BREAKING NEWS: Al Amoudi is dead

Ethio-Saudi billionaire Ato Mohamed Al Amoudi, one of the late dictator Meles Zenawi’s closest friends, has died today in Saudi Arabia after receiving medical treatment in London, Ethiopian Review Intelligence Unit sources reported this afternoon.

Ethiopian Review could not confirm this breaking news from more than one source, but the source is credible enough for us to report it.

As we prepared to report the news, the TPLF-controlled Ethiopian Television (ETV) this evening reported that Al Amoudi has arrived in Addis Ababa today, but showed only an old photo. ETV reported Al Amoudi’s arrival in Ethiopia with an old photo to preempt any talk of Al Amoudi’s death which could turn people’s attention away from Meles Zenawi’s burial program that is scheduled for next Sunday, September 2, according to Ethiopian Review analysts.

stay tuned for more update.