Tej Bet (bars) and pay azmaris (singers) to come up with songs for Meles, Ethiopian Review contact in Gondar reported.